Chapter 11: Holding Pattern

Holding Pattern


Bill had been wrapped in silver too goddamned much lately—first because of the necromancer and now because of Northman!

Another day spent awake in agony!

Another day sapped of all strength!

But that was nothing compared to the fact that the Viking bastard was keeping him from his child!

Bill moaned in pain. It was so difficult to feel Sookie through his agony, but he could feel her. He chuckled darkly—almost insanely. Bill remembered Dallas, the night when Northman had tricked his blood into his Sookie. Ever since that night, Sookie’s feelings had been divided—muddled. Bill knew why. Oh—it wasn’t because Eric had tried to unduly influence Sookie with his ancient blood, though Bill knew that she’d had dreams about the Viking. No—it was because she’d begun to suspect Bill of manipulating her with his blood that night.

Bill couldn’t really blame Sookie. There had been much that he’d held back from her—first out of duty to his queen and then out of fear that he’d lose his beloved.

But now things could be healed! Sookie was his child!

And, even though he could feel that she was Eric’s child too—more Eric’s even—it didn’t matter. Just as Eric had once taunted him with the fact that he was a part of Sookie, Bill could now do the same to the Viking.

With any luck, Eric would soon be dead. After all, he was lower on the political totem pole than Bill. And, though Nan was currently angry with Bill for some reason, she would soon remember his contributions to the mainstream movement. Eric was nothing more than a liability to mainstreaming—a thug.

At best.

And, with Eric gone, Bill would certainly be able to find a way back into Sookie’s heart! She’d not be able to resist, after all, for he was her sire. Bill closed his eyes and imagined limitless possibilities. With Jessica, he’d been compelled to become a maker. He’d felt no connection to her—no pull to make her his child.

The opposite was true for Sookie. He’d wanted her from the first night he’d met her. She had been his. And—from that night on—he’d been trying to figure out how to take Sophie-Anne out of the equation. And then—even worse—Eric Northman had been introduced into it.

Bill had recently had the chance to kill Eric, but the king’s practicality had won out. He knew that killing pathetic amnesiac Northman would have made Sookie hate him. And—if that had happened—then no amount of his blood would have been able to soften her heart again.

Vampire blood was capable of amplifying only existing emotions. That’s why Bill had needed to wait to give Sookie more of his blood after she’d learned of his duplicity. But, as soon as she’d brought Northman to his home in order to offer their help with the necromancer, Bill had known that he “had” her.

It was ironic that—in sparing Eric’s life—Bill had caused Sookie’s heart to become softened toward him once more. Sadly, the price had been her further entanglement with the Viking.

A necessary evil.

Despite that, if Bill had all the money in the world, he would have bet every last penny that Sookie would have chosen him the night before—after she’d saved Eric and him from the witch’s fire.

He would have lost, for she’d chosen neither of them.

Bill had been able to feel her confusion as the generous amount of blood he’d given her amplified the affection she’d felt for him. Bill sighed through his pain. Having Sookie shot in the cemetery during the witch war had been a risk, but a necessary one. It had given him opportunity—and the chance to play hero—even as Eric had turned on them all as he’d succumbed to the necromancer’s influence.

Who knew that Sookie would have the ability to bring Eric back to “himself” with her light? Bill couldn’t help but to wonder what powers Sookie might have as a vampire. He couldn’t wait to use them—for the benefit of both Sookie and himself, of course.

Bill was certain that Sookie would come to see that all that he’d done had been to ensure that they could be together again.

Hell—he’d become a king to keep her safe! That had to count for something!

He’d contacted Nan to take care of the Sophie-Anne problem as a last-ditch effort to place himself above all of his potential enemies. Sadly, Northman hadn’t done anything to merit the true death during the year that Sookie was gone. God knows that Bill had tried to provoke his sheriff into treason! Unfortunately, making a more overt play for Eric’s life had become impossible following the night Bill pushed Eric into the cement. Bill knew that the Viking would never let down his guard again. But he had thought that the sheriff might do something that would allow Bill to get the Authority involved.

It turns out that Eric did—by getting himself cursed by the witch. But killing Eric then would have solidified Sookie’s feelings of betrayal toward Bill. And—that—the king wouldn’t have.

Had Pam just not been a meddling bitch with that rocket launcher, Bill could have killed Eric in front of the witch’s coven. But—no! Northman’s child had proven that she could be just as troublesome as her maker.

But that was nothing compared to what was happening now! Because of Northman, Bill was trapped in silver. The King of Louisiana moaned.

“Hurts—doesn’t it?” Nigel asked.

Bill glared at the monster in the cell next to him. Not only had he been chained all night and all day, but he’d also had to listen to the twisted thoughts of a child eater, and—because of those thoughts—both of them had been subjected to some kind of ultraviolet light many times. The light wasn’t quite as damaging as sunlight would have been, but it was fucking close—especially when compounded with the silver!

“Shut up!” Bill grunted.

“I remember when they used to use silver on me,” Nigel continued almost nostalgically, even as he wiped the evidence of the bleeds from his ears. “But I started to like it, so they stopped,” he pouted a little. “Maybe you can start to like it too!”

Bill shook his head. The sick individual seemed to like to force himself to stay awake—in order, probably, to extend his pain.

“I said shut up!” Bill seethed. “Fucking masochist.”

But Nigel didn’t stay silent. For hours he droned on and on about how he’d come to like various kinds of torture, including having his skin peeled off before being forced into a vat of lye.

He told Bill that—as far as he knew—he was the only vampire ever to change in appearance because of torture. And he seemed quite proud of that fact.

Twisted freak!

But—the more Bill let himself listen to Nigel’s words, the less pain he felt. And—eventually—Bill felt nightfall approaching. Moments after sundown, he felt something else: his child rising. Sookie seemed so far away, but the connection was there. He didn’t have the strength to call her to him, but he could feel her much more than before.

During the first hours of her rising, she felt so much: wonder, shame, guilt, anger, elation, horror, lust, revulsion.

But, most of all, she felt hunger.

Despite his silver, Bill grew hard—impossibly hard. He wanted her hunger to be for him. He wanted to fuck her as a vampire—to teach her that “soft” loving was no longer needed.

But there was nothing he could do about his “problem,” except wait. Eventually, Sookie would come to him. He knew it.

Or he would get out from the silver and call her to him.

“Why would Nan bring them here?” Salome asked her confederate.

“Compton is explained easily enough,” Hyun-Ae commented. “Clearly, Compton has failed as King of Louisiana. And it seems likely that he planned Nan’s demise. Pity he didn’t succeed.”

“Yes,” Salome agreed. “Quite the pity. But what of Northman? Why bring him here—and with a new child no less? If he were Compton’s accomplice, he would be in silver too.”

“The Viking is strong, and Roman is no fool. He will try to recruit Northman as an ally,” Hyun-Ae mused.

“Then I will just have to recruit him better,” Salome responded suggestively.

“Or, perhaps, Compton would be a better target,” Hyun-Ae proposed. “It is rumored that he is pliable—easily manipulated. And my spy on Nan’s boot-squad told me that there were some peculiarities in the making of Northman’s child.”

“What peculiarities?” Salome asked.

“Well—for one thing—she might not be the Viking’s child. At least not fully. My spy picked up two scents from the child—Northman’s and Compton’s.”

“Intriguing,” Salome commented. “Perhaps I should speak with William Compton, but—first—you and I should make an appearance in the lounge. It would not do for us to seem to be separating ourselves.”

Hyun-Ae nodded. “You go. I will follow after I have fed.”

Salome leaned forward and gave her fellow Sanguinista a passionate kiss. “Our cause is true—and just. And we will not fail.”

“You have my loyalty,” Hyun-Ae responded somewhat stiffly as she stood up.

“You do not believe in Lilith,” Salome said matter-of-factly.

“I believe in her enough,” Hyun-Ae responded.

Salome frowned, but then nodded. “I understand.”

A/N: Sorry it’s been a while since I had a chapter of this one ready. In addition to finals and the holidays taking my time, one of my cats also passed away. He had cancer, so we knew it was coming, but it’s been a difficult time for me and my hubby.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of drafting work on Inner, and that one’s going well.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter. This was out first glimpse into Bill’s psyche (sorry Bill fans). And I wanted you to catch a glimpse of Salome too.

On a side note: did anyone else begin the series with ambivalent feelings about Bill, but then start to really, really dislike him around the time that the show’s creators attempted to redeem him in such overt ways? It was just-sigh-annoying.

Until the next time,



Thanks to Kleannhouse for always being willing to lend me your eyes and your feedback!

Thanks to Seph, who’s made all the banners for this work.  The chapter banner is gorgeous.  And–since I’m changing the casting of many of the Authority members, she’s really helping me to bring them to life!

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30 thoughts on “Chapter 11: Holding Pattern

  1. Good Chapter too bad that Bill has to stay alive for a while to screw with Sookie and Eric but this is what makes a good story 🙂 I am sorry about your loss it is hard to lose a beloved pet. Thanks for this chapter and Happy Holidays

  2. First Of All Im sorry To Hear bout Your Cat, m Going Through Allot With My Dog And He Is Like A Baby o My Husband And I , We Are Losing Him Slowly .. Thank You For The Chapter I Have Been Missing This Story. I Had Feared You Had Lost Interest In It,, So Many Writers On Starting These Great Storys Only To Leave Me Hanging Because They Lost Interest And Started Another One Just To Move On From That One Also,, Love Your Work Kat ! More Please, Im Also Reading he New Inner, I Had Read he Old One And Loved It , More Please,

    1. I’ve vowed to try to never leave anything unfinished, though it sometimes takes me a while to get there (see Inner). I’m just working on WYD when I’m blocked on the other stuff, so posts of it will be more sporadic.

  3. Oh Billy boy is so so delusional…He’s really thinks he can have Sookie for himself!
    very intriguing Salomè and Hyun-Ae..
    I’m sorry for your pet.
    I want to wish you and your loved ones Happy Holidays…

  4. sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved furbaby!
    As far as TB Bill, he is much more despicable than SVM Book Bill. CH explained that he didn’t deliberately have Sookie beat up by the Rattrays. And….he seemed genuine in his love for Sookie, not in any kind of manipulating way. And…of course, in the books he didn’t become king, have Sookie deliberately shot, etc. Yeah, TB really make Bill look like a douche and then to try to redeem the douche? Wow, they turned off tons of fans…..
    Hopefully, Sookie will have some insight into the maker bond with Bill and be able to “turn it off” —she’ll see him for who he is…..

  5. I’m so sorry about your kitty. I know how hard that is.

    I feel the same way about Bill. I never liked him as much as Eric (I DO love my men tall – lol), but I came to despise him when they kept shoving him down our throats despite all his abusive and manipulative behavior. They acted like Eric pretending the bomb fragments he PROTECTED Sookie from wouldn’t work them themselves out in order to get few drops of blood into her was unforgivable, but Beehl shoving pints of blood down her unconscious throat after having her beaten half to death was totally allright cause they were “soul mates”! Ugh.

    You know, as much as I love the character of Eric and the world created by CH, and appreciate AB for giving us the lovely ASkars: ultimately, I really detest the way both CH and AB seem to glorify abusive relationships; the concept that you have to be “normal” to be happy; and the idea that rape is acceptable and forgivable, and that someone (Eric) can even “learn to like” it.

    Okay. Rant over. Thank you for the wonderful chapter. I can’t wait for more!

  6. Bill sort of personified that vampires couldn’t be trusted in the first season, he even spoke it quite plainly of himself and others many times and wide eyed Sookie always seemed undeterred by it. I found him mildly annoying at the time but my true dislike of him emerged when he started acting ‘human’ to sustain the ruse. It even felt like an actor who was acting in the show. All hope was lost as soon as he attempted to be redeemed by the show creators… The only time I ever truly held sympathy for him was in concern to Lorena, had they sustained that narrative there would have been a chance at redeemability but the force feeding as it was done on the show never managed it for me. The thought process you portray here is quite like his maker-child relationship with Lorena, and like many children who become parents it’s not unusual to follow in the same path as they were raised.

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your cat. The passing of a pet always seems to feel like an end of an era, they sort of personify this period of time from when they first entered your life and it’s much more than the physical presence that’s gone.

  7. Good chapter and YES I never warmed to Bill in the show and grew to despise him quite quickly. No thanks to the writers etc who made the show pro Bill. In the end, I feel like it was Eric, Pam and Sookie that got ripped off. Happened in the books and they just couldn’t give us what we wanted, so they stabbed us in the front. I think the ending was pretty pitiful and disrespectful to the actors as well. Going by what I’ve read here and by other fans, there could have been a much more entertaining and amazing seven seasons. I honestly thought they would go to 8, but then that would be getting what I want and we both know that doesn’t happen. LOL. So, yeah, go strong with the Bill hate because I’ll be right along side you. 😉

  8. Also, so sorry to hear about your furbaby. I had to let my 4 and a half year old Bullmastif go as she got bone cancer…’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. My thoughts are with you.

  9. I’m so sorry!! I lost Morgan as we gained a new furbaby. I’m not giving up hope, but I know your pain! Like all loss, I am able to remember my fur babies with more happier memories as time goes by.

  10. I agree about Bill the liar. Sookie spent most of the series in confusion because of his blood. I’m glad she didn’t let him talk her into giving up her light at the end.

    It appears that Salome is stirring the pot. When she starts on Bill, Sookie will have to deal with more confusion. I hope she can overcome any influence the delusional twit might have. Glad to see this one again. May you and yours have a wonderful Christmas.

  11. It’s tough to lose our four legged children, even if we have to see them suffer first with illness. I’m so sorry for the loss of your kitty.

  12. Sorry to hear about your cat…

    Great to see an update to this story… I really dislike this Bill (though in truth yes, TB has made me more sickened of Bill than the books ever did perhaps because he was more marginal in those) and I am a bit anxious about his potential power over Sookie as part-Maker… I so would like him to meet the True Death…. real soon…

    Salome and her crazy crowd vs. Roman, Nan and (I presume) Eric seems like a scary battle…

    One small question… Is Nigel just a prop to add to Bill’s discomfort or is he going to be a regular in the story?

    1. I’m not sure about Nigel. I think he’ll just be a prop. I wasn’t too fond of him in the series, so I doubt I’ll do much with him, but if you have an idea, I might try to work it in since I’m writing this as I go.

  13. I can’t help despising Bill Compton…and he does nothing to improve that impression at all. He’s a low-life scumbag and I just know he’s going to make things really difficult for Sookie (and Eric).
    She’s going to have a hard enough time as it is adjusting to her new life…and while Eric is helping her and giving her as much freedom as a baby vamp can have…I know Bill’s just going to try to force her to do things she doesn’t want to do! Asshole!
    I hope she learns quickly that it’s Eric she should trust and that Bill just needs a stake to the heart!

  14. Loved the update! As soon as our Viking made an appearance I started disliking Bill and that feeling just grew stronger the longer the show went on. He is so delusional to think he can control and keep Sookie!!!!
    Sorry about you pet, we lost 2 pets unexpectedly in one day this summer. It’s hard….
    Hope you have a great holiday though.

  15. Can’t stand Bill for all the blood he forced down Sookie by creating the reasons to do it. I hope they keep Eric as Sookie’s maker. She already said she didn’t want Bill..

    So sorry about your kitty. I lost mine back in 2006 and still miss her everyday, she was my family..

  16. First of all–I am so sorry about the loss of your cat! 😦

    The first time around, I hadn’t read the books and I liked Bill. When I rewatched, I found him and their first meeting and subsequent relationship really creepy. I hated the efforts to redeem him (except for him sparing Eric). Too little, too late!

    Love this peek into Bill. What a creep he is–why do I see Salome releasing him to get him on their side by letting him call Sookie? Ick. I’m glad she’s more Eric’s than his and I’m very interested to see the mechanics of co-Makers.

    1. LOL. I’m interested in the mechanics too, since I haven’t figured it out yet. I’m sort of writing by the seat of my pants–so to speak. But it’s been fun so far. Glad you like it. 🙂

  17. Sorry. You know how I love to go on and on in my reviews, but this is Bill… Bill. Just Eww. I feel for you for having to get into his head to write that.


    Next chapter.. If it’s not Bill.. *shudder*
    Hope you have a great Christmas!

  18. So we hear a little bit from Bill here and he is a tad delusional which is always interesting to read. Sookie has quite a few challenges on her hands and I can’t wait to see how they are dealt with. Merry Christmas!

  19. I’m so sorry to read of the loss of your beloved cat. It’s so hard to say goodbye your pets; they are the integral family members who love unconditionally and are always happy to see you. We lost our dog a year ago and still grieve. My husband & I had no children together so she was our baby, and I think that makes it all the more difficult. My condolences to you both.

    This was an interesting chapter. I’m curious to see what happens when Bill uses his Makers’ call. I never liked Bill in the show because I’d already read the books by that time and knew what slimy piece of work he was! In some ways, he was much worse in the books! I certainly never understood Alan Ball’s vision, but I’m not alone!

  20. So sorry about your cat. 😦 it is hard to lose a fur baby.

    I am liking this story although it creeps me out that slimy Bill has a small tie to her also! He just had to pollute her lol! But that can make things more interesting although I seriously cannot stand him. *cries*

    I really like how you explained all that Sookie was feeling and could really see it happening that way. Eric is such a good maker. Now if he could just use his favor with Nora to kill Bill, I will be a happy camper lol. Cannot wait to read more 🙂

  21. Heh i hated book and tv bill from the first appearance. He reminded me of the greasy bohunk in every ’80s movie. Love this story and chapter. Thanks for sharing.

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