The Comfortably Numb Trilogy (Complete)

(ALL HUMAN) This trilogy is set in the SVM world (though there are some True Blood characters included too). This series includes three stories: Comfortably Numb, Touch the Flame, and Burn out the Pain.  All stories in the trilogy are complete!  

cnThis is an all-human story set mostly in New York. Eric & Sookie are two individuals incredibly beaten down & emotionally stilted due to the cruelty of their parents. Can they learn to love themselves & each other, even as outside forces try to rip them apart? Will their love survive, or will they be faced with a life in which they succumb–once more–to numbness?complete

Comfortably Numb final(banner by Sephrenia)

ttfEric and Sookie may have decided to fight against Appius’s influence in Eric’s life, but that doesn’t mean smooth sailing for them.  New challenges and tragedies will befall them.  Will they find a way to stay together through them?  Or will Appius drive them apart–or worse–as they “touch the flame”?complete

Touch the Flame Story Banner(banner by Sephrenia)

Burn out the PainPart 3 of The Comfortably Numb Trilogy, Burn out the Pain continues the story of Eric and Sookie’s journey to find happiness. When secrets are revealed about Sookie’s family, Eric defies Appius. However, will the cost be the person Eric loves the most when Appius refuses to let Eric win?complete

Burn Banner(Banner by Sephrenia)

CN special features

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