Chapter 82: Song

A/N:  Iconic Line Alert!  I have borrowed a line directly from Charlaine Harris in this chapter.  If you are readers of the books, you will recognize it.  If you are not, it’s in all italics.  I mean no copyright infringement.  As always, I own nothing about this story, except my brain, which has merely figured out the order of the words on the page.  Harris and A.B. own everything.


After an hour of dancing with his wife and a quick stop at his safe house in order to pick up Sookie’s belongings and some clothing for himself, Eric drove on the narrow country roads from Shreveport to Bon Temps as if he were racing on the Autobahn.  Sookie spent the trip trying to talk herself into believing that her husband’s vampire reflexes would prevent their crashing.  Her pep talk almost worked, but Eric had chuckled at her many times during the trip as her pulse rate had risen.

She had lost count of the number of times she’d had to slap his hand away as he’d tried to get fresh along the journey, and then she’d had to endure his talking about his talent for multi-tasking before telling him that if he didn’t keep both eyes on the road and both hands on the steering wheel, she was going to withhold sex for twenty-four hours.  She smiled to herself.  That had caused him to straighten up real fast even though she had still felt a lot of mirth from his side the bond.  Of course, he knew that she wouldn’t be able to follow through with her threat, but he’d behaved himself anyway.

Still, she was happy when they made the journey in much less time than it would have taken her to drive it.

As Eric parked the corvette behind the farmhouse next to Sookie’s car, he asked, “Not even as a wedding present?”  He gestured toward the pile of bolts that was her car.

No,” Sookie answered playfully.  “Married or not, you don’t just get to buy me stuff like new cars.”

Eric thought for a moment and then resolved, “I will not buy one, then.  I have told you about all the cars I own that are not in use.  They are all our cars now anyway.  Perhaps, once you see them, you would prefer driving one of them to your―current mode of transportation.”

“You are a sneaky vampire, min bóndi.  I don’t think I can let you get away with it,” Sookie said friskily.  “Maybe you should be punished.”

Eric growled and leaned over the car’s middle console.  He placed a tender kiss on her bare shoulder and then a series of others along her collar bone.  His fingers traced the edge of the fabric of Sookie’s dress until they were at the top of her opposite shoulder.  Then he pushed the fabric down a bit to expose more skin on that side too.  “My wife, I think it is about time that I took a closer look at this dress you are wearing.”

The combination of Eric’s words, kisses, and touch caused Sookie’s skin to erupt in goose bumps.

“Cold, lover?” Eric asked teasingly.  “Perhaps, I should get you inside and warm you up.”

Sookie moaned as Eric nipped at her shoulder with his blunt teeth.  She felt his hand moving down her body slowly, brushing the side of her breast, tracing the dip of her waist, and finally stroking the curve of her hip.  She leaned into his touch―both from hand and lip.  She could feel the moisture of her arousal pooling at her center.

Eric growled low and whispered into her ear.  “It has been almost six hours since I was buried into that part of you that is readying itself for me even now.  Too. Fucking. Long.”

She gasped and then smiled seductively, “Six hours is a very, very long time, my love.”  She moved her hand into Eric’s lap, outlining the large bulge in his pants lightly with her fingertips.  “Why don’t we get inside so that I can scratch this itch you seem to have.”

He chuckled, “You are a minx, min kära.”  He gave her one last kiss on the neck and unbuckled her seatbelt.

Despite his desire to immediately take Sookie on the hood of his car, he steeled himself as he maneuvered his long, lean body gracefully out of the corvette.

He inhaled deeply.  The smell of magic was faint―likely too faint for other noses to pick up on―but Eric recognized that the protection spell set by Lafayette and Jesus was still in place.  He smelled Bill’s scent left at the house from two evenings before, but there was no more recent trace of him at their home.

He did, however, pick up the scents of Compton and Lillith over at the king’s residence and was thankful once again that one of his gifts was the strength of his nose.  He was even more thankful that Godric had taught him to hide the most important of his gifts from others.

While others might be loath to live so closely to an enemy―and make no mistake, Eric had now firmly placed Compton into the category of individuals who had been fool enough to make an enemy of him―he was glad for the proximity.  His nose would tell him when Bill was at his residence.  The protection spell would keep him away if his intention was to harm Sookie.  And the nearby graveyard?  Well―it would provide an extremely convenient place to put Bill’s remains if he dared make a move against his bonded.  Eric chuckled to himself.  There was even an existing gravestone for Bill.  “Indeed―very convenient,” Eric thought to himself.

The Civil War veteran’s own attempts to monitor Eric were sad at best.  Eric could tell that the Werepanther stationed at the road was competent, but the Were couldn’t get close enough to see anything of importance.  He could only keep track of who came and went via car, and Eric had arranged for both Miranda and Jarod to have vehicles with tinted―and bullet-proof―windows.  As for Eric’s movements, he could take the Vette when he wanted Compton to know he’d left, and he could simply fly when he didn’t.  Eric was certain that Bill’s range of scent was not far.  Several day before, Bill had had to be basically right next to Sookie to pick up their shared scent.  Plus, Eric had been staying at the farmhouse and visiting Adele’s grave for months while Sookie was gone.  Neither had drawn Bill’s attention.

Eric inhaled again.  He smelled that Lafayette and Jesus had been at the house earlier that day.  Miranda had been there more recently, leaving approximately fifteen minutes before they’d arrived.

He could not smell inside the house yet because Jesus had successful modified their privacy spell.  However, Miranda’s recent presence told him that Sookie’s gift was in place.

His assessment completed as he walked at human-pace over to Sookie’s side of the car, he opened the door for her, reached for her hand, and helped her out.

He smiled at Sookie as she gracefully stood on the very tall heels Pam had chosen for her.  He forced himself to drop her hand so that he could open the small trunk of his car and get out the bags he’d packed for himself as well as the small bag that held what Lafayette had brought to his bonded as well as the other new garments she’d chosen from earlier that evening.

Eric looked up at the old farmhouse in front of him and smiled, not quite believing that this would now be his main residence.  Truth be told, it suited him perfectly, even more so because it suited his bonded perfectly.  And the cabin was just a short flight away in case of emergency.

Sookie had grabbed her backpack from behind her seat and was now digging for the keys to the house.  Eric chuckled.  The pack looked completely out-of-place with her beautiful red dress.

“What are you laughing at, Viking?” Sookie asked, with a mock glare for Eric.

“Nothing,” Eric answered innocently.  “It’s just that you don’t actually need a key anymore.”

“Oh yeah,” Sookie said shaking her head.  She looked at the back door, a bit confused.  The door knob no longer had a key hole.  “Well, where’s the secret panel thingy?” Sookie asked turning toward Eric.

He approached the door and pushed in a barely visible panel to the right of the door frame.  Sookie entered the date of their first meeting and placed her thumb over the reader, trying to get used to the James Bond element now in her life.  She heard a click and then tried the door knob.  “Well, it’ll be one fewer key I have to carry,” Sookie said brightly.  “Hey―what if the power goes out?”

Eric chuckled, loving the fact that Sookie was so quick to figure out potential problems.  “The security system has a back-up generator.  If the power goes off, it will kick on and maintain the system for 24 hours.”

“Oh!” Sookie said before looking up at Eric with a smirk, “I guess you are useful for more than just good looks.”

Eric winked.

Even as Sookie started to walk into the house, he dropped his bags on the porch and picked her up bridal style.  Sookie squealed.

Eric asked, “I think this is the human custom, is it not?  I am supposed to carry you over the threshold, yes?”

Sookie smiled at him, nodded, dropped her backpack into a pile with the other bags, and entwined both of her arms around Eric’s neck.  “It’s for good luck,” she said as she nuzzled into him.

Eric took a long stride into the house―their house―with his bride in his arms.  He set her down with a kiss and then retrieved their bags in a flash of movement.  He quickly made sure the house was secure.  Miranda and Jarod would be there the next morning, and when Sookie went in for her work shift, Jarod would go with her.  Bubba would be arriving within ten minutes, and Eric had every confidence in Jesus’s magic.  They were as safe as he could make them at that moment.

He turned and looked at his beloved with a predatory glint in his eye.

“What now, Mr. Northman?” she asked coyly, reaching up slowly and taking out the bobby pins holding her bun in place.  She shook out her hair seductively.

“Now, I get to make love to my wife,” Eric declared, his eyes sparkling.

He dropped the bags again and swept her up into his embrace.  Her dress slid up as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

They both looked at each other and sighed, contentment rolling through the bond.  “Now―I get to make love to my husband,” Sookie responded tenderly.

Their lips came slowly together, and as soon as they touched, their mouths opened so that the connection could be as deep as possible.  Eric carried Sookie up the stairs to their bedroom unhurriedly and then gently lowered her on the bed, only then detaching his lips and tongue from hers.

“Do you know how beautiful you are tonight, min kära?” Eric asked in an even tone as he took one of Sookie’s feet in his hands and slowly removed her shoe.  “You are every fantasy I have had or will ever have, all rolled into one.”  He took off her other shoe and began to rub her feet and calves sensuously.  “Do you know how much I have wanted to bury myself in you since I first saw you in this dress?”

Sookie was able only to shake her head as Eric’s hands continued under the skirt of her dress and reached her lacy underwear.  He snaked his fingers under the lace at her hips and pulled off the garment slowly―teasingly―before tossing it to the side.  “I thought I was going to die my second death from hunger.  That is how much I have been aching for you in this dress.  I imagined making love to you in the middle of the dance floor, lover, but for your modesty’s sake, I restrained my urges―with extreme difficulty.”

As soon as her panties were dealt with, Eric brought his hands slowly up her legs again, pausing, at times, to caress them as he went.  “I have wanted to touch you like this,” he said as he reached her dripping folds, “since you took one step into Fangtasia, both tonight and the very first night I saw you.”

Sookie arched into his ministrations as he slowly circled her opening with his fingertips before plunging two digits into her.  Sookie cried out.

“So wet for me,” Eric said silkily.  “I have smelled your desire for me all night long.  When you smell like this, min kära, I just wanna fuck you and bite you and rub myself all over you.”

Sookie moaned as Eric increased the pace of his fingers.  He used his other hand to slide her dress up past her hips.  Then, he bent down over her.  “Watch me, wife,” Eric ordered, his voice low with passion.  She watched him as he pulled his long fingers from her body, causing her to whimper at the loss.  But her whimper turned almost immediately into a moan of rapture as he used the flat of his tongue to lazily trail from her opening to her clit.  By the time he had repeated the action several times, Sookie was writhing out of control underneath him.  He paused the movements of his tongue for a moment and rested one of his hands on her lower abdomen to keep her still.  His eyes captured her glazed-over stare, and he said reverently, “Så söt, liksom den sötaste honung.”

When she groaned for him to continue his ministrations, he plunged his tongue into her opening and brought his other hand down to draw circles around her clit.  In moments, Sookie was undone, her orgasm careening through her forcefully and leaving her trembling.

Eric quickly shed his clothes, including his Kevlar vest, and lay beside his wife as she rode through the aftershocks of her intense orgasm.  He used his long fingers to trace the path she had created for him, from her neck to her bare shoulder.  Then he placed butterfly kisses along that same pathway.

“What did you say?” she finally asked, still a little breathless.

He brought his mouth to her ear and said in a low voice, “Lover, your blood was, I thought, the best flavor I would ever have, but tasting you as I just did―tasting your arousal, your release, that is just for me―is sweeter than any flavor I have experienced as vampire or human.  I was telling you that you taste like the sweetest honey to me.”

Sookie laced her hands in Eric’s hair and pulled him to her.  “I need to taste you now, husband,” she whispered as she brought her lips to his tenderly, sensually.  They spent several moments just moving their lips over each other’s giving sweet kisses of affection.  Sookie sucked slightly on Eric’s lower lip, and soon, their tongues joined their lips as the two tasted―moaning into each other’s mouths.  Sookie brought her tongue to Eric’s fang and stroked it slowly.

Eric growled and then pulled Sookie’s dress carefully over her body, breaking contact with her lips for only a moment.  After her bra had joined her dress, he pulled her closer, their chests now flush and bare against each other.  Their re-joined mouths became more frenzied.

Sookie moved her tongue to Eric’s other fang and purposely nicked it a bit.  Eric’s tongue immediately moved to cover hers, and he groaned unintelligibly into her mouth.

Once Eric’s saliva had sealed her small wound, she pushed him onto his back and brought her legs on either side of him to straddle him.  She pulled her lips from his and ran them softly over his cheek before taking one of his earlobes between her teeth.  She whispered, “Do you know how I crave to taste you, min bóndi?  Your salty-sweet flavor, cool and crisp like a winter morning at the seashore?  I’m gonna sample you all the way from here,” she moved her fingertips to touch his forehead and then trailed them over his smooth flesh until they brushed his straining erection, “to here.  Would you like that, husband?”

As she raised her eyes to meet his, he managed to moan, “Snälla.”  He was in awe of the tiny mostly-human girl who commanded such dominion over his body.

“I can’t help you, min bóndi, unless you translate,” Sookie teased.  “What do you mean by ‘snälla?’”

Please,” Eric grunted.  “Please, Sookie.”

Sookie smiled and bit her lip seductively.  “Well―since you asked so nicely.”  She brought her mouth down to Eric’s forehead and brushed her swollen lips and tongue along his hairline.  Then she began to trail wet kisses downward, stopping to spend time at her favorite spots―his graceful cheekbones, the cleft in his strong chin.  The sinewy muscles of his long, beautiful neck received a considerable amount of her time as her hands explored his chest and torso.

Every once in a while, Eric moaned out a jumbled word or phrase, but the only things Sookie recognized were her name and the occasional curse word in English.  She loved that she could wield as much power over her bonded as he had displayed over her earlier.

Sookie finally left his neck behind and brought her lips across his broad chest.  She took one of his nipples into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it.

She looked up at Eric, whose eyes were closed in ecstasy.  “If you want me to bite, min bóndi, you’re gonna have to watch me,” she purred.

His eyes immediately opened, and lustful blue was aimed into lusty brown.

Holding his gaze, she bit down in the way that she knew drove him crazy.  His answering groan did not disappoint as she licked her way to his other nipple before biting even harder, causing his skin to break and a small taste of his blood to brush against her tongue.  “Mmmmm,” she sounded as he groaned even louder and writhed beneath her.  It took all of Eric’s remaining control not to push her into the bed and pound into her, but he managed to stay on his back―under her hands―as he anticipated what was coming next.

Sookie licked the nick in Eric’s nipple until it healed and then laved his abs with her tongue.  She roughly dragged her blunt teeth along the definition of the muscles she found there.  Finally, she arrived at the V-shaped trail of his hips that would lead her to her ultimate destination.  She nipped her way down one side of it as her fingertips traced the other side.

Her fingers and mouth met at his imposing, beautiful cock, and Sookie wasted no time licking the tip of it.  She seductively repeated his words from earlier, “You are dripping for me, min bóndi.”

“Yes,” he gasped as she took as much of him as she could into her mouth and used her hands to cover his excess girth and length.  He moaned and raised his hips slightly as she raised and lowered her mouth onto him, pausing every once in a while to lick the entire length of his shaft.

After several minutes of this kind of teasing, Eric groaned an almost incoherent, “Snälla―please,” and Sookie increased the pace of her mouth and tightened her lips around his shaft.  She continued to use one hand to stroke in time with her thrusts, but brought the other down to caress his balls.

“Åh fan!  So close, Sookie!” he yelled right before erupting into her mouth.

In moments Sookie was under him and his mouth was on hers in a frenzy.

“You do some very naughty things with that mouth of yours, lover,” he gasped as he brought his lips to her ear.  He looked at her with equal parts desperation and love in his eyes.  “I need you now, min kván.  I need to be inside of you.”

“I know.  Me too,” Sookie said, her desperate look matching his.  She spread her legs open for him as he slowly lowered himself fully into her.  Their connection caused both of them to shiver, as if a bolt of electricity were locking them together.

“Perfect,” they both sighed in unison.  After several moments, Eric began to move in and out of her languidly, savoring the sensation of their sexes pressing into one another over and over again.  Sookie’s legs went around his hips so that she could better meet his thrusts.

All the while, their gazes stayed locked and Sookie’s hands gently stroked Eric’s shoulder blades almost as if to calm them both.

Over the next hour, Eric slowly, gently, reverently brought them both to the brink of orgasm again and again, only to pull back and still them.  There was nothing rushed  about their joining; it was all tenderness, steadiness, adoration.  Soul to soul, bond to bond, and blood to blood, they spoke to each other with only their eyes.  Finally, just when Sookie thought she might be overwhelmed by her physical pleasure and the strength of their emotional connection, Eric sent her over the edge with one last well-angled thrust.  Sookie was lost and began pulsating around Eric, drawing out his release as well.

Their foreheads brought together in shared bliss, Sookie and Eric continued to move slowly together until their orgasms had subsided, and then Eric pulled out of her.  He turned them over so that he was on his back and she was resting fully on top of him, her face nestled into his chest.  He pulled a blanket over them so that she would stay warm, and then he drew his arms around to encompass her body and rested his chin into her hair.

They lay like that for a long while, each stroking the other’s skin softly as if to savor the moment.  For several minutes, neither of them spoke as the bond of magic and blood that they shared sang with happiness.

Finally, after a while, Eric began reciting a poem, his voice low and awestruck, his eyes closed.

Drink to me only with thine eyes,

     And I will pledge with mine;

Or leave a kiss but in the cup

     And I’ll not look for wine.

The thirst that from the soul doth rise

     Doth ask a drink divine;

But might I of Jove’s nectar sup,

     I would not change for thine.


I sent thee late a rosy wreath,

     Not so much honouring thee

As giving it a hope that there

     It could not withered be;

But thou thereon didst only breathe,

     And sent’st it back to me;

Since when it grows, and smells, I swear,

     Not of itself but thee.

As Eric spoke, Sookie propped herself up on his chest and watched the movements of his mouth.  She recognized the first line of the poem, but after that, the words were unfamiliar to her―unfamiliar, but also so familiar.  She felt the lump in her throat grow and the tears in her eyes well.  As she listened to each word, she understood that no matter who had written the poem, the words coming from Eric’s mouth were from his beautiful heart, the heart that he would say was dead, but that she knew was very much alive―the most enlivened thing that she had ever encountered.

As he finished, she said nothing.  Instead, she kissed his chest where that heart lie and then lay her head upon it.

In that moment, her own heart beat only for him.



The poem that Eric recites is by Ben Jonson, who―if you don’t know―was a contemporary of Shakespeare.  The poem is called “Song: To Celia” (or sometimes just “To Celia”).  This poem kept traveling through my mind as Sookie and Eric pledged and during this scene.  I hope you enjoy it!  If the language is a bit difficult at first, don’t worry.  Jonson can be a bit difficult to decipher if you are not used to him, but he’s a lovely poet and playwright―at least I think so.  🙂

I’m afraid I don’t speak Swedish, but as far as I can tell, “Så söt, liksom den sötaste honung,” is the Swedish for, “So sweet―like the sweetest honey.”  “Åh fan!” means “Oh Fuck!”

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