Chapter 070: Stackhouse-Northman

Content Warning

Hello.  Again I have a WARNING related to content.  If you don’t need it, just go on ahead and read the chapter so you aren’t spoiled.

Okay, if you are still reading, let me just say that this is not as bad as the last chapter, but you might want to skip down until you see the blue quotes.  In the first section, Sookie is still paralyzed by her fear as Ivan prepares to rape her.  However, Sookie is able to act before he does.  After the red divider, it is ‘safe’—unless you are a fairy, that is.


Chapter 70: Stackhouse-Northman

Sookie almost didn’t register that she was being dragged again.  She almost didn’t register a door opening.  She almost didn’t register being pushed into a room.  She almost didn’t register being thrown onto a bed.

She couldn’t move.  She couldn’t fight.  She was seven years old and terrified once more.  She barely registered her shirt and pants being ripped from her body by Ivan; she could do nothing.

Sookie tried to yell at herself―tried to get herself to fight―but to move would mean to come out of the room in her mind where she was safe.  So she stayed immobile.

As if from a hundred feet away from herself, she watched the evil fairy take off his clothing slowly as if relishing in her fear.  Sookie shrank back again as Ivan continued to propel his foul, cruel thoughts straight into her brain.  Even the locked door in her head didn’t seem to keep him out fully, so she strove to escape even further into the depths of her own mind.

Ivan stood naked before her and reached out to roughly remove Sookie’s bra from her body.  He leaned forward and whispered into her ear, “You will soon understand what it is like to have a real man―a fairy man―and not a corpse taking your body.  I will enjoy breaking you in.  But I think you will enjoy it even more, won’t you, my sweet little girl.”


In that moment, two things happened at the same time inside of Sookie.

First, the mention her Eric—her fucking corpse—made Sookie remember who she was.  She was a fucking Stackhouse―no a fucking StackhouseNorthman―and they fight!  They always fight!  Her Gran’s voice in her head told her to fight!  Lafayette’s voice told her to get the fuck up!  Tara’s voice told her to hurt the bitch who wanted to hurt her!  Jason’s voice told her to move!

All the voices of the people who had loved her when she was a child fortified her so that she could unlock the door of the room where she was hiding in her mind.  And to those voices were added Jesus’s, Jarod’s, Miranda’s, Bubba’s, Pam’s, Jessica’s, Thalia’s, and Tray’s.  In fact, she concentrated on all of the people that loved her as she went to open the door of her hiding place.  And she especially listened to Eric’s voice in her head.  “Fight, min kära,” he seemed to be saying.  “Get up and fight.  You will not be defeated if you fight.  I am here with you, my love.  I am fighting with you.”

The second thing that happened was that she felt an infusion of love and strength from Eric as if he were really in the room with her―as if he were physically close to her, right next to her heart.  He was literally filling their bonds with his strength and love—his overwhelming, astonishing, beautiful love—and she felt herself coming back to life even as Ivan bent down over her.  She blasted her way through the door in her brain, and she faced her fear with Eric by her side.

Sookie’s eyes flashed, and she held out both her hands, shooting Ivan across the room.  She got up from the bed and stood over the fairy.  His body was broken, and Sookie knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was dead.  And she was glad that he was dead.

“Never fuck with a Stackhouse-Northman, you sick mother fucker,” she said to his lifeless body.

Sookie sent gratefulness and love through the bonds she shared with her husband and received even more strength and love from Eric.  She looked down at herself and realized that only her panties remained on her body.  She went to the closet and grabbed a long tunic and put it on.  Then she went back toward the foyer.  She was going to get Hadley, and this time nobody was going to F-in stop her!

Joren, obviously recovered from Sookie’s earlier blast, was standing over her cousin as she cowered in fear.  Hadley had clearly just been hit on the cheek again, and blood was dripping from a fresh wound there.

Sookie entered the foyer and sent Joren flying away from Hadley.  The other five fairies still in the room came at her again, but she used her power to hold them off; each time she called upon it, she felt the light from her hands being drawn directly from her bonds with Eric, and she felt his strength keeping her strong—fueling her blasts again and again.  She didn’t know how she was doing it, but she did know that her blasts were now the product of her and Eric’s entwined magics.

The other fairies were trying to shoot her with their magic as well, but it was as if Eric’s love was surrounding her―protecting her from all harm―and somehow, their love was shielding her or neutralizing the other fairies’ magic.  She didn’t care which.  It didn’t matter.  What did matter was that Eric was there with her in that room; somehow he was there.

In the end, six dead fairies lay at her feet, and only Hadley and Mab remained.  Sookie turned her glare onto Mab.  It was she who was paralyzed with fear and shock now.

“That’s right bitch!” Sookie yelled.  “I have a bond with a vampire!  And he’s sending me his strength as we speak.  And that seems to make this little light in my hands,” Sookie swirled an orb of reddish light on her palm, “a lot more fucking potent.  Want some, bitch?”

Mab shook with fear.

Sookie walked toward Mab, whose back was now against a wall.  “If you ever―ever―come after someone I care for again, or if I hear from Niall that you are continuing the breeding program you have going on here, I’ll be back, Mab, and I’ll take the numbers of your fucking population down to zero.  Are we clear!”

“Yes,” Mab choked out as she took in the carnage around her.

“Good―and you are to have all the human hybrids you have taken captive outside this castle within two hours, or so help me God, you will meet your fuckin’ maker—whoever the hell that is!”

Mab nodded fearfully.

“Excellent!  And Mab―if I ever see your face again, I’ll burn it the fuck off!”

Mab nodded again.

Sookie glared at her.  “I should just walk away now.  I should be the bigger person here since I have already won, but I think even Gran would forgive me for this—though she would probably wash my mouth out with soap for all the bad language you’ve made me use today!”  With those words, Sookie shot her light into Mab with a strong blast and knocked the queen to her ass.

“Consider that a parting gift, your highness.”

With that, Sookie helped Hadley up and held her close to her side.  Sookie backed toward the door slowly, keeping her eyes on Mab the whole time and working very hard to keep the fairy out of her head.

blue divider 2

What Sookie didn’t let on―what she couldn’t afford to let on―was that as she was picking up Hadley, she had somehow “lost” Eric.  She could no longer feel him sending her strength.  And even more disturbingly, she could no longer even sense him through the fairy bond.  She tried to tell herself that he was okay and that her efforts had just somehow temporarily short-circuited her.  She tried to simply hold herself together.

Luckily, the years of hiding her emotions at Merlotte’s paid off once again as Sookie somehow managed to retain her confident countenance.

However, once they reached Claude, Sookie could no longer hold both herself and Hadley together.

“Help me with her,” Sookie asked Claude, who immediately took Hadley into his arms.

Sookie sank down to the ground.

“Are you injured?” Claude asked.

Sookie nodded.  She was injured—injured in the worst way she could imagine.  The fairy bond was there, just as the vampire bond was, but she could feel nothing from either one.  They were hollow; they were empty.

Despite the dull ache, Sookie managed to pull herself together—at least enough to stand up—after about a minute.  She told herself that she needed to get to her feet.  She needed to get back to Niall and the pool so that she could figure out what the hell was wrong with Eric.

“Let’s get out of here,” Sookie said to Claude.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 070: Stackhouse-Northman

  1. Together they are so powerful , as Eric sink’s into a depression of loosing the bond I wonder how Sookie will handle it . ( the joys of not recalling all the details of my first reading is that I have forgot little details until they are imminent )

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