Cast: Earned

I’ve said this before, but my work is made so much better by the talented Sephrenia, who has offered me so much of her time to make art for my stories.  She is an integral part of my work!

Thank you, Seph!

Below, you will find the character banners that she’s made for Earned.  I’m including the actors’ names, as well as character descriptions/reminders where applicable.

NOTE: Some of what follows could be considered as spoilers, so progress at your own risk.  Other than Eric, Sookie, Hunter, and Emma–all characters are in alphabetical order by first name (when possible).

There will be more to come as I get them!

EricWhen we left our Viking at the end of CBTM, he was newly wed to Sookie.  He has embraced the family life, expanding the Stackhouse property and building homes for several members of the extended family.  The farmhouse was also renovated/expanded.  And the whole complex is called the ætt land by the extended family.  In addition to marrying Sookie as soon as it was legal, he and Sookie also adopted Hunter.

Of course, Eric remained the Sheriff of Area 5, though Pam has become an even more hands-on second.

Though Eric has continued to have a variety of business ventures, he focuses mostly on RBL (secretly standing for “royal bloodline”), which is a synthetic blood company he started with Niall.  Their first two products, named after Old Norse numbers—RBL: Einn and RBL: Tvær—were huge successes, though they were more expensive than TrueBlood. RBL: Þrír, the third product from the company, was a more economic version of the first two due to the way it was produced.  A hint of synthetic fairy blood is the “secret ingredient” in the beverages.  TrueBlood is still around, though it has become a very cheap (and inferior) alternative to RBL.

Actor: Alexander Skarsgård

Sookie_earnedSookie Stackhouse-Northman has embraced the fact that she’s a supernatural.  Because of the training she received in CBTM, as well as the fact that she’s been given much of the knowledge of her Fae ancestors, she is very formidable indeed!  In addition to her increased telepathy, she can also influence the thoughts of others (as she initially did with Henry in CBTM).  Of course, because she’s Sookie, she doesn’t want to use this particular ability.  She is less reticent about using her “light.”  She has the ability to use her light as a weapon and–at least with Eric, her mate–she can use it to heal and to help him experience the sun safely.  She also has the ability to create “shields” around herself or others–in order to protect them for other Fae “bombs.”  Finally, her bonds with Eric have allowed them to communicate telepathically.

She still teaches part-Fae kids in Dùraig, which is what the “in-between place” is now called since there’s a settlement there.  She helps other hybrids with their shields.  She also teaches the Fae language now, which she’s learned over the years from Niall and Claude, whom she still views as her “brother” (Tanu).

Sookie has unquestionably accepted herself.  However, she sees her most important roles as wife, mother, and matriarch of the ætt land.

Actress: Anna Paquin

HunterAdopted by Eric and Sookie as soon as the law allowed, Hunter decided to change his name legally to “Hunter Eric Northman.”  Most would consider Hunter’s life to be charmed.  After all, he grew up the son of very loving parents.  However, his life did not begin in a charmed way.  Abandoned by his drug-addicted mother, he was raised for several years by his father.  However, as Hunter’s telepathy manifested, so did his father’s resentment.  We learn in CBTM that Remy Savoy–especially when he crawled back into a bottle–thought about beating his child, specifically bashing him in the head–until his “defect” was solved.  Before those thoughts could come to fruition, however, Hadley kidnapped Hunter.  The boy was better off with his mother.  But, eventually, Claudette took Hadley and Sookie to the Fae realm, and Hunter was left with Eric.

Eventually, Hunter considered this to be one of the two “best” days of his life.  The other was the day he met Emma.

Hunter has grown up to be strong and wise beyond his years.  Many people comment that he looks a lot like Eric, but–of course–there is no biological relationship there.  Hunter’s eyes are very much like Sookie’s eyes.  So some have speculated that the boy is actually Eric and Sookie’s child.

Hunter gained control of his telepathy at a much earlier age than Sookie did, mostly because he was accepted for who he was by Eric and the others in the extended family.  Also, he was trained at Sookie and Katherine’s school in Dùraig, where he still sees his biological mother, Hadley.  Sadly, his relationship with her remains awkward in many ways.

Actor: Alexander Pettyfer

EmmaBy the time Sam Merlotte married Luna Garza, he already considered Emma to be his daughter.  With her biological father, Marcus Bozeman, being dead–and, therefore, out of the picture–Emma embraced her new Daddy.  Not long after Sam and Luna married, she was even adopted by Sam officially.  The young two-natured woman grew up wondering whether she would be a shifter or a Were, but that question was answered in her early adolescence when she transformed into a cheetah.  Like any shifter, she can become other animals, too, but it is the cheetah that calls to her soul.

Speaking of the soul, she is certain that hers belongs to Hunter.  The two children grew up together and learned about love together.  Older than Hunter by more than a year, she was initially the “leader” in their relationship.  Nowadays, the two teens have established a partnership, and–thanks to their parents’ examples–they have learned that compromise and trust are needed to keep a relationship healthy.  However, the two are also natural complements to one another.

Actress: Nikki Yanofsky

Adele Brigant

Adele is Hadley’s daughter, who was born in Faerie.  Her biological father was Joren, the fairy Mab “gave” Hadley to after she ate the light fruit in Come Back to Me.  However, the way that she was conceived has not interfered with Hadley’s love for her.  In all ways that matter, little Adele is the daughter of Hadley and Claude, her stepfather.

Actress: Isabella Crovett-Cramp


The Ancient Pythoness “died” at the end of Come Back to Me.  In the Back & Forth Universe, she is Godric’s maker and took a special interest in Eric and Hunter.  Even in the afterlife, however, that interest isn’t about to end.

Actress: Helen Mirren


Andre Paul is the CEO of LePaul Industries.  He was also the first vampire elected to the U.S. Senate.  His association with Sophie-Anne Leclerq is not known by most.  His main motivation is avenging the death of his maker.  Since Bill Compton is dead already, his thirst for vengeance has transferred to Eric, Sookie, Hunter, and Emma.  But he has to be careful so that he doesn’t lose his power and position.

Actor: Ryan Gosling 


Batanya is the Britlingen first tasked with protecting Hunter.  Even though her term of service is over and her daughter, Breeta, has officially taken over the job, Batanya is not about to leave Hunter’s side, for he and Emma are both like children to her.  Batanya has decided to stay in the human realm both for them and for Duncan, with whom she fell in love during the events of Come Back to Me.

Actress: Rhona Mitra


Once a resident of Hotshot, Becky is a werepanther.  In Come Back to Me, she helped Jason and Eric when Quinn and Hallow attacked.  After that, Sam and Luna basically adopted her and she became like a sister to Emma.  She thrived and eventually became a teacher.  She is Coby Bellefleur’s girlfriend and hopes to build a life with him.

Actress: Anna Kendrick


A Britlingen guard, Breeta is the daughter of Batanya.  Her first “job” outside of the Britlingen world is as a guard to Hunter & Emma.  Like her mother, she is fierce and loyal to the Northmans.

Actress: Alice Braga


Claude Brigant is the son of Niall.  Because of the events of Come Back to Me, he is like a brother to Sookie, and he’s a good friend to Eric.  Also, he married Hadley.  He is sometimes “torn” between his wife, who effectively “gave up” Hunter, and his “sister,” who is Hunter’s “true mother.”  Claude also has a close friendship with Pam.

Actor: Neil Hopkins


Clovache is the third of the Britlingens protecting Hunter and Emma, and much of Clovache’s time in Bon Temps has been spent watching Emma.  She is a woman of few words, but intense feeling.  She has never spoken of it, but she cannot have children, and she views Emma as a child.  She began to work for the Northmans after the Ancient Pythoness died–after the A.P. told her something about her future.

Actress: Lena Headey

Coby BellefleurCoby Bellefleur is a bitter young man.

Much of this bitterness stems from the attitudes and behavior of his own mother, Arlene Fowler.  Though once married to Terry Bellefleur, Arlene couldn’t squelch her own self-destructive tendencies or her prejudices.  Reluctantly, she seemed to accept vampires–and even seemed to support her friend Sookie’s marriage to one.  However, after the two-natured revealed themselves, Arlene fell in with a Fellowship member.  For a while, Terry tried to help Arlene see that her prejudices would destroy her and their family, but eventually the man gave up on his marriage after he learned that Arlene was having an affair.

Despite having been adopted by Terry before the divorce, Coby reeled when his family broke apart as he tried to negotiate a life situated between his hate-filled mother and his loving stepfather.  And–of course–Arlene resented the fact that Coby (and his sister Lisa) continued to want to have anything to do with Terry at all!

Perhaps, it was natural for Coby to begin envying his younger friend, Hunter, who seemed to have everything.  And, eventually, that envy became even more profound when Coby began to have feelings for Emma.

Actor: Shia Lebeouf

Desmond Earned

Trusted attorney and friend, Desmond Cataliades has continued to oversee the Northmans’ legal matters.  He has also mentored Tara, who became an attorney in Come Back to Me.

Actor: Harvey Keitel


Godric and Eric encountered Duncan Scott in Glasgow about 700 years ago.  Since Duncan’s maker was dead, Godric took the young vampire under his wing.  Since then, Duncan has been like a brother to Eric.  Eric asked for his help during the events of Come Back to Me, and Duncan came.  He began a romantic relationship with Batanya and quickly became a valuable member of the family.

Actor: Richard Armitage


Hadley became “stuck” in Faerie in Come Back to Me when she was forced to eat the light fruit by Queen Mab.  However, she’s spent most of her time at the “in-between” place, now called Dùraig, which is located near the pool that acts as a portal between the fairy and human realms.  In Dùraig, time  doesn’t move in the same way as it does in Faerie proper.  Hadley unselfishly “gave” Hunter to Eric in Come Back to Me, instead of trying to force him to stay with her in Faerie.  But the truth is that Eric and Sookie make better parents for Hunter because they love him unconditionally.  Hadley’s feelings for Hunter are ambivalent at best.

Actress: Lindsey Haun

Henry Earned

Henry Thornton was first met in Come Back to Me.  An ex-soldier who had a difficult time fitting back into society after being in several battles, he found a place serving Russell Edgington and he became a V addict.  However, with her mind “gifts,” Sookie was able to see Henry’s pain and goodness, and she helped him.  In return, Henry soon became a trusted friend, guard, and ally.  Having a gifted mind, he becomes and apprentice to Dr. Ludwig.  Eventually, he and Tara marry.

Actor: Damian Lewis


Holly is still happily married to Andy Bellefleur.  She has become an assistant manager at Merlotte’s and is very much trusted to run the business about half the time.

Actress: Lauren Bowles

Jarod Earned

Jarod and his wife Miranda have been Eric and Sookie’s primary day-guards since Back & Forth.  A shifter, Jarod prefers transforming into a lion because his mate, Miranda, is a werelioness.  The couple have had three children throughout the years: Godric and the twins, Maggie and Jim.  The have a home on the ætt land.

Actor: Hugh Dancy

Jennifer Robinson-Bellefleur

Jennifer Robinson-Bellefleur is a were-badger.  After the two-natured beings “came out,” she was fired from the University of Chicago, where she’d been a professor.  When she accepted a position at Bon Temps High School when the Northmans arranged it for her, she did not see it as a “step down” because Eric and Sookie had already made sure that the local school was state of the art.  Eric also funds the research Jennifer does on the side.  She met Terry Bellefleur–after he was estranged from Arlene.  At the time, she was Coby’s favorite teacher.  But she eventually becomes his stepmother.  At the beginning of Earned, she and Terry are expecting their first child.

Actress: Jennifer Connelly


Luna still teaches in the Bon Temps school system.  She and Sam have been married even longer than Eric and Sookie, and they have a happy marriage.  They consider Becky to be their oldest child, and Sam eventually adopted Emma officially too.  In addition, they have two children together: Samantha (8 years old at the beginning of the story) and Tommy (6 years old at the beginning of the story).

Actress: Janina Gavankar


Miranda and Jarod have been Eric and Sookie’s primary day-guards since Back & Forth.  A werelioness, Miranda is in charge of Eric and Sookie’s security.  She and Jarod have had three children throughout the years: Godric and the twins, Maggie and Jim.  The have a home on the ætt land.

Actress: Julianne Nicholson

Niall Earned

Niall Brigant is a “good guy” in this series.  He helped Sookie to train in Come Back to Me and then had the foresight to offer her the knowledge of the Fae so that she could help Eric face down his major enemy, Russell Edgington.  Of course, Niall was helped a lot by his sister, Britomart–aka the Ancient Pythoness.  Given that Mab has been killed and Faerie is experiencing a time of unprecedented peace, Niall is free to split his time between his people and family in Faerie and his family in the human realm.

Actor: Gary Oldman 

Remy Savoy

Hunter’s father was an ambivalent character at best in Come Back to Me.  Hadley stole Hunter, but that was likely a very good thing since Remy had reached his breaking point.  Hunter recalls all the horrible thoughts his father had about him, including thoughts where Remy was tempted to hurt Hunter because of the little boy’s “defect.”  Eric took steps to make sure Hunter would never have to deal with Remy again–but will that last?

Actor: Stuart Townsend

RobinA warlock of uncommon ability, Robin Brunswick became entangled with Andre Paul.  He knows that he’s in over his head, and he fears Eric, but he’s stuck.

Actor: Kenneth Brannaugh


Sam is still the owner or Merlotte’s, but he shares responsibilities with his assistant manager, Holly Cleary Bellefleur.  He is still happily married to Luna.  He and Luna consider Becky to be their oldest child, and Sam eventually adopted Emma officially too.  In addition, they have two children together: Samantha (8 years old at the beginning of the story) and Tommy (6 years old at the beginning of the story).  Ironically, Sam and Eric have actually become very good friends throughout the years.

Actor: Sam Trammell


Now a successful attorney under the mentorship of Desmond Cataliades, Tara has come into her own.  She is happily married to Henry Thornton (the joke between them is that she only married him because they already had the same last name).  Like the others in Eric and Sookie’s inner circle, she and Henry live on the ætt land, but they travel a lot.

Actress: Rutina Wesley


Once married to Arlene, Terry has now found love with Jennifer.  While with Arlene, Terry adopted Coby and Lisa.  And even after the divorce, he was really their main caregiver as Arlene became more and more radicalized.

Actor: Todd Lowe

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