Chapter 08: On the Chessboard, Part 2

Chapter 8 United


Octavia refrained from rolling her eyes, but it was difficult. The young vampire in front of her had one of the most “unfortunate” haircuts she’d ever seen. And his glamouring was even more pathetic.

Oh—she could tell that Bill Compton was quite skilled. Hell—she even felt a little tingle in her mind, and that was unusual when a vampire tried to glamour her. Still, he was pathetic—not because of a lack of power, but because of the way he was questioning her.

“Do you know anything of Eric Northman?” he asked.

Again—she had to refrain from an eye roll.

“Of course,” she replied, dreamily. “He fucked me six ways from Sunday dee night I met him.”

“When was that?” Bill charged.

“About forty years ago,” Octavia smiled vaguely, having perfected her “being glamoured act” many decades before. “He was the second best lover I ever had,” she sighed.

Bill growled and looked at the demon sitting next to the witch. The demon’s expression was calm.

I am the best,” he said with a smirk.

“So she knows Northman?” Bill asked the demon.

Biblically,” Jasper Fant confirmed, unbothered by the fact that his wife had—at some point—had sex with the vampire. “But the last time she saw him was in the 1960’s, I believe.”

Bill frowned in distaste. “And you have not seen Eric Northman since then?” he asked the older witch.

“I would have remembered dat,” Octavia sighed.

“Has he contacted you in any way? Or has his child contacted you?” Bill asked.

“Eric Northman has a child?” Octavia asked dreamily. “Is he as well-endowed as his maker?”

Bill sneered as both Hallow and Jasper chuckled.

“I have been assured that my size is adequate as well—though she has told me that the vampire was bigger—slightly,” Jasper commented.

“I bet you are—well-endowed,” Hallow leered, looking at the demon with lust.

“Unfortunately, I’m a one witch man,” Jasper said to the witch good-naturedly.

Bill shook his head with disgust. “She knows nothing of Eric,” he said.

“I could have told you that,” Hallow said. “She lacks the skill to create concealment spells.” She looked at the demon. “No offense.”

Jasper shrugged. “She would take none. My Octavia has always been happy with the skills she has been given. She has done her utmost with them.”

“Yes. She is gifted—for a human,” Hallow said somewhat condescendingly.

Jasper nodded graciously. “I will tell her you said that once she’s come back to herself. She will be honored.”

Hallow sat up a little straighter, obviously happy with the flattering she was receiving from the distinguished demon.

Bill rolled his eyes at Hallow and released the human witch from his glamour.

“Oh dear,” Octavia said, looking around a little disoriented.

“You are fine, my love,” Jasper comforted.

Octavia blinked a few times. “Are we already done?”

Bill sighed. “Yes.”

“Was I able to offer you any help?” Octavia asked, almost hopefully.

“No,” Bill said sourly. “None.”

Octavia opened her eyes. She’d been using her skills to monitor Bill and Hallow.

“Compton and dee hussy witch are out of dee area,” she reported.

“You did brilliantly, my love,” Jasper smiled, leaning forward to kiss Octavia’s cheek.

“For one so young, Compton is gifted with glamour. No wonder Sookie succumbed to dee power of his blood.” She sighed. “I wanted to kill him on Sookie’s behalf.”

“But that would not have been prudent,” Jasper observed.

“No. We must wait for dee right time, and I do not believe dat I will be the one who has the honor of killing him—but I do hope to have dee privilege of eliminating dee Were-witch.”

“You are so fucking sexy when you talk like that,” Jasper growled.

“Den remind me of how you are ten times dee man of any others I’ve ever had,” Octavia challenged.

“Oh—I’ll make you forget all about them,” he said confidently.

And he did.



“It has been too long, my love,” Duncan said as he wrapped Klymene into his strong arms. Her petite form fit perfectly against his, but he didn’t kid himself by thinking he was stronger than his maker’s maker.

No—he had seen Klymene fight, and she was as deadly as she was beautiful.

She turned over to face him, placing her hand on his hip and then trailing a caress up the side of his body until her hand rested on his cheek.

“Soon, we will not have to part from each other again,” she said.

“You are certain?” Duncan asked.

“Yes. One way or another.”

“What do you mean?” he asked his mate.

Klymene sighed. “She has seen two possible ends for your brother’s confrontation with Edgington. Either end would have us together—one remaining in this plane of existence and the other traveling into the next.”

“So we will live together or die together,” Duncan commented.

“Yes, but let us endeavor to live,” Klymene smirked even as she slowly dragged a finger down Duncan’s chest. “After all, I would miss your corporeal state if you got yourself staked.”

Duncan chuckled and quickly moved them so that he was hovering over her.

“And I would never forgive myself if I allowed anything to happen to your perfect breasts,” he said as he kissed his way down to them.

Klymene moaned as Duncan’s kisses traveled even further down her body.

After he’d spent several minutes teasing her lower lips, the older vampiress took control of her mate, and in the next second, Duncan was on his back. She lowered herself onto his cock and took what she needed from him, moving at a pace that would have been impossible for human eyes to follow.

It wasn’t long before both vampires were yelling out their releases as they bit into each other’s bodies and drew blood to extend their orgasms.

Sated for the moment, Klymene lay on top of her mate, luxuriating in the feeling of his coolness beneath her own.

“Do you think my brother will succeed?” Duncan asked after a while.

“The Ancient Pythoness is not sure,” Klymene responded. “Russell is strong, and—because of Hallow—she is no longer able to follow the specific path of his scheming. All that she knows is that he has many powerful allies, but so will Eric.”

“Russell should have been stopped centuries ago,” Duncan commented, and edge to his tone. “If we had known—if she would have told us of the danger he would cause . . . .”

Klymene smiled down at Duncan. “My love, you know as well as I that the Ancient Pythoness does nothing unless she is certain she can do more good than harm.” She caressed his cheek lovingly. “I have been a handmaiden and guard to her for many centuries, and I have seen her agonize over her visions time and again. Plus, it is only when there are two clear paths that she can try to change things.” She sighed. “That is why she did not tell me about my child—your maker.”

Immediately grief took over Duncan’s features, and he pulled his beloved closer. “I was still dead for the day when he met the sun. When I woke up, Godric was,” Duncan sighed, “missing from me.”

Klymene sighed. “Me too. I am sorry I was not with you when you found out what happened, my love.”

“Did she tell you?” Duncan asked.

Klymene nodded. “Yes. She had a vision of Godric’s death almost a month before he met the sun. She knew of the pain it would cause me, and she was waiting in my chambers when I woke up—missing my child in our bond.”

“But she didn’t warn you,” Duncan commented with frustration.

“His fate was sealed. Only a maker’s command could have prevented Godric from taking his own life. And my mistress knew that if I took choice away from Godric, both he and I would have been hurt in an irreparable way.” Klymene sighed deeply. “You know how Godric was in the end as well as I do.”

Duncan nodded. “Yes. In the end, he would not even see Eric, and he’d shut down his bonds with both of us.”

“And with me,” Klymene shared. “It was one of his gifts—to control the bond to such an extent.” The vampiress closed her eyes. “The night I made Godric, he was beautiful, but he was not made to live forever.” She caressed Duncan’s cheek. “Not like you and your brother. Not like me.”

“I know,” Duncan admitted, again pulling his mate as close as he could as he tried to comfort himself.

“I loved him too,” the vampiress said softly as she caressed his broad back.

The pair was silent for a moment.

“Will Eric succeed?” Duncan asked finally.

“As I said, the Ancient Pythoness gives him an even chance,” Klymene responded.

“I wasn’t asking what she thought,” Duncan said. “What do you believe?”

Klymene smiled at her pledged mate. “You stole my heart the moment I first laid eyes on you—so long ago. I knew even then that you would be a great vampire. But Eric . . . .”

“Yes?” Duncan asked after Klymene was silent for a few moments.

“Your vampire brother has always been different from others—a paradox in and of himself.”


Klymene nodded. “He clung to the teachings of his human father, even as he embraced all that Godric taught him. And—where there was a contradiction—Eric somehow found a balance.”

Duncan nodded in agreement.

Klymene smiled a little in recollection. “Indeed, I have always marveled at all of the contradictions in your brother. So did Godric. Eric kept a quest for revenge going for a thousand years, but he still managed to enjoy his existence by living in the moment. He learned to control his emotions, yet he often embraces the most dangerous ones.”

Again, Duncan nodded. “Yes,” he agreed. “He denies the ability to love, yet he has always demonstrated fervor in caring for those he values.” The vampire shook his head. “God knows—he saved my ass more times than I can count.”

“And for that, I’m very grateful,” Klymene sighed as she caressed that lovely bottom.

“Has he really bonded with the woman?” Duncan asked, even as he enjoyed the ministrations of his beloved.

“Yes and no. The vampire bond will be completed soon, but there is already a Fae bond in place, according to both the Ancient Pythoness and Leonie.”

Duncan shook his head. “I didn’t know such things could be formed between fairies and vampires. A Fae has never even bonded with a human.”

Klymene shrugged, “According to Leonie, many fairies believe that bonding ultimately weakens them, and not many find partners worth the risks. Eric’s woman—his mate—hadn’t intended to form the bond, but, according to my mistress, there would have been no surviving for Eric or the girl without it. That bond is what created the second possible path for your brother.”

“A path in which he could defeat a three-thousand-year-old vampire,” Duncan said, shaking his head a little.

“Yes. That second path also untied my mistress’s hands so that she could help.” Klymene sighed. “Though I wish it could be me, my mistress has assured that Eric must be the one to kill Russell—if he is to be killed. It will be our job to protect him and his bonded from the rest of Russell’s army—to give your brother his chance.”

“And if he succeeds? What then? I know Roman. The Authority and the AVL will want for Eric and his bonded to be some kind of vampire and human relations spokespeople.”

Klymene chuckled. “Roman may try, but his maker will intervene.”

Duncan smirked. “Oh—Roman won’t like that at all.”

Klymene shrugged. “It will matter very little what Roman wants in this instance; I believe my mistress is ready to issue a maker’s command if she needs to.”

Duncan chuckled. “Oh—Roman really wouldn’t like that. She’s not commanded him for hundreds of years.”

“I dare say Roman would get over it,” the vampiress smirked.

“Well—it would serve him right,” Duncan pouted.

Klymene chuckled. “Are you still upset that Roman made you Magister.”

Duncan scoffed. “Yes. He knows I prefer being behind the scenes.”

“Well, my love, you’ll just have to deal with it—for a while,” she said, stifling another laugh. “You and your brother share a contradiction you know.”

“What?” he asked, still pouting a little.

“You are both born leaders.”

“But neither of us are particularly fond of leading,” Duncan finished.

Klymene nodded and smiled fondly. “It was like pulling fangs to get Eric to accept being a sheriff.” She chuckled. “And—despite his hesitation—he took an area that had only three other vampires in it when he arrived and transformed it into a more profitable region than New Orleans! Yes—he was born to lead.”

“I know that Roman wished that he would have accepted a Chancellorship with the Authority,” Duncan commented.

Klymene nodded. “Yes. And he would have been excellent in that role. I believe that Roman has asked you to be a Chancellor several times as well,” she said coyly.

“Now that would be torture,” Duncan chuckled.

“Worse than Magister?” she teased.

“Much worse.”

“I know that Eric has been offered several kingships too,” Klymene commented.

“He’d rather be wrapped in silver,” Duncan chuckled.

“My mistress understands this, and—as a favor to me—she will make sure that Eric is left to seek the peaceful life he longs for after this is all over. If he survives,” she added with a twinge of anxiety in her voice.

“If we all survive,” Duncan commented quietly. “When do you have to go?” he asked, switching gears.

“It is you who will have to leave first tonight, my love,” Klymene said with regret. “I need you to take something to your brother for me.”

A/N: Hello! I hope that you enjoyed this chapter! It’s always fun to come up with new characters (or recycle new ones from before). A few people have asked and—yes—Duncan can be found in my Back and Forth Universe, though he’s not Godric’s child there. It was fun re-envisioning Octavia, too. She annoyed me in the books, but I liked the idea of a sexy Octavia (older people get to be sexy too!).





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20 thoughts on “Chapter 08: On the Chessboard, Part 2

  1. I enjoy the glimpses into other characters even though I do desperately want to read Eric and Sookie, lol.
    I liked Octavia in the books. It was Amelia I didn’t like (refusing to step up on my soapbox about her).
    I think Octavia was but a pawn in Amelia’s ultimate game of chess. The one where she got all the accolades and everyone else was her Ladies Maid, put there only to help her in her quest.
    I think Octavia knew what Amelia was up to and had to wait until the appropriate time to knock Amelia down a few pegs. Unfortunately Amelia’s powers weren’t totally stripped *sigh*.
    Enough about the bi…oops, witch. Yeah, I meant witch.
    Awesome chapter even if it wasn’t E/S this time.

  2. Your Octavia is fantastic. I love that she pulled one over on Bill and Hallow. I’m enjoying getting to know what’s happening in the background with these other characters who are plotting against E/S as well as those who are joining them in the fight. Of course older people can be sexy! The young ones have to learn it somewhere, don’t they? LOL! Looking forward to next week!

  3. I think the most powerful people are those who keep quiet about it. Octavia is a prime example. I like this sexy Octavia, too. Bill and Hallow were almost funny with no clue they were being manipulated.

    You do pick lovely people to represent your characters. Duncan is yummy.

    The pieces are being put into position. The game will be most interesting.

  4. I had this picture of Octavia crossing her eyes as she pretended to be glamored by Bill just for giggles.☺ Fun times are ahead – let the plots unfold. Thanks!!

  5. got to say i love Octavia, i hope it is not the last we hear from her. looking forward to the downfall of Russell and his cronies, especially Billy Boy. KY

  6. Loved seeing the wool pulled over the eyes of both Bill and Hallow. Think Hallow will be eating her words about Octavia soon! Lol
    Enjoy reading the stories of the other characters but missed Eric and Sookie.

  7. Love this story so much!!! Even though my fav couple wasn’t around… the Jasper-Octavia show was a joy to watch… the way the outsmarted doucheBill & Hallow… They ware hilarious! Esp ‘glamoured’ Octavia making comments about Eric’s manhood and skills… Total giggles…
    Duncan and Klymene are quite the power couple… Good that Sookie and Eric can count on them… So Duncan is Godric’s child and Klymene was Godric’s Maker… I am glad you didn’t call Klymene Duncan’s grandmother or it’d be a little awkward…
    Can’t wait for Duncan’s visit to Eric!

  8. I hope that Klymene and Duncan continue to exist on this plane when it’s all over. Octavia was delightful, and Hallow’s arrogance monumental. Understanding all the relationships between/among the characters is helpful.

  9. Loved seeing Octavia playing along with Bill’s do-called glamour. It’s a wonder she didn’t laugh! Good to know Russell won’t get be getting any info on Eric from that source.

  10. Octavia is brilliant! I love when you create new characters, I don’t even miss Eric and Sookie whilst more of the plot is revealed! Another great chapter. With all the pieces coming into play I hope this is going to be a long one. I can never get over how you continue to improve with each installment in a series but they keep gathering momentum and quality.

  11. Octavia toying with Beeel and Hallow made me giggle more than once. She is one sexy lady too. Klymene and Duncan are really a power couple.
    Great chapter.

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