Chapter 28: You Are the Weakest Link

A/N: CONTENT WARNING: Though the violent sex scene in the following chapter doesn’t involve the protagonists of this story, it might disturb some of you.  It is “safe” until you get to the Bill POV with the asterisk next to it (*BILL POV).

Chapter 28 United



Bill woke up nervous and alone. He kept his eyes closed for a moment, vowing to himself that Sookie—the real one—would be next to him when next he woke up.

Bill had not been invited into Russell and Talbot’s bed the night before because they were entertaining Felipe and Victor, and Bill had learned that situations such as those could become quite crowded.

Indeed, Bill had been happy to go straight to his own room following the trial. He had much to think about, after all. Plus—if he’d been with Russell for several hours—he might have let the truth about Sookie slip.

He shook his head. “All in good time,” he whispered.

He sat up and reached for his cell phone on the bedside table. Steadying his nerves, he called Hallow.

“William,” the witch purred.

He had to work hard to hold in his scoff as he thought about where Hallow had been the night before—and whom she’d been with.


“Hallow,” Bill said, trying to sound seductive, “I have set something special up for us tonight.”

“Oh really?” she asked. “And what is that?”

“A surprise. Meet me in room 2605 in fifteen minutes,” he said. “And bring the potion,” he added before hanging up.

Quickly, Bill dressed and went into the living room of the suite.

“Ah, William!” Russell said from the comfortable sofa that he was lounging on. He looked to be pink and sated, no doubt because of the hotel’s excellent room service and Bill’s skills in setting up his master’s meals with the concierge. Sadly, Russell had to refrain from draining his meals while at the hotel, but Bill wasn’t about to let his master suffer poor-tasting blood either!

“Master,” Bill bowed a little.

“I assume that delectable blond and the downright scrumptious redhead were your doing,” Russell crooned.

Again, Bill bowed a little to acknowledge his work.

“You are very good at what you do,” Russell complimented, standing up and approaching his minion. He stopped in front of Bill and leaned forward to give him a tender kiss on the lips.

“Thank you,” Bill said humbly. If he were capable of blushing, he likely would have in the presence of his approving master.

“And the dark-headed one was especially for Talbot,” Russell commented softly. “I could tell. Do not think that all you work goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Quite the contrary,” he said, caressing Bill’s cheek and looking deeply into his eyes.

“I want only to serve you,” the younger vampire said.

Russell smiled. “In that case, I have a task for you.”

“Of course,” Bill said.

“A few of my Weres are in the hotel and need a booster for tonight. I’d like you to meet them in the room that is serving as their base twenty minutes before the Masquerade is to begin.”

“Of course,” Bill repeated, even though he didn’t like the idea of giving Weres his blood. However, he saw the necessity of doing so, given their current situation.

He moved toward the door of the suite.

“Feed well, William, but make sure you are back within the hour. You know that Talbot will want your input as he helps Sophie-Anne into her costume.”

Bill chuckled. “Of course. I will return within the hour.”


It had taken no key for Hallow to get into Room 2605 so that she could be waiting for Bill. A simple spell influencing a maid had done the trick.

The witch looked in the mirror and took in Sookie Stackhouse’s appearance. Hallow grinned at her image—letting her expression distort the face of the Southern belle who had died at the hands of Eric Northman. She licked her lips.

Now—the Viking was a man whom she bet could definitely scratch any sexual itch she had! She rolled her eyes as she applied some lip gloss. She’d learned that Sookie wore a very conservative amount of makeup, so that’s what she mimicked when giving Compton his special “treats.”

In truth, part of her wondered why she bothered with Bill Compton at all. As a lover, he was adequate, but boring. Though his role with Russell was likely always as a submissive bottom, Bill seemed to enjoy being the aggressor when he was with females—especially “Sookie.” The sex was always three things: hard, fast, and bloody. Bill could never stop himself from taking blood, though he knew better than to try to take too much from Hallow.

But he gave blood too. And that’s what Hallow desired more than anything.

And—because of her magic—she’d staved off any pesky ties or bonds that might be formed. The witch had no time for such things!

In truth, the Were didn’t mind the slight violence in Bill’s sexual actions; after all, she was a Were and could take the “wear and tear” so to speak. But she did wonder how the woman whose face she now wore had tolerated it. Maybe Compton had been gentler with her; however, honestly, Hallow didn’t really care.

What she cared about was blood.

And amusement, of course.

And Bill was so very amusing! He played the tormented hero to a “T,” and his self-loathing was a thing of beauty. Even better, Bill had managed to prove himself useful to Russell, and he was good for giving her information about the monarch. Oh—it wasn’t as if the witch had plans to go against the ancient vampire. Russell was one of the few creatures that Hallow truly feared, after all! But she did like knowing that little things that would ensure she could keep an even footing with the vampire.

And—of course—Russell had no idea that Bill Compton and she were lovers, and that’s how she planned to keep it.

At least until having Russell find out would benefit her.

Hallow smiled at the Sookie face in the mirror. Indeed, the potion she’d obtained at Octavia’s shop had come in handy, but only someone with great power could have actually made the potion work. Not just anyone could cast a spell that would create such an illusion, and it was time for Bill to appreciate it.

She glanced at the clock on her phone. It was only a couple of minutes before Bill was due to arrive. Quickly, she stripped off her clothing and slipped into bed.


Bill walked in the room that the Ancient Pythoness herself had arranged for him with an air of confidence. However, he stopped in his tracks as soon as he saw his beloved in the bed.

“Sookie?” he asked.

“Yes,” the woman purred.

Bill shook his head a little. The voice wasn’t right. He inhaled deeply. The scent wasn’t right either.


“You were expecting someone else?” she asked, pushing back the covers to expose her body—Sookie’s body.

Bill took in the breasts of his beloved. The supple hips. The womanhood that he knew would feel just as tight as Sookie’s.

“No!” Bill growled, pulling his sweater over his head. At vampire speed, he took off the rest of his clothing as well. And in the next moment, he was on top of her, taking her lips with his. He thrust his tongue into her mouth, seeking his pleasure.

He growled again, but not in passion this time. No—he growled because Hallow didn’t taste like Sookie. Didn’t smell like Sookie. Didn’t demurely accept his attentions with the innocence that Sookie would have.

No—she was wantonly returning his passion.

Without testing the witch’s readiness, he entered her. Of course, she moaned like a greedy whore anyway!

He growled again.

Indeed, Hallow was made for the ilk of Eric Northman, that bastard who had raped his Sookie.

Bill’s property!


He pounded into the body under him even harder as it pressed its fingernails into his shoulders.

Another growl, even more feral.

Bill was relentless, wanting to fuck this Sookie—this fake Sookie—in the way that Northman had fucked his Sookie. Later, after all was done, he would be tender with the real Sookie.

Yes. He would cherish her. He would help her to regain her innocence after what Northman had done. He would save her.

The body beneath him writhed in pleasure as Bill felt his own release building. He opened his eyes and saw Sookie’s underneath him. And that was when he realized that he could live out a fantasy during the next few moments.

The fantasy of draining the life out of Sookie.

All vampires had that fantasy when it came to any lovers they had. Draining was a vampire instinct, after all.

Bill groaned as he remembered all the times that he’d wanted to drain Sookie.

After he’d had her for the first time—when he saw drops of her blood on that virginal white nightgown she’d worn for him.

When he’d come up from the ground and found her crying over his grave, fearing that he’d been killed. Oh—how he’d loved fucking her—quite literally—into the ground. And the dirt. And the muck.

When she defied him by taking Jessica to her human family’s home.

When the maenad had streaked her skin with beautiful red claw marks.

When Sookie had disrespected Lorena at Godric’s nest.

When she’d disrespected Bill himself—by going to the rooftop to tend to Godric. And Eric.

Bill growled again, pulled out of Hallow, and reentered her in her even tighter hole—a hole that was virginal on Sookie.

The witch cried out in both pain and pleasure, her nails digging even further into Bill’s back.

But the vampire did not feel that. He was too busy enjoying the tightness of the ass he was fucking. He was too busy reliving the most glorious minutes he’d ever spent with Sookie—the ones in which he was taking her blood in Herveaux’s van.

He’d fed without thought. He’d fed without feeling. He’d fed telling himself that he couldn’t help himself—telling himself that he didn’t know what he’d been doing.

But he had known. He’d wanted to take every drop of Sookie’s blood—take it and then replace it with his own. He’d wanted to make her his child—make her his in all ways to command.

Bill growled again and pounded his flesh into the witch’s even harder. She yelled out, but he didn’t care as he sank his fangs into her neck.

She tasted like sawdust compared to his beloved, but he drank anyway.

At first, it was clear that Hallow liked his feeding from her—as she always enjoyed giving him blood when they fucked. But then Bill felt her ecstatic cries and amorous touches become desperate.

But he only latched on harder and drank faster.

When he heard her trying to chant something, he raised a hand and quickly snapped her jaw, practically ripping her face in two with his strength. He felt her lose consciousness, but still he drank, even as he emptied his seed into her ass.

He drank until there was no other drop to be had. When he opened his eyes, it was not Sookie’s corpse that met his eyes, but Hallow’s.

“Ding, dong the witch is dead,” Bill recited, with a smile so wide that blood dripped out of both ends of it.

“I have done as you asked, Sookie,” he sighed even as he pulled his spent cock from Hallow’s drained body. “We’ll be together soon.”

A/N: I thought it would be poetic justice for Hallow to be killed by Bill. When I conceptualized this scene, I actually went back and forth about which one would be killed during their encounter. But-in the end-I wanted to get the witch out of the equation-just as much as Eric and Sookie wanted to. The next question to ask is this: what will Russell do once he learns that Bill has killed Hallow?


As always, thanks to Kleannhouse and Sephrenia!

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22 thoughts on “Chapter 28: You Are the Weakest Link

  1. I think Russell is too old and crazy to be worried about Hallow’s ‘condition’. he will shrug and just move forward with his plans without her, also not caring about what happens to Beehl. maybe even expecting his weres to kill him while he is feeding them. ❤

  2. Yip , better to have the witch gone , Bill’s time will come . Wonder how Billy boy will handle his task and if draining Hallow will have some unforeseen side effects .

  3. This way took the more powerful piece off the chess board, in my opinion at least. Bill will get his due, from Russell, the Weres, or Sookie and Eric. There are many who would stand in line to take him out. Lol

  4. Can’t say I am sorry that Hallow is gone… She was pretty despicable… Hopefully this is the last of Bill’s moments of ‘glory’ as he deserves to be put down like the vermin he is… I do wonder what Russell’s reaction will be… surely he’ll be mad at Bill for taking ‘justice’ into his own hands rather than check in with Russell… Hallow’s ‘betrayal’ does not seem a story Russell’s going to believe at face value based on a scoop from the suddenly no longer dead telepath…

  5. Ding Dong indeed! Glad Hallow is no threat to Eric and Sookie anymore. I don’t think Russell will be too pleased with Bill, but whether Russell ends Bill or not, Bill will get what’s coming to him sooner or later 😈😈😈

  6. The Wicked Witch is dead! Hi-Ho! So that’s one less deadly enemy and Bill’s hours are numbered, but they were anyway. Russell’s Were’s need to see him? I think not. I think that may be Bill’s hour of reckoning, but now it may come sooner. I know I’m disappointed… Fantastic chapter!

  7. Another Awesome chapter! At least Hallow is dead and one more pawn has been removed from the board. I think that there plan to have bill kill Hallow was genius. Since it removed hallow from the board and will most likely remove bill from the board as well. I bet Russell will kill him for being gullible, giving our team one less person to worry about. I wonder if Sookie told Eric yet about the weres pretending to be the bomb squad. They should send there weres to kill those weres and send in there own weres as the pretend bomb squad! I can’t wait to see what they do with this info and how Russell reacts!

  8. Wow, this chapter was wild. I’m glad that Hallow is dead now. Bill is a real piece of work. Idiot thinks he’s going to come out of this war intact…. yeah, right. I can’t wait for the next chapter.

  9. Ding dong the witch is dead alright and how sweet it is. When Bill tells Russell, he could either be killed or be rewarded for finding the rat in their ranks. Or so they think. Either way, I hope it is the end for Bill soon. I don’t want him to get his mits on Sookie ever again.

  10. One less enemy to deal with. I can only see good in that. I know Bill will eventually get his reckoning also, whether at Russell’s hand or Eric’s.

  11. I have a feeling Eric and Sookie had another plan incase Hallow killed Bill instead but glad she’s out the equation as a witch is far more dangerous than Bill! I have a feeling Russell is not going to deal with this news well lol, such a pity for Bill! Excellently written chapter – you really got into their sick minds.

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