Chapter 126: It Is Time

Sookie held up the dagger.  “So?  What do you think?  Should we use this?”

Eric grinned, “Oh—I say we definitely use it.  My skin is literally crawling to touch it again.”

Sookie laughed, “Glad it’s not just me.  I’ve been itching to cut you with this thing since I saw you appear in the pool!”

Eric tickled her.  “You bloodthirsty minx—I love it.”

Sookie tickled him back and snapped her teeth together loudly before biting his shoulder with her blunt teeth playfully.  “It’s just your blood I want, vampire.”

Suddenly, Eric’s chuckle turned into a roar, and he was on top of her.  “Sookie, you know how to drive me fucking crazy.”  He latched onto her lips, barely giving her enough time to take in a deep breath.

She smiled into his lips as she felt his lust exploding into the bond.  She decided that the best way to answer that surge was by taking hold of his attention-seeking cock, which was currently making its presence known through the blanket she had covering her body.”

As she began thumbing the tip and collecting the moisture she found there, he backed off sharply as his fangs shot down.  “Sookie,” he growled in a tone that made goose bumps rise all along her skin.

She used the distance he had created to her advantage, bringing her wetted fingers up to her mouth and lazily licking them—one by one—enjoying the taste of him and sending that enjoyment—along with a healthy dosage of her own lust—along to him through the bond.

She saw his eyes dilate and turn dark blue, and she celebrated the certain knowledge that she was about to be pounded into the mattress by her husband.  She decided to stoke his fire a bit more.

“Watch me,” she whispered.

She heard him panting with passion as she licked her hand and brought it back to his cock, this time squeezing the long shaft and moving her hand up and down.  She could tell that Eric was quickly losing control, and he went to pull the sheet that was separating them away so that he could enter her, but she stopped him in a hover above her with the force field magic she’d been working on.

Unable to move, Eric looked at her in confusion and then leered at her.  He purred, “You have my complete attention now, lover.”  He groaned as her hand made another sweep up and down his shaft.  “I have always been figurative putty in your hands.”  He groaned again.  “Now it is literal.”

She smiled.  “Do you like my new ability?”

He nodded and panted out, “Abso-fucking-lutely.”

“Good.  Now—before you pillage me, Viking, I want to make something very, very clear, n’est-ce pas?”

He half-grinned and half-groaned.  “Oh—I think I’m beginning to understand.”

Sookie smiled.  “Excellent.  Do you remember when we had that little talk―when you were worried about hurting me during sex?”

She squeezed his cock harder.  “Yes,” Eric gasped, feeling a mixture of pain and pleasure himself.  “God yes!” he groaned out.

“And I told you that sometimes a girl liked to feel a little sore so that she could be reminded that she had been good and truly fucked?”

“I remember,” he growled.

“Excellent.”  She leered back at him.  “Now—here’s the important part, so listen up.  We are gonna be exchanging lots of blood in the next few hours, and your blood’s gonna try to heal me all up.”

“Uh-huh,” he managed.

“But the thing is, Eric,” she said, “I wanna feel sore when I wake up tomorrow; do you get me?  I’m tired of having amazing sex with you in dreams only to wake up and feel normal down in my lady parts.  So I’m gonna need something a little extra special from you, tonight—something I’ll be sure to be feelin’ tomorrow.”

He groaned again, now actively trying to fight her magic.

“That’s it,” she purred as she continued to hold him, even as she built him up with her hand by continuing to slowly stroke his throbbing cock.  “I can feel how much you want me, right now,” she said huskily, as she closed her eyes and luxuriated in the overpowering lust coming from him through the vampire bond.  “You want to put this big thing inside of me and make a dent in this mattress—don’t you?”

He whimpered.  She loved it.

She brought her other hand up and dragged the sheet slowly down her body, keeping her eyes trained on his as they moved to take in her breasts.  “Do you think that we could break a mattress—if we really, really tried?”

“Sookie,” he gasped and closed his eyes again.

“Watch me,” she whispered sensuously.  Once the sheet was off of her, she brought both hands to encircle his cock as she kept him hovering inches above her.

He moaned.

“You like this?” she asked.

“Herregud,” he muttered.  [“Oh my God.”]

“I think you do,” she said saucily.

“Yes,” he confirmed with a gasp.

“I think I know what you might like even more.”

More.  Yes,” he mumbled almost incoherently.

Even as she continued to stroke him with one hand, she reached her other hand down to her folds and slickened herself with her own moisture.

“Oh God, Sookie,” Eric muttered.  “So. Beautiful.  Let me go.  Please.”

She smiled at him.  “Keep watchin’.”  She took her now very wet finger and moved it to his rear entrance.

He looked at her with some surprise and then choked out, “Herregud, lover.”

“You like this?” she asked.

He could only nod as he continued to fight her magic.  The vampire bond was undulating with his lust and craving.

“I can see that you like it very much.”  She bit her lip with both nervousness and desire, unintentionally drawing a little blood.

His nostrils flared even as she circled his rear opening with her finger, exploring him in a way that she never had before.  She felt powerful.  And she felt utterly ready to be powerless in his arms.

She licked the little bit of blood off of her lip seductively.

“I. Will. Beg,” he panted.

She leaned forward and brushed his tongue with hers to give him the flavor of her blood as her fingers continued to work his cock and rear.  She leaned back.  “I want to be the one begging, Eric.”

“Sookie,” Eric groaned as she shot a big stream of lust into the bond.  He closed his eyes, obviously trying to stay in control.  “I really could hurt you if you don’t stop,” he moaned.

“Open your eyes, Eric,” she said lustily.

He obeyed.  Those eyes were midnight.

She spoke with certainty, “I don’t plan on stoppin’, and you need to remember that I really could stop you if you ever did hurt me.”  She swirl her finger around his rear entrance one more time before pushing gently into him a little.

“Sookie,” he narrowed his eyes, as if trying to keep his lust from burning into her.  “Let. Me. Go.”

She slowly dragged her fingers around his rear entrance one last time, and then along his balls, and then to his beautiful abs.  Finally, she stopped her hand on his chest and then sent a little bolt of her magic into their fairy bond.  As always, she did not hurt him, but the magic did jolt him, especially since it was carrying her lust with it.

“Sookie,” he yelled out in ecstasy as his body absorbed her magic.  His eyes were a storm.  “Let. Me. Go. Now!”

She smiled seductively.  “All right then, vampire.  Let’s see what you got?”

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To Eric, the moment that she finally released him seemed to be the same moment that he was inside of her.  He thrust into her, felt her welcoming him into her flesh, and began pounding into her at vampire speed in all the same second.  And somehow, someway, and because of some fucking miracle, she was keeping up with him.  In fact, she’d locked her legs around his hips and had raised her bottom off the ground to better meet his pounding member.  Though he feared he really might hurt her, he soon realized that her groans and grunts were from pleasure, which he could now also confirm through the vampire bond.

“Fuck, Sookie,” he managed, as he felt her sharp nails stab into his back.

“Faster,” Sookie unbelievably uttered below him.  How the fuck she could handle that―he had no fucking clue.  But he obeyed and moved even faster.

He knew that he was stroking her G-spot with his cock in fast vibrations now, so fast that he feared that the fine line between her feeling pleasure and her feeling pain might be crossed.  However, as she tugged and grasped at him further, she once again uttered the command for him to go “faster” and added the word “harder” to that directive.  In that moment, he decided that he would never again doubt his mate’s ability to take everything he had to give.

Her lust was flowing through him in waves now, as was her pleasure.  His own physical pleasure was building, but that was nothing compared to the pleasure he felt at having the bond restored to him—both bonds—and at marveling at the magnificence of the woman below him.

More,” Sookie cried out moving her head from side to side in ecstasy.

Eric followed that command and flipped her over to take her from behind; he thrust into her again, even harder than before.  He could go deeper in this position, and he could go faster.  Her fingers now dug into the mattress beneath her as if scratching their way toward the rich earth below it.

More!” she screamed again as she began to meet the blur of his thrusts with the backward movement of her beautiful ass.

“Sookie!” Eric yelled as he pounded even faster, faster than he’d ever fucked anything—be it vampire or human—before.

“Yes!” Sookie cried as she exploded around his vibrating cock.  “Eric!” she screamed as her release seemed to take her somewhere else.

Her inner walls collapsed onto his cock, pounding him as forcefully as he was pounding her, and he too burst, spilling into her again and again and again.

He collapsed over her back, feeling like he needed to catch his breath—even though he had none to catch—as much as she did.  He came down from his pleasure slowly even as he held her body up under him and stayed buried deep inside of her.  After a few minutes, he felt that Sookie’s own orgasm had finally subsided, and finally, he pulled out of her.

She was catching her breath below him when she whispered in a barely audible voice, “More, Eric.  Please.  More.”

He nodded into her back and began placing chaste kisses there.  “Yes, Sookie,” he gasped.  “More.  Always more with you.”

Once again he repositioned them, this time so that he was sitting upright and she was straddling him.  He lowered her slowly onto his still hard member, and once she’d taken him fully inside of herself, they both moaned.

Eric caressed her back gently.  “I should never underestimate you in anything, my love.”

“No,” Sookie said as she entwined her arms around him and stroked his back.  “You shouldn’t.”

Eric gave her a fangy smile.  “You were made for me, woman.”

“Finally catching up, huh?” she teased until he thrust upward, causing her to moan.

“I am old, and it sometimes takes me longer to learn something new,” he teased back until she once again gave as good as she got by thrusting downward and squeezing her internal muscles, acts which elicited a deep moan from him.

“Good to see you can be taught,” she smirked as she pulled her body closer to his, causing full contact between their chests.  Both sighed at the further physical contact created between them.

They rose and fell into each other slowly for a few minutes, both enjoying the contrast of this style of love-making to the previous one.

“We are soooo good at this,” Sookie moaned as they continued to move with each other.

“Yes, we are very good,” Eric chuckled as he kissed the tip of her nose and continued to caress her skin lightly.

She giggled, “I love it like this, you know.”

“Yes,” Eric sighed.  “Soft—easy—right.”

She scraped her nails a little harder across his back.  “I love it the other way too, you know.”

“Yes,” Eric answered more throatily.  “Hard—fast—equally right.”

She smiled at him.  “Ready?”

He nodded and smiled.  “Yes, my bloodthirsty, wife.  You?”

She nodded and picked up the dagger, its handle warming in her hands and a red light growing around it.  As if drawn there, Eric put his hand over hers on the dagger’s handle.

She smiled at him, “Just like the night when we sealed the vampire bond with our third exchange with this one’s mate—okay?”

“Perfect,” he whispered as he watched her lift the blade to his upper chest, right above his dead heart and right over their fairy bond.  She made a deep cut, and he groaned and thrust more forcefully into her.  Her mouth was already pulling on his blood, even as he moved their entwined hands and the dagger to her flesh.  He made a shallow cut and then covered it immediately with his mouth.

Their hands tightened over the blade.

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Sookie and Eric’s actions were a glorious paradox.  Both had the desire to take from their mate; at the same time, however, both had the desire to give to their mate—to heal that which was being taken.  And inexplicably, the conflicting impulses they felt worked together in tandem.

Unconsciously, Eric made sure that the healing balm of his saliva was immediately working Sookie’s wound even as he pulled from it.  And unbeknownst to her, Sookie was sending her healing light into her mate even as she bit into his wound to make sure it stayed open.

In fact, in that moment, neither of the lovers was thinking a conscious thought.  They were all emotion.  They were all instinct.  They were all magic.

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It was appropriate that they were in a place where the rules of time did not apply because around them, Time itself stood still and stood witness to the connection between the two lovers.

Time didn’t often find a reason to pause, but it did like to stand sentry over that which was being made and not just repeated.  Time knew that there had been similar couples—mates who were not bound by the normal rules of things.  But Time loved them all, and, therefore, it had stopped for all of them.

Some of those couples had been washed away by history—lost before they were even known.  Others had lived to reach fame or infamy.  It did not matter to Time.

What did matter was that none of the couples had seen Time as an enemy.  Life, death, rebirth, change—these were all the mates of Time itself.  Those who knew better embraced all that Time had to offer.  So Time embraced them.

Time was certain about the couple being witnessed.  Unlikely as they were, the pair had allies who had long ago embraced Time.  Among its favorites was half of a pair of soul mates, a woman who had come to understand that an eternity could be but a moment to one who was friendly with Time itself.

Forever to a vampire was nothing in comparison to forever to Time itself.  And the fairy-vampire knew this truth, so Time enjoyed her very much.  She was in favor of the lovers now being witnessed.  She had even arranged for them as she could.

The fairy, Niall, was also a favorite of Time.  Fairies were known to live in their bodies for a long time in Time’s realms, yet the fairy had voluntarily chosen a human, a being whose body would not survive long comparatively.

Time had taken this as a compliment.  The fairy’s faith would lead him once again to his mate—all in good time, of course.

Yes—the pair that Time had stopped itself to witness had allies aplenty and enemies as well, but in the end, those enemies were nothing but a delay.  Separations were inevitable.  Heartbreak would come.  But Time would allow for paths of reunion and regeneration.  It always had.  It enjoyed movement—constant evolution.

But it was wise enough to know when to stop and witness that which was being born―whether it be an individual who would change his or her world for better or worse or a pair who were defying all the rules which had been laid in their path like landmines.

Yes—Time knew when to stand still.

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Sookie and Eric, however, did not remain still.  But their movements became as unconscious as an eye blinking or a human chest rising with air.  The thrusting of their lower halves continued until they shared another orgasm, which both of them reacted to with pleasure-filled gasps.  They continued to take in each other’s blood even as the healing that they were also doling out allowed them to take even more.

All of Sookie and Eric’s unconscious acts seemed to be somehow more important than the moments of time that contained them.  They echoed the acts of the first lovers who had ever used the twin daggers to bind themselves.  And the love of that long-ago pair—love that had been captured and protected by the daggers—seemed to delve right into this pair as well, marking them as kindred spirits.  The magics of the fairy and the vampire once again collided in a bright light―this time a red one.

The spirits of the demon and the Fae who had experienced a similar light were able to rejoice—even though it was not quite time for them to rejoin—as the universe once again showed its love for diversity and newness.

But there was more diversity in this pair than in that one.  There was the addition of humanity, both from Sookie’s spirit and from that which had never been lost, despite Eric’s transformation to vampire.  The human body itself could be frail, but the spirit was strong, and that magic too forged along the blade of the knife.

Sookie bit again into Eric’s flesh, as if looking for something elusive inside of him—though she had no lucid thought telling her to do this.  Her drinking spurred more of his, but she was seeking more than taking in that moment.  And Eric, for the first time in his existence as a vampire, was giving everything without reservations―even that part of him that was still human—though he too was not aware of it.

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When vampires were made, their makers drained them—but only to a point.  A small amount of blood—human blood—had to remain.  That blood kept the human alive just long enough for the vampire to fill the human with his or her own blood.  However, that small quality of human blood remained inside the vampire for all of his or her life.

It was a mark that most tried to forget, but they ought not to have discounted that humanity.

It was that little bit of blood that was the last thing to ‘let go’ within a vampire when he or she met the true death.  Unbeknownst to vampires, it had kept many of them alive longer than would otherwise be possible.  But vampires tended to ignore and discount the human blood that stayed within them; however, it stayed covert and protected.

It was that last piece of her husband that Sookie needed to taste—needed to find.  It was that last connection between their humanness that needed to be forged.  Could she have found it if he had not been accessing his human emotions so regularly throughout the last several years?  Perhaps not.  Would she have found it if he’d not suffered so much from the depth of his feelings when she’d been separated from him?  Probably not.

However, now, his very soul was calling upon hers to look for that remnant of humanity, and hers answered.

Perhaps, the shared humanity between them was a missing piece of the puzzle that made up their love, a puzzle that seemed to grow more pieces and become larger and larger all the time.  But the important thing was that that integral, new piece was now placed, never to be taken up again.

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Sookie felt almost too much pleasure as her orgasm flowed through her.  The warmth from her hand, entwined with Eric’s hand on the dagger, radiated through her body and joined that orgasm.  Then Eric’s blood―which she realized she was still drawing into her mouth in greedy gulps―met the rest of the energy and magic inside of her in a perfect storm―creating a tsunami in her own body.  She felt Eric’s blood warming the inside of her throat and released her mouth from Eric’s chest as she cried out in intense pain at the impact of that tsunami crashing into and then flooding the bonds.  However, that pain was quickly taken away by a burst of protective energy from Eric’s warm blood.  With the last bit of her own energy, Sookie instinctively sent a burst of her white healing light into her mate’s chest, and then she collapsed into him as she blacked out.

Meanwhile, Eric was also feeling overwhelming pleasure.  His wife’s blood—his Sookie’s blood—was flowing into him without him even needing to pull it from her.  It seemed to have a purpose, and for the first time in long months, it was nourishing his body and truly healing that part of his soul that had been lost in the dark without her near—always lost in the dark, maybe even since the night Russell had killed his family.

If that feeling had not been enough to pull his orgasm from him, the strength of her own release would have been.  Her internal muscles clenched around him and stroked his cock, and even though the movements of their lower bodies had almost stopped in their desire to feed from each other, he exploded into her, filling her with the remnants of his thousand-year-old seed and the blood that came with it.

Eric felt the magic of Sookie’s blood flowing into him like a storm, but he held onto her tightly; he knew that he had to.  She was his anchor through any storm that would ever come for him.  He licked and he swallowed as her blood kept coming into him until finally it seemed to be burning him—burning him like the sun—but there was no pain in the burning.  There was heat but no pain.  His ancient memory of the village blacksmith forging together the two metals—the steel and the iron—that made up his father’s sword jumped into his head.

Eric could tell with every fiber of his body that he was about to be hit with an impact greater than any sword could ever wield, so he gripped his mate and sent all of his strength to her so that she could withstand any impact that might be coming to her.  As he did this, he felt an influx of magic the likes of which he’d never felt before sear into their bonds, and he cried out in pain.  At almost the same moment, however, he felt the healing power of his wife’s magic salve the effects of that magic.

What was left behind by that impact was something stronger than either one of them could ever imagine before.  It seemed almost as if his wife had crawled into his chest and embedded her whole self there.  He collapsed into her and sighed.

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