(recommendation 9/28/19)

This is a story for angst lovers!

For some reason, I had missed this wonderful story, despite its being finished in 2011.  It just goes to show that there are sometimes hidden gems out there.  You may be familiar with Mine is a Four Letter Word by Sleepy Lotus.  That’s also a very good story, as is Don’t.

For me, Sleepy Lotus’s greatest skill comes in presenting Sookies and Erics who are imperfect and who share a love that is as unshakable, even as it is fragile.  And her Erics are always interesting; they are vulnerable in a way that is almost heartbreaking as they willingly mold themselves around strong (and sometimes needlessly stubborn) Sookies who they appreciate enough not to change.

In this particular story, Sookie is a hardened vampire slayer, but Sleepy Lotus allows readers a peek at what she was like a decade before when Eric first entered her life.  That Sookie is very familiar to readers, but the one we see in this story, has turned from her naïvity and innocence due to a very different set of circumstances taking Gran’s life.  This is a story about her coming back to herself, but stepping forward—and not backward—to do it.  It’s a fast read, and you will want tissues nearby.

CLICK to find the story on, which I think is the only place where you can find this story.

The author is also on Archive of Your Own, but her TB/SVM stories didn’t make it there.

4 thoughts on “Sleepy Lotus: SOOKIE THE VAMPIRE SLAYER

  1. Thank you for your recommendation! Very good to discover a new (to me at least) story. I enjoyed reading it although the end and final chapter felt rushed but an OK read nevertheless if only to see Sookie as a badass slayer… And this reminded me of Mine is a Four Letter Word which I have always loved and is a complex and interesting story with another strong yet likeable Sookie – too often she is written with stubbornness as her only strength which may be close to canon but rather tiresome. Thank you again!

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