Who’s Your Daddy-WIP

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Story currently on hiatus, but it will return!

Summary: Set at the end of True Blood, Season 4, what if it wasn’t Tara whom Debbie Pelt killed? What if it was Sookie? (A vampire-Sookie story & a re-imagining of Season 5)

Context: Sookie has just left Eric and Bill at the end of Season 4, telling them that she can’t be with either one of them. But she doesn’t linger at Bill’s door very long. Instead, she visits Gran’s grave. Instead of the fairies coming for her, an old foe shows up.

Beta: Kleannhouse (“the magnificent”)

Inspiration: Recently, I snagged one of Sephrenia’s banners for adoption.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognized characters, images, lines of dialogue, and plot lines are the sole property of their creators. I own only my own imagination as it involves the characters I love; however, even my imaginary constructions would be impossible without True Blood and the Southern Vampire Mystery series. My work is not-for-profit and intended only for the enjoyment of the writer and readers. No copyright infringement is intended.

Along with Sephrenia’s banner, Nina Simone’s “Whatever I Am (You Made Me),” which was featured on the show, was an inspiration .

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6 thoughts on “Who’s Your Daddy-WIP

  1. Just read it again and loved just as much as the first time. But reading the last chapter gave me another idea if you are still looking for ideas. Sookie said in this chapter if Bill had not raped her that she would have broken up with Bill and allowed Eric to court her. So what if Sookie parked the car in the garage and just left Bill there in the trunk and did not look inside. Then Debbie would not have been able to toss her in. Instead she went to get some dinner and wait for Eric. Then Eric shows up and drives her home. That would be an interesting story, that I had not seen written!

  2. Love all your stories but Who’s your Daddy I just can not stop hoping that will start again soon .I do hope you are feeling better I know how painful that can be .When ever you are ready we will all be here waiting for your return . Thank you for all you have giving us so many truly great stories

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