Outtake: No Room to Rhumba in a Sports Car

A/N: So this week’s offering is more of an Outtake than a Chapter—because it just offers an Interlude, rather than advancing the plot too much. Also, it’s set a bit before Chapter 12, as Maria-Star recalls this night at the end of Chapter 12. I did want to set something on the night of New Years Eve—since, in the SVM timeline—that was the night that Eric’s memory was taken by the witches. In this story, however, we have a very different set of events happening due to Eric getting there in time to save Sookie from being raped in the trunk. And, of course, everything after that moment changed. So—this little Outtake tells you what this version of Eric and Sookie did on that fateful New Year’s Eve night.

OUTTAKE: No Room to Rhumba in a Sports Car

[NOTE: Read this outtake after Chapter 12]

DECEMBER 31, 2004—9:00 p.m.

“It’s not like I don’t know how to drive,” Sookie chuckled, even as Eric leaned over her and buckled her in.

Goosebumps arose on her skin as he inhaled her scent and dragged his long—and talented—fingers right above where the seatbelt held her into place.

“Dearest One, I know very well how good you are in the,” he paused, “driver’s seat.” He nipped her earlobe; she gulped, her throat suddenly dry.

Likely, that was because all available moisture in her body had just gone to the juncture between her legs! She would have regretted wearing a skirt and her barely-there lace thong—if she weren’t hoping to christen her new vehicle that very night.

Her vampire growled, the sound low and deep in his chest. “The way you smell makes me want to take you—right here.”

She blushed; however, he could also feel her desires, which equaled his own.

He smiled at the woman he loved; she was such a rich anomaly—still so innocent in some ways, but so full of passion. She could still blush at his suggestiveness, though he also knew her to be capable of pushing him onto the bed and riding him until they were both spent and barely able to move.

He nipped at her earlobe again, this time tugging on it a bit with his blunt teeth. “I had always thought that the first vehicle I would take you in would be my corvette—or at least upon the hood of it. Do you remember the orgy, Lover? How—despite the circumstances—we almost became lost in each other?”

“I remember,” she panted, “especially how you looked in that Lycra. Pink and turquoise swirls never looked so yummy before,” she added, biting her lower lip. “I guess we’ll just have to settle for a Suburban for our first car sex,” she suggested brazenly, though her blush ignited anew.

Eric could think of only one word to describe her in that moment: marvelous!

Sookie giggled, her expression and mood going from lustful to amused immediately.

“What is it?” Eric asked, leaning back a bit to better see her face—rather than just the ear he’d been teasing.

“I was listening to some of Gran’s old records today—some of her,” she paused and lowered her voice, “Elvis ones. There was this one song called ‘No Room to Rhumba in a Sports Car.’ Seems appropriate—huh?” she snickered.

Eric laughed loudly. “Indeed! But shall we have our driving lesson first? And then I know a beautiful, secluded place where we can,” he paused, “rhumba for hours.”

Her pulse quickened as she nodded. “Sounds like a good plan. However, what about the guards? I don’t want anyone to see us.”

Eric considered for a moment before speaking at an elevated tone. “Thalia!” he called.

The vampiress was there in a flash.

“Change of plans,” Eric smirked. “After our driving lesson, Sookie and I wish to escape for a while—to ring in the New Year alone.” He lowered his voice so that only she could hear. “The pond—the one with the weeping willows surrounding it between Shreveport and here. You know it?”

Thalia nodded. “Yes.”

“Good. Do a sweep of the region and then position yourself a half mile to the east of the pond. Sookie and I will be there at around 11:00 p.m. I’ll yell if we need you. After the driving exercises, Maria-Star, Onawa, and Tray will not be required. And instruct Willow that—though she may fly above during our driving and as we proceed to the pond—she will need to return here once we have parked.”

The vampiress nodded and smirked. “Understood.”

Of course, Eric knew that Batanya would be nearby, as she always was. However, she was lingering between realms, so she was never seen. And the vampire knew that she was easily forgotten by his beloved because of that. And—of course—he had no modesty to speak of.

“Ready to test out your new vehicle?” Eric asked suggestively after Thalia had left at vampire speed.

Sookie gulped. “More than ready, Mr. Northman.
The vampire chuckled and zipped around to the passenger seat. His demeanor was much more serious as he took his seat. “As much as I enjoy playing, Lover, and as much as I intend to enjoy you later, we must try to concentrate on the lesson at hand for,” he paused, “two hours?” he posited.

“Two hours sounds doable,” Sookie responded, trying to squelch her desires for her mate. She chuckled a little.

“What is it?” he asked as she started the engine. The vehicle seems to roar to life.

“It’s just that,” she paused, “well—it’s not like we haven’t done it since you’ve risen.”

“It?” he teased.

She rolled her eyes. “Yes—it!”

“I remember us doing it twice,” Eric chuckled. “And what? Four orgasms for that jar you slipped up and told me about?”

She blushed. “Five.”

“Ah—yes. Now I remember,” he said, picking up her hand and kissing it gallantly.

She sighed. “Okay. Stop distracting me! You’re the one that insisted I have a driving lesson.”

“And you insisted that you did not want a guard driving you places,” he reminded.

“Well—won’t they be able to monitor the surroundings better if I’m the one drivin’?” she reasoned.

“One guard could drive and another could monitor,” Eric responded.

Sookie shrugged. “I like to drive, and now that I have a new car—actually, it’s more like a tank—I think I’ll enjoy it even more.”

Eric nodded as he looked around the vehicle that Kenshin had personally delivered the night before. He’d enjoyed catching up with his old friend for a few hours and introducing him to his bonded. Kenshin, of course, had turned on his charm, but the Viking knew that his friend wasn’t trying to romance his bonded away from him.

Not that that was even possible.

In private, Kenshin had expressed surprise to find that Eric had bonded. He also promised help if Sophie-Anne ever became an issue. To be frank, Eric did not believe that his queen would be a problem. After their first tense exchange about Sookie—which had included the queen’s almost-apology for sending Bill into Eric’s territory to procure Sookie without the Viking’s knowledge—Sophie-Anne had been affable, a fact confirmed by Rasul, Eric’s spy at court, and Desmond Cataliades, who continued to hope that Sookie would eventually accept him into the role of her godfather.

So far, Sookie had not bent where the semi-demon was concerned, though she had expressed her thanks for the attorney keeping an eye on the queen to make sure that she was sincere in her willingness to leave Sookie alone—beyond hiring her for work, of course.

Rasul had offered information that Wybert and Sigebert, as well as Hadley, very much supported Sophie-Anne developing an amicable relationship with the telepath, definitely not a surprise in the case of Sookie’s cousin, who had been excited to speak with Jason and Sookie on Christmas. Andre, however, could very well be a problem.

Indeed, it was making sure that he didn’t draw Andre’s attention that had compelled Kenshin to make his visit brief. In fact, he was in and out of Louisiana within a four-hour window, flying into the same small airfield that Eric had used—and owned.

“Okay,” Sookie said, having adjusted all of her mirrors. “What’s first?”

“First, you must change your mind-set about vehicles in general—at least when you are in this one,” Eric reported. “This vehicle is virtually indestructible; thus, you can use it as a weapon as needed. It also offers a good defensive position for you. If you are in here, and someone tries to get to you from the outside, you should—in no case—leave the vehicle. Even a vampire younger than five hundred or so would have difficulty breeching the Suburban.”

Sookie nodded. “Kenshin said it was bullet proof?”

“Yes. And fire resistant. And—thanks to the witch—no one with ill intent could follow you into it. However, if the windows were down, a bullet could strike you from outside. Though we will hopefully have no collisions tonight, the vehicle—and, more importantly, you inside of it—would be virtually unharmed if someone tried to ram you.”

“What if that someone was driving a tank?” Sookie asked somewhat playfully, trying to lighten her own mood a little. Knowing about all of the security features made her think about all of the potential threats she might face.

“Do not fear,” Eric said gently, taking her hand. “All that we do to protect you will hopefully be unneeded. Neither you nor I will ever hide from threats or avoid facing them. But you must trust in your guards, Dearest One, and in things like this vehicle, which will offer you even more protection.”

She nodded.

“However, I believe you should avoid tanks,” he said with a playful grin, “just in case.”

She grinned back. “Okay—so what’s on the agenda tonight.”

“That very much depends upon you how you do with a little obstacle course that Maria-Star has set up for you—on the road between here and Hotshot,” the vampire smiled.

“Obstacle course? What do you mean?”

“No, no, no, Lover. No hints.”

The telepath grinned. “Sounds like fun!”


Sookie practically leapt out of the Suburban before dashing around the vehicle to jump up into Eric’s arms; he easily lifted her and kept her in place with a hand under her supple bottom. Her skirt having ridden up a bit as he gripped her, she wrapped her legs around her mate.

“You are the one with vampire speed tonight,” the Viking laughed heartily.

“That was so fun!” the telepath enthused. “And I was so good at it!”

Eric nodded, even as his smile widened impossibly.

“Yes. You are surprisingly good! And using your telepathy to outsmart your opponents as you raced through the course was amazing!” His smile softened. “Have I told you how proud I am of you, Dearest One?”

Already in his arms, Sookie was at the perfect height to kiss him, and that she did—until she was breathless.

“Thank you! Thank you for arranging that for me—for trusting me to be able to keep my independence, at least as much as I can.”

“There is nothing I don’t trust you to do,” Eric said gently.

“I know,” Sookie whispered, though her body was still teeming with excitement. “I truly kicked Maria-Star’s ass around those obstacles.”

“Yes. And you were up against Were reflexes,” Eric pointed out.

“I am sorry about hitting that one truck,” Sookie said with a pout to her lips, though a clear glint in her eyes.

“You are not,” he grinned. “Remember that I can feel what you feel. And I feel pride, not regret.”

She giggled. “Well—I didn’t intend to hit Onawa’s truck so hard. But she was thinkin’ about giving the Beast a little tap. And I couldn’t have that! He’s my new baby!” she added, reaching back her hand to rub the vehicle like it was Shadow.

“So you risked scratching ‘The Beast’ yourself,” he chuckled as he repeated her new nickname for the vehicle, “by hitting Onawa’s truck?”

“Well—yeah,” she snorted. “Speaking of which . . . .” She wiggled out of his arms and went to take a look at her front bumper. She frowned a little. “He’s scratched!”

“Nothing Tray cannot make right,” Eric chuckled. “And don’t worry about the truck you pushed off the road either—when you got that scratch. Tray just got it running for tonight. It was always going to end up in the junk yard.”

“I’m just glad I didn’t hurt Onawa,” Sookie said with true contrition.

“I think your aggression surprised her a bit,” Eric observed, “but all of your guards were clearly impressed with how you handled yourself.”

“I have to admit,” Sookie blushed a little, “going that fast and trying to avoid all the obstacles they set up—as well as their vehicles when they came after me—was so exhilarating! Speaking of goin’ fast,” she said coyly.

“What has turned your mood so decadently naughty, my lover?” he growled as he picked her up again.

The legs that had been wrapped around him before did so again—only this time, they were tighter.

“I was just thinkin’ about goin’ fast and—uh—how you could do that. When we have sex,” she blushed. “I mean—we’ve gone vampire speed a little, but I think I’d like to try a little more. Maybe a lot more.”

Eric growled, low in his chest, and his fangs popped down like they were on taut springs.

His lips were devouring hers in the next moment and he’d ripped her shirt from her body in the next.

“Eric!” she panted, clearly exhilarated by his passion but also wondering how she’d keep her modesty since her shirt was torn into shreds.

“Do not worry,” the vampire grinned, nipping at her chin. “I packed extra clothing for both of us before this little excursion.”

“Always prepared—huh?” Sookie grinned.

“I am prepared to fuck you senseless, Lover,” he said intensely.

“Bring it on!” she dared.

Sookie registered another rip—her panties—and a zip—his pants, even as her skirt magically rose a little more in order to allow him access to her womanhood. And then he was inside of her—filling her sheath completely.

“Oh, God! Eric!” Sookie moaned.

He looked at her, his expression as cocky as his—well—his rock-hard cock.

“Ready?” he asked her.


The vampire began moving at a “normal” speed, making sure that she was fully wet and aroused. She was.

He moved them, then, so that she was against the side of the vehicle. He placed one of his hands under her ass—to keep her right where he wanted her. The other hand, he put behind her—so that her body would not impact the vehicle.

And then he began to thrust faster.

And faster.

And faster.

She tried to keep up with him for a while; she really did! But he became almost as blurry as her own mind as he stroked her G-spot—more like strobed it—over and over.

Again and again and again.

It seemed to take her no time at all to start orgasming. However, he didn’t seem ready to let her stop any time soon as he continued fucking her in a frenzy of slapping skin and growls. And then he came with her.

But there was no reprieve—no rest; he just kept moving.


Even faster.

Even harder.

She lost her voice. And then her breath.

Right before it would have been too much for her, her mate slowed down—though he stayed inside of her—in order to let her body recover a bit. To come down from the peak for a momentary rest.

To let her catch her breath.

“Eric,” she whimpered, only finding her voice several minutes later.

“Sookie,” he sighed, even as he continued going in and out of her, his pace steady and gentle—a perfect contrast to what it had been before.

Another orgasm couldn’t help but to build up inside of her due to his ministrations, and right as she got to the edge, she used what little strength she had left to lean forward and bite into him—into the tender spot where his shoulder met his neck.

The Viking cried out and then bit into her neck, completing the lovers’ exchange, even as his seed burst forth from his body and into hers.

He drank only a little—since he took from her each night—but he let her take until his small wound closed.

And then he simply held her as she recovered. He looked up to the sky—so full of stars that seemed to have been placed there just to witness he and his mate.

“Happy New Year, my love,” he whispered into her hair.

She smiled widely. “Happy New Year, my love,” she repeated, still panting.

The bond allowed them both to understand the depth of each other’s affection; words beyond “love” seemed redundant, after all. And any words seemed inadequate for their joy.

When a bit of her high wore off, she giggled. “Okay—I’m gettin’ cold now.”

He grinned and took her to the rear of the suburban. After opening the rear hatch, he set her gently into the back before zipping to the side of the car. He opened the back door before quickly folding down the seats of the back and middle rows in order to create a long enough space for them to lie down in comfortably. Then, he grabbed a quilt he’d taken from the farmhouse and laid it down before lying down with Sookie into the cargo space and covering them with a second quilt. Her panties and shirt in tatters outside, she was left in just her bra and skirt, while he was still fully dressed. However, she didn’t mind. In fact, she felt pretty mind-blown at the moment.

“That was different,” she finally giggled.

“Different good?” he asked.

“You know I loved it,” she blushed.

“But you prefer our normal kind of sex?” he asked.

“I think vampire speed would wear me out if we did it all the time,” she said honestly. “But—for special occasions—I’d very much like to do that again.”

He could feel that she was sincere. “I will always give you anything that you wish for, Lover,” he promised.

They lay with each other in a comfortable silence for a while—until Sookie’s yawns turned into on-and-off dozing.

“I was hoping I’d be up for another round,” she said drowsily. “It looks like we might have to Rhumba in the car at a later date, Mr. Northman.”

He chuckled, even as he disentangled himself from her and helped his sleepy mate into the fresh shirt and panties he’d brought along.

“You don’t mind if I drive back—do you?” he asked, feeling her getting more and more tired by the moment.

“Just this once, Viking,” she whispered as she drifted to sleep again. Without stirring her, he placed her gently into the passenger’s seat and secured her seatbelt before soundlessly closing the door. By the time he got into the vehicle, her body was already leaning toward the driver’s side—toward him.

As soon as he was settled into the driver’s seat, she leaned over the console and rested her head on his shoulder.

“Let’s get you home, Dearest One,” he whispered.

A/N: Well—I hope you liked that. It was fun to write! Next week’s offering will be Chapter 13, and the plot will advance, but I do hope you didn’t feel too cheated by this little episode of mostly fluff. Sometimes—in these troubled times—a bit of fluff is nice.





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  1. How can anyone feel cheated by Viking fluff? I’ll take a driving lesson from him any day, lol
    Loved it

  2. Very fun! Love this spicy little peek into how their “regular” nights (sans life threatening events!) are spent.

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