One Night (Complete)

title one night


“I’ll see you again,” Eric told Sookie when she left with Bill following the Long Shadow attack. What if that “again” had been the very next night? This is a “SHORT,” suggested by Gwynwyvar. (SVM Eric/Sookie)


After the Long Shadow incident, what if Eric arrived the next night to apologize to Sookie? What if he was able to tell her about the blood effects then? Would she open up about her accidental slip into his mind? Would he see a picture of Hadley in the house? How many things could have been avoided and sorted out that night? (Idea from Gwynwyvar–March 14, 2015)


I asked my blog-ites to vote on the POV they wanted. They asked for a mix of Sookie and Eric (in first person). So that is what you are getting. Also, after the Long Shadow incident, I changed quite a few of the happenings in the books, so up until then, it is “canon”; after that, I played with the “rules” a bit. I hope that you enjoy!


(Best of the Best Award: All-Time Favorite Story Nominee–2016)

(Best Romance Nominee–2016)

(Best Angst/Drama/Cliffhangers)



Many thanks to:

Gwynwyvar for participating in my SHORT project and suggesting the idea! I hope I did it justice.

Kleannhouse for always being ready, willing, and able to beta for me!

Sephrenia for graciously “taking up Gwynwyvar’s challenge too—by making a banner from only the same prompt I had! It’s always so fun to see what she comes up with for these shorts! She’s a wonderful partner in crime!


I own nothing related to True Blood or the Southern Vampire Mysteries novels. Those items provide the inspiration for the story; however, I do not own or profit from the fanfiction I produce using that inspiration (except in the form of your kind comments and reviews).

One Night .pdf

Above is the complete .pdf for One Night.  If you choose to read using that form, 
I hope that you will return to this page when you are done to let me know
 what you think of the piece.  I love getting reader feedback!


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5 thoughts on “One Night (Complete)

  1. I feel terrible. I went AWOL from fanfic, and I missed this!
    I’m still only on the fringe of fanfic… Reading completed stories only, it’s the only way my head can concentrate on study AND work 😉

    Ok, off to see how you helped Eric avoid so many catastrophes.


  2. Back in June I was in a car wreck that landed me in the hospital for a few days, and I got so far behind on fanfiction that I went AWOL until a few nights ago! I’ve been playing catch up (my Internet went down for a few days this week, thank you so much for the pdfs–that’s how I was able to read!) and this is one of my favorite stories you’ve ever done! I just think it’s fantastic how you implemented this idea, and the scene where Eric realizes the truth about Sookie’s payment took my breath away, as did the ending. Oh, possibility! Wonderful, wonderful work!

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