Human Characters: from SVM only

Bobby Burnham

I’ve “cast” this character only rarely.  And he was definitely OOC in my Comfortably Numb trilogy.  Oddly, he became a major character and was one of Eric’s best friends (nothing like in the books).  I envisioned Ethan Hawke.

This character also makes a minor appearance in The Trunk Trilogy–this time much more as the books depict him. I pictured Jude Law

Copley Carmichael

Though I’ve mentioned Copley in a few stories, I have officially “cast” this character only for my AH (all human) Comfortably Numb series.  I pictured Bill Murray.  (Fun Fact: Bill Murray is now my muse for Desmond Cataliades.  Another fun fact: the misspelling in Seph’s banner is all my fault.  I spelled the name wrong THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE SERIES!  I had to revise the error in my .pdf versions of the series and also on WordPress–one chapter at a time.  The versions on, TWCS, and fictionpad will be staying wrong though.)

Michele Stackhouse

I’ve “cast” Jason’s wife (I always thought it was odd that CH used the same basic name as Jason’s mother for his wife) only in the Gift Horse stories so far.  I pictured Ali Larter.

Michelle Stackhouse

I “cast” Sookie and Jason’s mom as Melanie Griffith in my AH Comfortably Numb trilogy.

Remy Savoy

For the Back & Forth world, I visualize Stuart Townsend in the role.

For Comfortably Numb, Stephen Dorff fit better with what I was doing.

In Not Without Action, I changed actors again, picking Patrick Wilson.

Selah Pumphrey

In my Back & Forth universe, I picture Claire Forlani for this role.  


In the books, Warren is Mustapha’s love interest.  I’ve been visualizing him as Edgar Ramirez.


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