Two-Natured Characters: from TB only

Though I liked some of the two-natured characters added in the show (I really need to work Emma’s grandmother Martha into a story), I wasn’t altogether happy with the overall “take” on Weres and other shifters.  That being said, Luna, Emma, and Becky are all important parts of the Back & Forth stories.

Becky (werepanther)

I changed this character a lot for the Back & Forth universe.  Indeed, she figures prominently in part 3 of that series, Earned. I picture Anna Kendrick in the role.

Emma (shifter–cheetah preference)

Luna’s daughter is extremely important in the Back & Forth world, especially the third part of the story–Earned.  When I write her as a child, I picture her as the show’s actress, Chloe Noelle.

As a young adult, I picture Emma as Nikki Yanofsky

Luna Garza (shifter–horse preference)

I enjoyed Janina Gavankar‘s performance; she’s who I picture when I include this character in a story.


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