Chapter 08: Blood Will Tell

A/N: If you are a Bill fan, you are not going to like where the next part of the story is going.  I’m sorry if you hate me, but remember, this is just one interpretation of him―mine.


Bill was surprised by Sookie’s resistance to his overtures that evening.  He’d sensed her conflict, but he’d also sensed her arousal at his presence.  He was certain she was feeling love for him again, and now that the old Eric was back, Bill was sure that her feelings for the sheriff would soon shift to what they’d been before.

Plus, he’d been sending her dreams for the last two days so that she would come to him again.  The day before last, he’d been somewhat distracted by Nan and Eric’s presence, but he’d managed to compel her to dream of him just the same.

His effort the previous morning had been particularly strong.  He’d forced himself to stay up until he felt her go to sleep, and then he’d fed on a particularly strong male in his employ before focusing his energy to initiate his magical blood inside of her body.  He’d been able to sustain the dream for quite a while too―until he’d felt her sexual release in her sleep.  In fact, he had been certain that she would be waiting for him at his home when he rose that evening, but somehow she managed to resist his pull on her.

Bill was frustrated.  He blamed Eric Northman and his one thousand year old blood for any delays he was facing, as he was certain that the Viking was also sending Sookie dreams to try to compel her.  If he could have told Sookie about Eric’s ability to cause dreams and try to manipulate her feelings without making her suspicious of the dreams he sent as well, he would have done it long ago.  As it was, he would just have to bide his time.  Now that the old Eric was back, Bill was certain that Sookie’s infatuation―what humans called a rebound―would end soon, and he was already waiting to pick up their relationship when she realized they were meant to be together.

That was the one thing that Bill was certain of.  He and his fairy were meant to be together.

He’d had to endure many years of Lorena and then Nan Flanagan and then Sophie Ann and now Nan again.  Sookie was his reward for all that.  Bill loved Sookie too; he’d seen the light in her when they’d first met.  He had wanted that light from the start, and then later, he was even willing to defy Sophie Ann for her, and he’d accomplished killing the queen with Nan’s help.  Sookie’s blood drew him to her like no other before her.  He was very anxious for them to be back together soon so that he could once again taste her.

As the limo pulled up to his newly restored mansion, Bill got out of the car quickly and zoomed over to Sookie’s old home, now owned by Northman.  He had to admit that the improvements were nice, but he also secretly celebrated that Eric’s ownership of the house would cause Sookie to come to him sooner, just to be away from Eric’s control.

He was already putting into place a plan to get rid of Northman.  It would take time so that he would face no repercussions for it, but it would be worth it in the end if he could take Eric completely out of the picture.  He was becoming more and more of a nuisance, especially now that Sookie was back.  Bill wanted absolutely no competition for his little fairy.

As Bill walked through the yard of Sookie’s ancestral home, he wondered why the influence of his blood wasn’t working on Sookie as it had in the past.  His magic should have been especially potent in her at that moment since he’d given her blood―a lot of blood―just a few nights before.

Perhaps Eric’s blood was somehow affecting the dreams he was sending.  That was the only logical conclusion Bill could make.  Plus, since Sookie had taken Eric’s blood in Dallas, she’d been more resilient against his influence.  She’d failed to answer ‘yes’ immediately to his marriage proposal even though Bill was using his blood in her to try to compel her to accept at the time.  Later, Eric had almost ruined everything by telling Sookie of Bill’s relationship with the queen.  That night, she had managed to rescind his invitation to her home despite his giving her blood that very morning.

Still, Bill felt that his current influence on Sookie should have been stronger than ever, despite Eric’s blood.  He sighed unnecessarily, wishing for the days before Eric had tricked Sookie into taking his blood, the days when his own blood and influence were able to work uninhibited.

In those days, he’d been able to influence her to tell the secret of her telepathy as soon as his blood was first in her.  He’d been able to use his influence to get her to tell him other things he wished to know too.  She’d been somewhat inhibited during their first sexual encounter, for instance, and he’d used a bit of blood to influence her to tell him why.  It had turned out to be because of childhood abuse by her great-uncle.  He’d also used the blood to send her dreams right after they’d met.  The process of dream-sending was quite draining for a vampire as young as he was, but the dreams had been useful, getting Sookie to become more attracted to him and influencing her to overlook the concern that Malcolm and his nest mates had stirred in her.  After the Maenad attack on Sookie, he had used a dream to re-attach her to him, especially useful given all the fighting they’d been doing about Jessica before that.

However, Bill was still confident in the potency of his influence over Sookie.  Even after he’d almost killed her in the van, he’d been able to use his blood to both heal her and to draw her to him again after the Lorena episode.  She had temporarily broken up with him at the hospital―probably another instance to be blamed on Eric’s blood; however, that break-up had been short-lived, just like all their others.  They’d made up quickly after that and had shared the most satisfying sex they’d had to date―at least in Bill’s eyes.  Unfortunately, that had turned out to be the last sex they’d had.  And the last blood he’d taken from her too.  He was very anxious for more.

Cleverly, he’d managed to feed her after Russell and Eric had drunk from her, even though she could have survived without his blood, despite the protests he’d made to Pam.  Still, Sookie had insisted upon saving Eric after that.

Bill seethed when thinking about Sookie running out to save the Viking from the sun; he cringed even more at the memory of Sookie feeding Eric her wonderful blood voluntarily after she’d brought him back inside.

“Fucking Eric Northman,” Bill said aloud.  He wished that the witch would have just killed him, or better yet, that Sookie’s light would have done the job.  Instead, the only remaining sheriff in his state seemed to want to become a permanent fixture in his fairy’s life, and Bill would not allow that.

Bill was certain that he was the best option for Sookie.  As king, he could protect her.  He would also love her; everything he had done to bring Sookie to him had been in her best interests, whether she could see that or not.  And now, after more than a year of thinking she was dead, Bill rejoiced that she was back and within his grasp.

Bill shook his head.  He’d used Sookie’s blood in him to journey to the fairy realm again after her disappearance, but he had not felt her there.  That is why he’d been certain she was dead.  He still wondered if that was where she’d gone.

Regardless, he took her return as a sign that she would also come back to him.  He needed only to be patient.  He’d give her some of the time that she craved so much if he had to.  After all, he was certain that Eric would do something stupid to alienate Sookie in the meantime.

Bill would just stay patient―in both his plans to kill Eric and his plans to begin afresh with Sookie.

The king smiled.  Through the tie he’d made with Sookie, he could tell that she was sleeping, most likely passed out after her heavy drinking.  He quickly zipped back to his home and ordered that two donors be brought to him, both blondes he’d selected because they favored Sookie in some way.  He’d drink from them, and then, while at his full strength, he’d send Sookie another dream.  He was, however, sorry that he couldn’t see what she dreamed.  He could only serve as a catalyst for her dreams, and, of course, his blood also amplified the feelings that he was certain she already had for him.

“It will be a good night, after all,” Bill assured himself.  He would enjoy the blood of his two lovely donors.  Then, he would cause Sookie to have another dream, which would undoubtedly pull her more to him.  And finally, he would use the donors for his own pleasure.  Certainly, their blood was a poor substitute for Sookie’s, but their abilities in the bedroom would almost make up for it.

He climbed the stairs to his bedroom, anxious to get his evening started.


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4 thoughts on “Chapter 08: Blood Will Tell

  1. Bill is such a condescending narcissist! Perfect portrayal of him — he actually believes he loves her, but doesn’t seem capable of understanding or giving true love.

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