Table of Contents/Seph’s Chapter Banners for United

In addition to doing all my character banners, Sephrenia is doing title banners for each chapter!

She’s taking so much of her time to give my stories more life that I had to “collect” her work here!!!

Thanks Seph!!!

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Click a picture to go to the chapter!

Chapter 01: Target on His Back

Chapter 1 United

Chapter 02: Brutal and Brave
Chapter 2 United

Chapter 03: A Moving Sea

Chapter 3 United

Chapter 04: Setting up House

Chapter 4 United

Chapter 05: Welcome Guest

Welcome Guest

Chapter 06: Faith


Chapter 07: On the Chessboard, Part 1

Chapter 7 United

Chapter 08: On the Chessboard, Part 2

Chapter 8 United

Chapter 09: Brothers


Chapter 10: Breath

Chapter 10 united

Chapter 11: More Alive

Chapter 11 United

Chapter 12: Evolution


Chapter 13: Gold

Chapter 13 United

Chapter 14: Rhodes, Day One

Chapter 14 United

Chapter 15: Faith’s Author

Chapter 15 United

Chapter 16: Mistress & Handmaidens

Chapter 16 United

Chapter 17: Maneuvering

Chapter 17 United

Chapter 18: Rhodes, Day Two

Chapter 18 United

Chapter 19:Angst

Chapter 19 United

Chapter 20: Misdirection

Chapter 20 United

Chapter 21: House of Cards

Chapter 21 United

Chapter 22: Jokers Wild

Chapter 22 United

Chapter 23: Erasing the Stench

Chapter 23 United

Chapter 24: Rhodes, Day Three

Chapter 24 United

Chapter 25: Coverage

Chapter 25 United

Chapter 26: A Little Art, a Little War

Chapter 26 United

Chapter 27: The Art of Love

Chapter 27 United

Chapter 28:You Are the Weakest Link

Chapter 28 United

Chapter 29:Authority

Authority United

Chapter 30: In Costume

In Costume

Chapter 31: Masters at Work

Chapter 31

Chapter 32: Perfect Storm

Chapter 32 United

Chapter 33: The Dance

Chapter 33

Chapter 34: Losses & Gains, Part 1

Chapter 34 United

Chapter 35: Losses & Gains, Part 2


 Chapter 36: Then

Chapter 36 United

Chapter 37: After

Chapter 37 United

Chapter 38: Relief

Chapter 38 United

Chapter 39: Razed

Chapter 39 United

Chapter 40: The Guardian

Chapter 40 United

Chapter 41: Passed Tests

Chapter 41 United

Chapter 42: Part of the Rubble

Chapter 42  United

Epilogue: Giving Thanks



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3 thoughts on “Table of Contents/Seph’s Chapter Banners for United

  1. I’m new to your stories and your site. Had been reading them at and switched when I found out you post earlier here. Anyway, I just have to say how much I love using this site! The pictures here are amazing. Would you thank Seph for me? She does such great artwork. Seeing all the banners together on this page just made me appreciate them even more. Thanks to you both for sharing your talents with us. It must be such a time committment too!

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