Cast: The Trunk Trilogy

Below you will find cast pictures for The Trunk Trilogy.  

(After Eric and Sookie, characters will appear in alphabetical order by first name–if possible.)

Of course, the wonderful Sephrenia has provided the cast banners!

Eric Northman (vampire)

Actor: Alexander Skarsgård

Who else?

Sookie Stackhouse (human-fairy hybrid)

Actress: Anna Paquin

Alcide Herveaux (Were)

Actor: Joe Manganiello

Alexei Nikolaevich (vampire)

Actor: Skandar Keynes

the Ancient Pythoness / Pythia (vampire)

Actress: Lynda Carter

Andre Paul (vampire)

Actor: Paul Bettany

Dr. Aphra Smith (Britlingen-human hybrid)

Actress: Jennifer Connelly

Appius Livius Ocella (vampire)

Actor: Ralph Fiennes

Arlene Fowler (human)

Actress: Carrie Preston

Batanya (Britlingen)

Actress: Rhona Mitra

Bill (William) Compton (vampire)

Actor: Stephen Moyer

Bobby (Robert) Burnham (human)

Actor: Jude Law

Bubba (vampire)

Actor: Elvis Presley (in my dreams)

Calvin Norris (werepanther)

Calvin Norris NWA

Actor: Dermot Mulroney

Charles Claussen (wereowl)

Charles Clausen

Actor: Michael Cudlitz

Christa Larrabee (Were)

Actress: Olivia Cooke

Debbie Pelt (werefox)

Actor: Brit Morgan

Desmond Cataliades (Demon-human hybrid)

Actor: Bill Murray

Diantha (Demon)

Actress: Zooey Deschanel

Franklin Mott (vampire)

Actor: James Frain

Hadley Delahoussaye (vampire)

Actress: Lindsey Haun

Hallow (witch)


Actress: Gabrielle Anwar

Holly Cleary (human)

Actress: Lauren Bowles

Jackson Herveaux (Were)


Actor: Robert Patrick

Jacob (Vampire)

Actor: Ioan Gruffudd

Jade Flower (Vampire)

Jade Flower

Actor: Zhang Ziyi

Colonel James Flood (Were)

Actor: Viggo Mortensen

Jason Stackhouse (human-fairy hybrid)

Actor: Ryan Kwanten

Jennifer Cater (vampire)Jennifer Cater_Seph_Trunk

Actress: Felicity Jones

Jude Hensley (Were)

Actor: Sam Heughan

Karin Slaughter (“the Slaughterer”) (vampire)


Actress: Margot Robbie

Maria-Star (Were)

Actress: Sarah Shahi

Mark Stonebrook (Were-witch)

Actor: Jamie Bell

Molly Jolly (vampire)

Actress: Tina Majorino

Mustapha Khan (Were)

Actor: Laz Alonso

Noelle (Handmaiden/Fae)

Actress: Tamzin Merchant

Octavia Fant (Witch)

Actress: Lisa Bonet

Onawa (shifter)

Actress: Karina Lombard

Padma (vampire)

Actress: Freida Pinta

Pam Ravenscroft (vampire)

Actress:  Kristin Bauer van Straten

Peter Threadgill, King of Arkansas (vampire)

Peter Threadgill, King of Arkansas-

Actor:  Norman Reedus

Russell Edgington (vampire)

Actor: Pierce Brosnan

Sam Merlotte (shifter)

Actor: Sam Trammell

Sigebert (vampire)

Actor: Clive Standen

Sophie Anne Leclerq (vampire)

Actress: Lauren Ambrose

Talbot (Vampire)

Actor: Theo Alexander

Tara Thornton (human)

Actress: Morena Baccarin

I generally “see” Rutina Wesley in this role, but “book Tara” is described differently from the show’s version.  I went with a different actress this time.  (By the way–I’ve LOVED this actress since Firefly!)

Terry Bellefleur (human)

Actor: Todd Lowe

Thalia (vampire)

Actress: Summer Glau

Tray Dawson (Were)

Actor: Karl Urban

Warren (human)

Actor: Edgar Ramirez

Willow (werehawk)

Actress: Alexandra Daddario

Wybert (vampire)

Actor: Clive Standen

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