Table of Contents/Funeral

Chapter 01: Death All Around

Chapter 02: A Reckoning

Chapter 03: Walk toward the Light

Chapter 04: The Mortal Coil

Chapter 05: Perchance to Dream

Chapter 06: Holes

Chapter 07: Thy Own Life’s Key

Chapter 08: Mutual Surrender

Chapter 09: Time to Say Goodbye

Chapter 10: Remember and Smile

Chapter 11: Ripe for Execution

Chapter 12: Directing Fate

Chapter 13: When I’m Drunk, I Bite

Chapter 14: Purgatorio

Chapter 15: Inferno, Part 1

Chapter 16: Inferno, Part 2

Chapter 17: Inferno, Part 3

Chapter 18: Paradiso, Part 1

Chapter 19: Paradiso, Part 2

Chapter 20: Paradiso, Part 3

Epilogue: Harmony

Funeral .pdf

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