Chapter 92: Anatomy

Suddenly, a wall and a frenzied encounter were not enough for Eric, not nearly sufficient for the welling of emotions he was feeling for his wife.  He pulled her to him more fully, staying lodged completely within her tight sheath, and slowly―at human pace―carried her to the bedroom and the bed that he had built with her in mind.  He used his ability to fly in order to place them―still attached to one another―in the center of the bed.

Sookie brought her hand up to Eric’s cheeks.  A drop of blood had slipped from his eye, but she didn’t question it; she simply brought it to her lips and took it into herself.

“Min kván,” Eric said in a low voice as he began to move within her.

“Min bóndi,” she returned, now holding both her hands against his cheeks as she met his slow thrusts by raising her hips to his.

His lips lowered to hers, and their mouths explored each other as if for the first time.  Their tongues echoed the slow thrusts of their bodies.

Sookie broke off from his lips so that she could taste his cheeks, chin, and neck.  “Eric,” she whispered, “you said a new word tonight, something like askare?”

“It was älskare,” he said back in a low voice matching hers.

“Tell me what it means?” she asked, arching into him.

“It means ‘lover,’” he returned, burying himself once again deeply into her body.

The corners of her mouths turned up.  “I like that one.  I shouldn’t, but I do.”

He lifted one of her legs to give himself a different angle into her as he slowly withdrew and thrust again.  “Why shouldn’t you like it?” he asked as he brought his lips to her brow and along her forehead even as he continued his slow, steady rhythm of thrusts into her.

Sookie sighed as his member drove deeper into her.  She wrapped the leg he wasn’t holding around his hip so that he could go deeper still, an act that caused sighs from both of them.  She finally answered, “It’s just that the word ‘lover’ can mean something like a mistress, like an adulteress or something.”

His lips had found her earlobes again, something that always elicited groaning and writhing from her.  He loved playing her body as if it were his own well-tuned instrument.  As she ran her tongue along the curves of his neck, he realized with a groan of his own that she could play his body just as skillfully.

He had to concentrate in order to respond, “‘Mistress’ to me means something else.  A mistress is a partner to the master of a domain.  You are my mistress, min kván.”

“And lover?” Sookie barely managed to ask as he licked the canals of her ear.

He smiled into his task and stopped his gentle thrusting while he was buried deeply inside of her.  Then he propped himself up on his elbows so that he could look down into her eyes better.  “‘Lover’ is best of all.”  His eyes sparkled as he slowly circled and ground his hips against hers, all the while staying buried in her to the hilt.

Sookie’s back arched into the contact which seemed to be stroking her clit from both the inside and the outside at the same time.  “Why’s that?” she whimpered.

“You are the first I have called my lover.  To me, it means that you have ownership of my body.  It is yours to do with as you will, just as your body is mine.  I have had sex with many,” he paused as her face darkened at this thought.  “But do not worry,” he continued.  “I have never loved someone that I coupled with before you.  You―alone―have been and will continue to be my lover.”

She smiled up at him as he continued his grinding movements.  “I can live with that, but is it really best of all?”  She was beginning to circle her own hips, moving to counter and complement his grinding.  “What about ‘bonded,’ ‘pledged,’ or ‘wife?’  Aren’t those better?” she asked with a teasing twinkle in her own eye, even as their bodies continued giving each other immense pleasure.

The mixture of Sookie’s movements and her teasing made Eric want to pound into her hard.  She woke up such passion in him that he sometimes didn’t know what to do with it all.  Instead, he focused on the pleasure he was bringing to her, and slowly drew out his cock until he felt the tip drag against her G-spot.  He saw, felt, and sensed the shivers from her body at his interior touch and began to mix the grinding, which he knew was stimulating her clit, with the slow half withdraw, which he knew would stoke her G-spot.

After several minutes of those movements, which had left Sookie almost weeping in pleasure, he answered.  “‘Lover,’ ‘beloved,’ ‘bonded,’ ‘pledged,’ ‘wife’―these are all best for me; they are all best because they are all YOU.”

Tears escaped from her eyes at the ecstasy both his words and his body were bringing to her.

Sookie noticed another red tear slipping from his eye as well.

Eric’s overwhelming love for the woman below him and the earlier fear of losing her while he looked on powerlessly overtook him for a moment.

“Eric,” she whispered as she raised her fingers to capture the tear as she’d done earlier.  Unconsciously she brought it to her lips as another one began to track the other side of his face.  She grasped his shoulders tenderly.  “Eric,” she repeated,” I still have you.”

Her voluntary taking of his blood―of taking him into her, of accepting him, of loving him―enflamed Eric.  He rested his forehead against hers and kept his eyes locked on hers by arching his neck upwards.  He increased the pace of his trusts and was joined in movement by the woman that was everything to him.  He would meet the sun the day he lost her because losing her would equate to losing himself.

“This is best.  This is right,” he groaned as her brought them both toward release.  “We are best.  We are right.”

Eric felt Sookie’s head nodding into his.  “Yes,” she gasped before repeating, “We are best.  We are right.”  She added, “We are magic.”

Their releases were simultaneous and overpowering, sending them both into wave after wave of pleasure.  Even after Eric had recovered slightly and his cool seed had stopped flowing from his body, he continued his gentle thrusting into his lover’s body so that her pleasure would be drawn out.

“Shit,” Sookie muttered as she shivered and quaked below him, experiencing an orgasm that easily doubled in intensity and length the one she’d had earlier that same night.

When her pulsing finally stopped, Eric withdrew from her and drew her body to his as he lay down on his back.  He pulled the comforter from the other half of the bed so that it would cover her body and keep her warm against his cool flesh.


A/N:  Readers of the books will notice another line that I have borrowed, this time from Dead and Gone.  I mean no copyright infringement.  As always, I own nothing.  The quoted line is in full italics above, and I give absolute credit to Charlaine Harris, who in that moment allows Eric to say exactly what he feels about his relationship with Sookie.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 92: Anatomy

  1. Loved where you quoted Dead and Gone, please tell me I’m not the only one still LIVID on how the Stackhouse books ended, how can Eric’s character go from that to just willingly leaving Sookie for a vampire marriage and trying to make her his mistress?! Disgusted.. So glad I have fics like yours to read! Love how you givd Eric’s character justice instead of making him into a douchebag that he is not >.<

    1. i agree and i have been having a difficult time finishing the last book… i am half way through it…. i know how it ends but i still need to read it so i can still bitch CH out in my head for dismantling a tender and romantic relationship of two soul mates

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