Britlingen Casting

The show didn’t utilize these awesome creatures.  I have enjoyed doing so, especially in the Back & Forth universe.

Britlingen Characters: from SVM

Dr. Aphra Smith

I’ve used an Aphra in The Enduring Series, but her species is not specified.  I’ve also used the actress, Jennifer Connelly, for another role.  The character is identified as a Britlingen-human hybrid in The Trunk Trilogy.


For all my Supernatural stories, I see Rhona Mitra as I write the character.

For my AH Comfortably Numb series–where the character was an FBI agent–I visualized Carla Gugino.


I’ve introduced this character into my Back & Forth universe.  I picture Lena Heady for her.  (Fun fact: I “cast” the same actress for my Gift Horse Series–but she’s Thalia there.)

Britlingen Characters: original Kat-creation


For Batanya’s daughter in the Back & Forth world, I asked for help from readers for casting.  They picked Alice Braga in the poll.

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