Below, you will find an index of my one-shots in alphabetical order.

(You can access the stories by clicking the pictures.)

The Better to Love You With title
TB--Set after Season 3

What if Sookie wasn’t able to leave the fairy world when she did? Three hundred years
 have passed in the human realm, and life has gone on for Eric Northman. Time has
 changed many things, but has it changed his feelings for Sookie Stackhouse?  
(Chosen 1st place in Seph’s Fall Writing Contest for banner 2)  

The Better to Love You With Banner(Banner by Sephrenia)

Blue all over title

TB--Set after Season 7

This is a PROMO STORY written for the launch of FANGBANGERS ANONYMOUS:
 THE TB/SVM WRITERS DIRECTORY. Eric finds himself brooding as he 
thinks about how things ended up for him at the end of True Blood. (Comedy)

Blue all Over(banner by Sephrenia)

By any other name
SVM--Set a year after Dead Ever After (ignores After Dead)

Having lost everything, the once mighty Viking is broken. Eric Northman had been told that
 Sookie Stackhouse had been killed. But the shrouded woman in front of him could not 
be mistaken as anyone else—not by him—even if she was going by a different name. 
Or, perhaps, she was a ghost or the Goddess of Revenge herself. 
(I’m proud to say that this story was one of the winners of Seph’s Writing Challenge!)

1st place B3(banner by Sephrenia)

Missing at the table label

TB--Set four years after Season 7

Four years after Bill is dead and gone, Sookie seemed to have embraced the “normal 
life.” But what that “normal” truly entailed was very different from the way it seemed 
at the end of the series. What is the true fate of the telepath and Viking?

missing at the table(banner by Sephrenia)

my valkyrie title 2

SVM--Alternative Universe

(mostly set in 1010 A.D.—during Eric’s Viking days) 
After Sookie’s father and brother are killed by a vampire named
 Appius Livius Ocella, she is taken to Faerie for her own safety. Aspiring to become
 an angel one day, Sookie becomes a guardian, and her first charge is a young Viking
 prince named Eiríkr. Will Appius ruin their chance at love? Or will he unwittingly
 give them the opportunity to be together forever?

My Valkyrie(Banner by Sephrenia)

offersTB--Set after Season 4

It’s been a year since Sookie witnessed her best friend being buried & since she got 
an offer from Eric. She took him up on it. Now she has an offer for him.


Stale and Diminished title

SVM--Set ten years after Dead Ever After

Eric muses about his sorrows as he fulfills the destiny his “makers” (both vampire and 
literary) crafted for him. I have not shied away from After Dead; thus, this story 
is more tragedy than anything else. 

Stale & Diminished(banner by Sephrenia)

This Feels Better titleTB--Set at the end of Season 6

PROMO piece for Seph’s Writing Challenge (Spring 2014). Sookie is surprised to find 
her own grave in the Bon Temps cemetery. Will her new maker be able to make her feel better?


(banner by Sephrenia for her contest)

Viking on his shoulder title

TB--Season 2

This is just a little comedy/parody I wrote to provide a “missing scene” from the Episode
 in Season 2 of True Blood called “Scratches.” This occurs after Dr. Ludwig has 
healed Sookie of the Maenad scratch and after Bill is dead for the day. What will 
Eric do when he finds himself alone with an unconscious Sookie?

Viking shoulder 2

Wings upon your Horns title
TB--Alternative Universe

(Written for Seph’s Fall Writing Challenge) What if Godric had called Eric to his
 side almost two decades before the Great Reveal? What if Eric had never been 
the Sheriff of Area 5 and had opened Fangtasia in Dallas? How would he have 
reacted if his first look at Sookie Stackhouse was when she was wearing a bikini,
 a cowboy hat, a gun belt, and spurs?  (This is a one-shot for now, but I
 MIGHT eventually continue it.)

Wings upon your Horns banner

yes, sookie virginia title

TB--Alternative Universe

Vampires have been “out” since 1962 and are a “normal” facet of life. Godric, always a 
visionary, founded the Vampire Historical Society (VHS)—as well as a newspaper called
 The Dallas Moon. After his child demonstrates apathy towards humans, Godric 
punishes Eric by making him respond to the letters that are sent to The Moon.
 What will happen when he receives a letter from an 8-year-old girl named 
Sookie Virginia Stackhouse, asking if there’s a Santa Claus?

Yes, SVTIASC TWCS(banner by Sephrenia)

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