Current projects

(as of Nov. 2018)

I currently have several projects “in progress,” though some have been put on the back-burner.

The Engine
This is the third installment of The Trunk Trilogy. (Click the banner to go to it.)

This story is currently being posted at one chapter per week (as of Nov. 4, 2018)

The Gift Horse Series

Beginning seven years after Dead Ever After, this series of one-shots explores Eric and Sookie’s future. Basically, I’ll write a new story whenever the inspiration strikes!

Click the banner to access the series.


gift horse series

I have a plan for several more stories in this series.

title bannerSummary: Set at the end of True Blood, Season 4, what if it wasn’t Tara whom Debbie Pelt killed? What if it was Sookie? (A vampire-Sookie story & a re-imagining of Season 5)

Click the banner to go to the story.

Who's Your Daddy

Though this is currently on hiatus, I haven’t given up on it!

From the Inside Out

This is the sequel of Inner.

From the inside out WP

Though this is currently on hiatus, I haven’t given up on it!

6 thoughts on “Current projects

  1. you two are both great writers don’t sell your self short either of you (kat and cdb33)
    my best Kristie

  2. I am very much looking forward to your WIP-Who’s your Daddy. There aren’t enough good Sookie Vampire stories so I am very happy to read this and such a good one at that. I love all your stories, but that one I really, really love!!

    1. *meant to add I am looking forward to the continuation of Who’s Your Daddy once you start working on it again.

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