(Recommendation: 7/16/17)

If you have been reading TB/SVM fanfiction for a while, I’m sure that you have discovered chicpea’s stories, all of which are quite original.  Sadly, I don’t think she’s actively writing for the fanbase anymore; her last update on her WordPress blog was in May 2014.  Of course, many writers in the fanbase have moved on–some of them disillusioned by the books’ and/or show’s outcomes, some of them now focusing their attention on other kinds of writing, some moving on to pursuits other than writing, and some simply “out of” ideas for fanfiction for TB/SVM.

However, I hope that–especially if you are “new or newish” to reading in the TB/SVM community–you will check out chicpea’s stories.  If you have read them before, I suggest revisiting them.  I just got done re-reading Birds of a Feather, which is the story de jour, and–for me–it was just as good on the second read as it was on the first!

One more thing–before I get to my story-specific information:  If you do read an older story, don’t be hesitant about leaving a comment.  Even if they don’t respond, I know that MANY authors enjoy getting comments about stories they wrote years before.  Who knows?  Such a comment might even encourage them to revisit their writing for us!  Yes–there’s a chance that the author will never see your comment; however, I think it’s good to send positive thoughts out into the ether regardless.

Okay–now on to the actual recommendation!

story image on & chicpea’s WordPress site

Story description from chicpea’s WordPress:

“An SVM fanfiction story.  Sookie Stackhouse works with supernatural artifacts, quietly dealing with things that the humans really shouldn’t get their hands on. This is just one of the secrets she’s keeping. The local vampire Sheriff knows a bit more about her than most – enough to demand a favor in return for his continued silence.”

My comments:

I’d describe this story as an “alternative universe (AU) fic” because Sookie’s “beginning” in the story is VERY different from what it is in the SVM books.

When I get a bit of writer’s block or just need a break, I love getting lost in a LONG story, one that will cause me to lose hours of sleep.  This fic really fits that bill!  Actually, both times I’ve read it, the story “caught up to me”–meaning that I could pick it up and put it down with no problem–for a while.  But then–right around Chapter 10–it’s all over for “casual reading!”  LOL.  At that point–BOTH TIMES!–I got hooked into the mystery unraveling.  So–yeah–not as much sleep happened…

One of the lovely things about this story is the expanded characterization of Desmond Cataliades, who has a prominent role in Sookie’s life.  Other characters from the SVM books–like Octavia–are developed more/differently as well.

I love the portrayals of Eric and Sookie (surprise, surprise!)  Eric’s presentation is quite subtle in a lot of ways–almost “quiet.”  He’s calm and intelligent (just like a 1,000-year-old vampire would/should be).  He also recognizes “the bird of his feather” in Sookie, who is my favorite character in this piece.  If you enjoy a smart Sookie, you’ll like this portrayal a lot.  She has been encouraged to stretch out her mind–well beyond simply the skill of telepathy.  It’s nice to see how her life could have gone if her demon “godfather” had taken an active role early on.

The romance between Eric and Sookie is unconventional at times, but I was satisfied by it.  Eric is patient; Sookie is independent (but less stubborn than in the books).  I’d describe their relationship as “unhurried,” but not less passionate for that fact.  Chicpea manages to infuse the narrative with a few very familiar ideas from the SVM series, such as Eric’s practice of giving Sookie “unconventional” and very thoughtful (meaning both “considerate” and “thought-filled”) gifts.  In the books, it was the driveway and the coat.  In this story, it’s the fact that he makes sure her hair is “fixed” at one point!  LOL.  If you read–you’ll understand what I mean.

However, the best part of this story–for me–is the interesting, unique story line.  Because our heroine begins the relationship at a very different place in life than the book/show Sookie, the narrative seems very “fresh” to me.

I hope you’ll check it out or revisit it (Links to the story can be found below)!

If you have read the piece before, be sure to comment below & add your thoughts.

To find the story on chicpea's WordPress site, click HERE.

To find the story on, click HERE.

15 thoughts on “chicpea: BIRDS OF A FEATHER

    caleeksu says:
    July 16, 2017 at 10:46 am
    This is an EXCELLENT story – one of my very favorites. Beautifully done and so damn interesting.

  2. I absolutely agree with this recommendation. I read this only about 2 years ago myself and it’s a wonderful story. I love this Sookie- her life and her job, as well as the creativity of the author. 🙂

  3. Love her stories. I believe she also wrote a wonderful all human story as well. I wish many of our talented fanfic writers still wrote in the svm/tb fanfic….alas, many have moved on….but I’ll continue to read and enjoy as long as writers continue to share their talents with us

    maryalma says:
    July 17, 2017 at 7:42 am
    Thanks for the recommendation. Just finished the story, it was excellent. I would love to have a chance to read more of your recommendations.

  5. This was such a well crafted story. You describe their romance perfectly as “unhurried “.

    I think someone above recommended her AH story. “Flight of the Bumblebee”. A favorite too, with such a complex Eric.

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