Chapter 60: To Tame a Vampire

After letting Sookie stew for a few minutes, Eric said, “Bill is a vampire, Sookie.  It is hard for us to remain good after we become undead.  We literally feed off of humans, and, therefore, we lose much of our humanity.  Most of us learn how to stifle the rest of it.  The only good thing about your being gone for over a year was that it allowed me time to dig into myself in order to find what was left of my own humanity.  Without that time and without the witch’s spell, who knows if I could even be speaking to you as I am now.”

He continued, even as he tried to comfort her with light caresses, “Despite Bill’s obvious faults, I do not feel that he is all bad.  He is devoted to you.  His biggest flaw is that he has always failed to recognize your inherent strength to accept and deal with the truth.  If he had been willing to be honest with you, he may have been here with you instead of me.”  Eric’s voice became quieter.  “However, I refuse to pity him.  I am too selfish and would not have us trade positions for all the world.”

Sookie rose up a bit so that she could look Eric in the eye.  She spoke passionately, “You are nothing like him, Eric.  You never were.  He told me that you were evil―that you were inhuman―but you aren’t.  Even at your worst―even with Lafayette―you always showed restraint, and more often than not, that restraint was for me!  But I let myself believe in him.  The sad thing is that I still cannot hate him because I know that he loves me in the best way he knows how, but I also will never be able to be his friend or trust him after this, and I no longer feel love for him in any way.”

“He simply wishes to have you, min kära.  I cannot blame him for that.”

“Maybe not―but I can sure as hell blame him for the way he wants to go about it.  He wants to slowly control me, so deviously that I don’t even know I’m being controlled.  He wants to use you and then kill you, all in the name of some kind of jealousy and all in a way that would hide his duplicity.  He might think that he is doing it because he loves me, but anyone who really did love me would know that these are the last things I would want.”

“I know, min kära,” Eric whispered into her hair.

“I know that you do,” Sookie said, looking at Eric.  “And that’s the biggest difference between the two of you.  You have always wanted me for who I am, not some fantasy version that is all blood and all obedience.  You have respected me, whereas he has twisted truths around for his convenience.  That’s not love, Eric.  Love is accepting another and taking steps to form a partnership with that person.  It’s about making yourself a better partner―not because the other person demands it, but because you want to be better for both yourself and the person you love.”

Eric smiled at her.  “You are an incredible woman, my love.”

She smiled back, “Yes―I know.”

He laughed, the mischief dancing in his eyes.  “Do you really think that is the biggest difference between Bill and myself?”

“Well there might be a few bigger things about you,” she teased.  “I suppose I should have said the most important difference.”

Eric raised up to kiss Sookie.  The contact began lightly as their lips drank in the taste of one another; then Sookie shifted so that she was straddling Eric and brought her lips more forcefully down onto his.  They both groaned as their tongues joined their lips in mutual exploration, and Sookie felt Eric’s erection rise behind her.  “There’s one of those bigger things right now,” she smiled into his mouth.

“Would you like an introduction, lover?” Eric purred.

“Oh, I think we’ve met,” Sookie said as she reached a hand behind her and touched his engorged member through his jeans.  “And I think I know a way to make him even bigger.”

“Oh?” Eric asked as he moved his lips to Sookie’s chin and neck.

“Uh huh,” Sookie sounded as she began to back down Eric’s body, purposing dragging her core over the bulge in his pants.

Eric groaned as Sookie stopped her progress and grinded their clothed sexes into one another.  Pushing his still-unbuttoned shirt to the sides, she licked and kissed his bare chest, stopping at one of his nipples to suck.

“Sookie,” Eric grunted, “please―bite a little.”

She obliged him, watching him squirm below her as she created more friction between their lower bodies by circling her hips.

Sookie lifted her body off of Eric and sat at his side, despite his audible groans of protest.  To quiet his protestations, she bit down again on his nipple, even as she twisted the other one with her fingertips.  He arched into her mouth and hands, and Sookie enjoyed the power she was able to wield over her thousand-year-old vampire even as she reveled in the pleasure she was giving him.  She slowly pushed his shirt off of his shoulders, and he rose up to help her remove it before settling back down.

Once his shirt was out of her way, Sookie moved her lips to his other nipple and nibbled on that one as well before biting down harder.  At this, she heard the tell-tale click of his fangs extending.

Slowly, she circled his abdomen and traced his muscles with one hand before moving it to grasp and then massage his cock through his jeans.  His hips lifted off the bed to create more contact, but she moved her other hand to press him down.

She said brazenly, “Down, cowboy.  I’m not quite ready to ride yet.”

Eric’s eyes opened widely in surprise before a grin swept across his face.  “Let me know when you are ready, my lover,” he smirked.  “I am available to be ridden at your leisure.”

Sookie wiped the smirk off of his face by putting more pressure on his cock.  She brought her other hand down and used both to unbutton and unzip his jeans carefully since he had on no underwear.  She slowly pulled his pants over his cock as he lifted to help her.  She continued to pull the jeans off of his body, teasing the flesh on his hips and legs with her lips as she went.  She took her time, wanting to work up Eric even more.  Finally, when he was completely naked, she began to trail kisses up his foot, ankle, knee, thigh, and hip, going even more slowly than he had the previous night when he’d performed a similar sweet torture on her body.  He twisted and moaned under her ministrations, just as she had under his.  Then, she licked her way across his well-formed abs before methodically kissing, rubbing, and nibbling down his other long, sculpted leg.

Finally, after what seemed like hours to Eric, Sookie had worked her way back up to his straining cock.  She said lustfully, “Don’t forget to watch me, lover.”

Eric’s eyes snapped open as he took in Sookie’s hand slowly encompassing his member.  She dragged her hand up his length slowly before lightly brushed the tip of his cock with her fingers.  Deliberately, she raised the moisture she’d found there to her lips and sampled him.  “Mmmm, you taste very good, lover.”

Eric groaned as he took in the eroticism of Sookie’s act; the idea that Compton found her lacking when it came to sex was unfathomable to him.  She currently had him quivering, and Eric couldn’t remember a time when he’d ever quivered before.

The vampire lost the ability to remember anything as Sookie used the rest of the moisture gathered on the tip of Eric’s penis to lubricate her fingers, which she then began trailing lightly up and down his staff.

“Oh fuck, Sookie,” Eric groaned as he took in the devilish and seductive look in her eyes.

Sookie grinned mischievously as she fisted and then tightened her hand around Eric’s cock and stroked him a bit harder.  Then she spoke as if pouting, “It’s much too thick to hold all the way around.  See?  What’s a girl to do?”  She drew her right hand slowly across Eric’s belly even as she continued to stroke his cock rhythmically with her left.  She made certainly to drag her nails sharply across Eric’s abs as she drew them toward his balls and then gently started to fondle them.  Eric arched his body upwards again, not able to control his reaction.  He growled passionately as Sookie played him.  Sookie mused again, “It’s just so thick.  My poor little hand just isn’t big enough.”  She raised her second hand to join her first on Eric’s staff, using the pressure of both to stroke him harder and encompass him fully.

Eric moaned words in a different language and looked hungrily at Sookie as she played him like a maestro.  He closed his eyes, close to exploding due to both her actions and her words.

Sookie stopped her movements and clicked her tongue to get his attention.  “Don’t forget to watch me, lover,” she purred before contemplating the motion of her hands.  “Well that solved one problem, but it’s so long too, and even though I can reach all the way around it now, I cannot reach all the way up it.  What’s a girl to do in this kind of situation?” she asked playfully.

He shook his head incoherently, now completely under her power and no longer able to find words.

She moved one hand so that it was above the other, making sure to use her thumb to massage the sensitive tip of his cock every time she drew her hands upward.  She continued studiously, “Tut, tut.  Well, now I can touch the whole length, but the width is a problem again, so that’s not going to work.”

Eric’s head fell back, and he growled at Sookie’s ministrations.

“Any ideas?” she asked Eric, once again drawing his eyes to hers.

At this point, Eric could only groan, his eyes animalistic as his hips rose and fell with her hands.  If he could have, he would have begged for his release.  He would have turned himself inside out for her.  He would have flown to the fucking moon and back if she would just finish him off!  “Hmm,” Sookie chided, stopping the motion of her hands as Eric growled desperately.  “Nothing useful from you I see.  Well, it looks like I’ll have to get creative.”  Sookie held Eric’s gaze as she brought her hands back into a tight, complete circle around his shaft and lowered her head toward it, licking her lips seductively as she went.  She stuck out the tip of her tongue and licked the head of his penis like a lollipop before giving it a chaste kiss.

Finally finding some words, Eric begged, “Fuck, Sookie―please.”  He twisted below her.

Looking at him seductively, she took him into her mouth as far as she could, using her hands to make up the distance she couldn’t reach.  She swirled her tongue around his staff and used her lips to create more suction, a technique she’d seen in Lafayette’s head once.

Already so close to bursting before, Eric yelled out a warning, “Sookie, I’m going to . . .”

The rest of his words disappeared in his throat as Sookie picked up the pace and increased the pressure of her hands and the suction of her lips.  He exploded into her mouth, muttering more words from that other language.  As soon as he was done, he had Sookie on her back with her clothes strewn on the floor around them.  His lips were devouring hers, his tongue tasting the remnants of his own release on hers.  She groaned beneath him as he used his fingers to check her readiness.  He smiled upon discovering that she was dripping for him, aroused from having pleasured him.

“So wet for me, Sookie,” he managed as he moved his lips to her cheek and ear so that she could catch her breath.  “So fucking wet and ready just for me.”

He plunged his still very hard cock into her body with one thrust, and she moaned under him, raising her hips to increase the depth of their contact even more.  He stayed still for a moment, allowing her to adjust to his size, before he began to move in and out of her in long, languid strokes.

“You have no idea what you do to me, do you, lover?” he asked as it was her turn to writhe and moan incoherently beneath him.

“You make me feel so many fucking things I didn’t even think I was capable of.  You just had me powerless in your hands, my love.  That has never happened to me before.”  He continued to thrust into her, now more forcefully.  “Even now, you could ask anything of me, and I would do it or die the true death trying to do it.”  Eric increased his pace again as he felt Sookie begin to tighten and then pulse under him.  He lowered his hand to her clit and circled it in time with his thrusts.  He flooded their bond with all the lust and love he had for her as she exploded beneath him, her orgasm drawing another release as well as more Swedish curses from him.  He collapsed on top of her, careful not to crush her body.

After a few moments of recovery, he was able to settle onto his side, enfolding his arms around her stomach and settling his cheek unto her chest lightly as she was catching her breath.

Once calm, Sookie brought her fingers to play in his hair and laughed.  “That was something!” she giggled.

“Yes, my love.  You were incredible.”

“Was I?” she asked.  He could feel apprehension in the bond.

Eric raised himself up and brought his head to lie next to hers.  He looked into her eyes.  “Yes, lover, you are always incredible to me, but what you did just now was―well, there aren’t really words for it, and I know an awful lot of words in an awful lot of languages, little one.”  He stroked his fingers over her cheek lightly.  “Why do I feel uncertainty from you, min kära?”

Sookie blushed, “It’s just that the one time I tried to do―um―oral sex with Bill, he sort of tensed up and didn’t seem to like it.  I wanted to make sure you enjoyed it.”

Eric reassured Sookie, “What did you feel in the bond when you were doing it?”

Sookie blushed even more, “You were very turned on and happy.”

“Indeed.  Bill is a fool.  What you did and how you did it were both amazing.  You needn’t worry that you don’t please me, lover.  You couldn’t please me more.  And it’s not just that beautiful body of yours and what you do to mine.  It’s that I love you while you are doing it, and I can feel your love as well.  It’s like . . .”

“Magic,” she finished for him.

“Yes,” Eric agreed.  “It is your magic and my magic together.”


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