V. The Creature


To a goblin, a grudge was a living thing—as was the desire for revenge. King William of England had once “hired” me for a task, changing straw into gold. As a goblin, changing one substance into another was easy for me. And I laughed at King William for preferring shiny metals to a substance that could feed his animals and keep him warm.

But King William was greedy bastard, and I enjoyed tricking his kind most of all. He was too arrogant to know when he was being foolish.

He and I had made an agreement. In exchange for changing “the straw in a large room into gold,” I was to receive three orphan children. Of course, humans would judge me harshly for my dietary preferences. Hell—most of my own kind judged those who “kept to the old ways!” But none would argue that children didn’t make very tasty meals, indeed!

However, there were “rules”—rules steeped in the magic of creation itself that had to be followed. Thus, I could not simply kidnap children left and right!

Every species had its magical limitations. The two-natured had to shift during the full moon; they had no choice in the matter. Vampires had to wait for an invitation to enter a human home. Fairies were prevented from using their telepathy on any other Supernatural with the exception of the two-natured, who were—sadly enough for them—at the bottom of the supernatural barrel. Demons could not survive for more than a few minutes in the rain. Indeed, all had their restrictions, but I felt those placed upon goblins were the harshest. We craved child-flesh, but could not take it ourselves. In fact, to get it, we had to be given it by a human monarch!

Perhaps, for this reason, I ought not to have tried to trick King William as I did, but I had other sources I preferred anyway, and William was a twit. Was it my fault that he failed to specify how much of the straw in the room I had to change into gold. Was it my fault that I was tired from the king’s tiresome company and had the energy to make only a few pieces? NO! But the bastard withheld payment of two of the three children AND then followed me home—since I cannot teleport with a human. The next day, he captured my beloved sister and she cannot teleport at all! Then he blackmailed me into completing the room and gave me already slain children since I had not “specified” that they were to be alive.

I have always hated meat that was not fresh!

And I have hated King William since then. That fucker had bested me. But I knew that I would ultimately have the last laugh.

In fact, I had found my perfect opportunity to get him back. I learned from my spy in King William’s court that he had a fairy in his custody—one whom he had ordered to turn straw into gold!

As if fairies could do that!

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