Teasers & Previews

I always have several projects in the works, and this is the page where you can learn about them and link to preview chapters if they are available.

The amazing banner for this page was made by Sephrenia!!!!

la title

Part 6 of the Gift Horse Series. It will be a romance. Set in Sweden, the story will introduce us to King Olaf (whom you might remember is Thalia’s brother; it was discussed in “Scrooged”). Will Olaf finally be able to melt Thalia’s heart? Who knows? Will it be love at first sight—or just lust at first sight—between Pam and Ricca, the head of Olaf’s coven of witches? Who know? However, one thing is certain. The frigid winter Swedish nights will heat up, especially when Eric and Sookie finish bonding.

ETA: Unknown

BoF TitleSummary: (AU) Ready to settle down after years of roaming, Eric Northman is scouting his new territory when he comes across a tiny child, dying from wounds sustained in a car accident. That baby is Sookie Stackhouse. How will their lives be changed because of this early meeting?


ETA: I’m hoping for late 2015

4 thoughts on “Teasers & Previews

  1. Wow! They all look so exciting! I’m really interested to read breath of life because it is so different then your other stories. Of course I’ve been excited about earned for what seems like forever. As soon as I see these new stories in my inbox I’m gonna reread the previous ones. That always makes me happy too. (Maybe I should start come back to me now😉)

  2. A lovely idea, and all look exciting.. Breath of Life is my favorite right now, perhaps because you gave us a preview chapter.. so many wonderful stories to choose from.

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