Chapter 166: Frenetic


As before, if you are going to read no matter what, go ahead and skip this note if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Hi again—I know that this has been a really rough stretch, and this short chapter is no different.  Upon reading it again, I feel that it may be more disturbing than the last in some ways.  So I want you to know what is going on before you begin.  As before, there will be an altered version of this chapter.

In this chapter we will see some things from Russell’s perspective.  He is still in the act of violating Eric, and when he realizes that Eric is not reacting as he wants him to, he stops and begins to stab him brutally with the silver knife.  This is a short chapter to begin with—because I frankly thought that some people might decide to skip it altogether—but in the truncated version, I have taken out all of the details of the attack.  However, it is also “safe” to read this after the first line break below, and you will get some significant information there.

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Chapter 166:  Frenetic

Russell continued to try to damage Eric Northman.  He thrust violently into the younger vampire.  At first, he reveled in the physical pain that he knew he must be bringing to his enemy.  Eric had bled profusely—obviously a virgin to this kind of sex at the time of his human death.

Seeing the Viking’s blood had excited the vampire in Russell.  He took Eric roughly, unrelentingly slamming into his prone body again and again.

But Russell did not feel the pleasure he’d hoped to feel, nor did he receive the joy of watching the Viking crumble.  He saw only Eric’s glacial blue eyes staring into him evenly, as if Russell were telling him about the weather instead of raping him.

Russell wanted Northman’s groans.  He wanted his screams.  He wanted his misery.  He needed them—needed to know that what he was doing was irrevocably crushing the vampire, but in that moment Russell did not feel that he had Eric under his control.  Not at all.

The more those unflappable blue eyes ripped through him, the more Russell lost control of himself.

Russell became frenetic, and in his fury, he cut into Eric’s genitalia again, slashing into both the vampire’s penis and scrota several times.  Still, Eric’s eyes didn’t blink—didn’t waver.

They were slicing into Russell more painfully than any blade ever could, and that thought infuriated the crazed vampire even more.

Now completely out of control, Russell pulled himself out of the Viking and then angrily stabbed the silver blade into his thigh; the ex-king of Mississippi was raging and unsated.  With a frenzy of strikes, he gored into Eric again and again and again, covering his body in wounds.

Each sizzled.  Each sparked.  Each hurt.

But Eric met each one with the same expression of stoicism he’d been holding; he would let himself feel the wounds later.  Now, there were only Sookie’s eyes to look into.  There was her hair in the sunlight.  There was the fragrant smell of the peaches on the trees behind their home—the trees that he had put into the rich earth with his own hands.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, Russell stopped stabbing.

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Russell’s mad frenzy having exhausted itself, Eric allowed himself to assess the damage done to his body.

He quickly realized that—for the second time in as many nights—he should have been dead.

He had lost copious amounts of blood and was losing more by the second.  Many of his wounds were deep, and since they’d been made with a silver blade, it was taking them a long time to heal.  In fact, without blood, they likely wouldn’t close at all.  His body was weak—very weak.

In fact, even if his chains were taken from his body in that moment, he’d be unable to escape—probably unable to move.

He looked into the eyes of his beloved inside of the world he’d been existing in for the last few hours.  Eric felt like his body wanted to give up, and his mind was tiring.  He felt the magic in his own blood wavering, but the Sookie within the fairy bond held him firmly—protectively.  That world and her eyes had kept him alive—were keeping him alive still.

The Sookie there had said nothing.  He knew that she was unable to speak to him, but she’d kept him steady and sane during Russell’s attacks nonetheless.  He concentrated on a single thought:  he had to keep hold of Sookie’s hand.  Without that hold, he knew that his body would flake away to ash and turn to sludge.

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By this time, Russell had put back on his clothing and was looking down at the vampire on the table, who―by his experienced judgment―should have been dead yet again.

Russell closed his eyes as he regained the last of his composure.  He couldn’t believe that―for the second night in a row―he’d lost control.  And he didn’t want Eric Northman dead before he was through punishing him—until he knew of his plans for the fairy.  Until he saw his dear Sookie’s eyes as she was the one who finally killed her own “precious Viking!”

Of course, that didn’t stop him from wanting to break Eric’s spirit as they were waiting for Sookie to make her inevitable appearance.  Some things were just too much fun not to do.

“You will be difficult to break,” the insane vampire mused.  “But that’s good.  A challenge is good,” Russell smiled, having settled himself down from his fury now.

Russell straightened his jacket and smoothed back his hair before calling for Lillith to join them.


A/N:  I cannot tell you how wonderful the support following the last chapter was.  Many of you commented via review and private message.  Some of you shared your own stories as survivors, and that act of sharing is also a wonderful testament of your bravery in my opinion.  I don’t just have an amazing group of readers out there.  You are a wonderful group of people.

Now—I want to say something about the chapter you just read.  I know that it was short, but it didn’t fit anywhere else, and I wasn’t going to draw out Russell’s perspective here.  Again—he doesn’t deserve it, but we do need to get a glimpse into the way that Eric is actually in control of this situation to a great extent.

I can promise you that there will be no additional torture of Eric in the next chapter, so you can breathe a little—okay.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 166: Frenetic

  1. It’s a nice thought – mentally escaping like that, the only problem is (and I say this from experience) it becomes an easy crutch to fall back into at other times when maybe it’s not so dire and you should be more present in the real world. It is a nice trick, being able to escape to what I call ‘My ________ Bubble’ with the blank being filled in by multiple locales (I use Hawaii, London, Stockholm and a few others), but I know that it isn’t necessarily healthy and sometimes I find myself there too often when my life gets simply boring or overly stressful.

  2. Eric held strong, he held onto Sookie. The image of them together and the peach tree were truly a wonderful image. I think that their bond is keeping him alive, Eric should be dead after all the attacks. Sookie hurry up and save our Eric!

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