Chapter 08: Burning Love

Chapter 08: Burning Love

Last Time: “I want to drink from you,” she entreated. “Please!”

For a moment, his eyes cleared. “It would complete the bond, Sookie. It would be permanent.”

“It already is permanent, my Charmali,” she said forcefully, calling him the fairy word for soul mate, even as she seemed to emanate magic in that moment, as if her mysterious spark might be ready to explode into a roaring fire.

“Fuck yeah, it is!” he agreed, no longer willing to wait another minute to do what everything instinct was telling him was the only thing that could ever make him feel complete.

“Bite!” he ordered, thrusting his chest forward. He was still thrusting into her, careening toward a second powerful orgasm in as many minutes. As for her, she seemed to be in a constant state of orgasm. But that didn’t stop her from leaning up—and biting hard with her blunt teeth. They were just strong enough to open a small wound in him.

Eric released his seed again, and he bit again, needing to be consuming her blood, even as she consumed his.

Consumed him.

He could feel his wound closing, but then felt his greedy woman bite again.

She needed more.

She could have all.

She already did.

“Oh my God—that was amazing!” Sookie gasped out. It had taken her several minutes to catch her breath—after her seemingly-constant orgasm had reached a final crescendo and then tapered off into a series of aftershocks.

“Yes,” Eric agreed with a slight chuckle.

The two lay still and silent for a few moments—basking in finally having joined together completely. As her body calmed, Sookie was able to sense something new in her—something buzzing with life and love.

Something wonderful.

The bond.

She smiled as she let herself luxuriate in the new sensation. It was like a new organ had grown within her—part heart, part soul, and part primitive force. She could admit that she’d been a little afraid of forming the bond—afraid of what having a bond would feel like—but now she understood the blessing of it. For the first time in her life, she was able to feel someone else’s love for her—to know that that love was unconditional. Her heart skipped a beat at the power of the love her vampire felt for her. However, underneath that love was an emotion she didn’t care for as much.

“You’re feeling anxious—uncertain about something,” she said with a bit of concern as she recognized his feelings—as they thrummed from him to her.

He moved so that he could look her in the eyes more easily. “We bonded without having discussed it fully. And in the heat of the moment. I’m sorry; I felt,” he paused, “compelled—like I could not stop myself. Do not fear,” he rushed, as he felt her apprehension. “I do not mean to imply that I did not want to bond; I did. I am happy to have the bond—ecstatic. But I worry that you might,” he paused again, “come to believe our actions rash.”

The telepath considered her response for a moment. “It was rushed—maybe. But I don’t regret it, Eric. You’re right; I wasn’t 100% certain earlier. But then I suddenly was. And when I was, I really was. I can’t explain it. But I knew it was the right thing for us—the right thing for me. Maybe it was the fairy part of me; whatever I felt was . . . .” She paused for a moment. “Well—my Word-of-the Day calendar would call my feeling ‘primordial’—instinctive.” She shrugged. “And we had talked about it—talked enough so that I understood what I was getting myself into,” she chuckled, nudging him a little.

“And what’s that?” he asked playfully.

“Life,” she smiled. “The best life for me. That’s with you, Eric. Always.”

He pulled her closer and let her feel his happiness through their bond. And then he let himself bask in her happiness, enjoying the way their blood connection had blossomed from a bud into a flower.

“What’s the difference? Between our tie and our bond—for you?” she asked curiously, as if his contemplations had filtered into her mind.

He considered for a moment. “Nothing and everything. All of your feelings are amplified for me. And I know that I could more easily send you feelings. But my influence would be different from a blood tie because you would feel me sending emotions and impulses, and you could also try to influence me.”

“Try it,” she requested.

The vampire nodded and then sent her a jolt of lust.

“Wow!” she gasped, a blush breaking out all over her body.

“Send it back,” he challenged.

She took a moment to try to imagine how to do such a thing. Going by intuition, she focused on her attraction for the man next to her and then imagined wanting Eric to feel the same for her. She closed her eyes and felt something stirring in her—like a tingling sensation that emanated from the bond. No—a tickling sensation.

“Sookie,” Eric groaned, his voice laced with desire. In a whirl, he moved them so that he was lying on his back and she was straddling him. She opened her eyes in surprise.

“It worked?” she asked coyly, even as she was hit with a strong feeling of lust from him. Her back arched as if he were using his hands and mouth to stimulate her, instead of just their bond.

“Again,” she half-asked and half-begged.

“You too,” he growled.

Biting her lip and nodding, she pushed lust toward him again, even as she received what he was sending. Overcome with desire, she rose up and took his cock in her hands before lining it up with her opening. She sank down onto him, and both telepath and vampire gasped in rapture—as their bond fueled their physical pleasure.

Neither spoke; neither could as Sookie rose and fell onto the vampire’s cock, her walls fluttering around him already.

Soon—the lust they’d been feeding each other changed into rebounding bliss, ricocheting between them—within them.

Needing to feel more of her flesh against his own, Eric sat up—to meet Sookie’s bouncing body chest to chest, and then he helped her movements, gripping her hips to rock them, even as he thrust upward to meet her.

She gripped his shoulders and looked him in the eyes. Her own were dilated with her pleasure. And, even as her orgasm was about to strike, she paused her movements, her eyes narrowing, like a lioness making a final study of her prey. And attack she did. As she slammed down upon his engorged member, she broke eye contact with him so that she could bite into his shoulder—her blunt teeth again doing the trick to open a small wound. She sucked hard, drawing in more of that which had already connected them with its unexplainable magic.

Her walls throbbed, and Eric’s cock throbbed with them before exploding. He leaned forward to complete the blood exchange, but did not drink much. Instead, he focused on her enjoyment through their bond. He felt it as if it were his own.

He relished in it.

And—for a moment—her joy and pleasure were his. As much as she was his.

Leaning back after his wound had closed, Sookie looked at her lover, her eyes now clear, her lips stained with his blood.

Immediately focused on those lips, the vampire leaned forward to kiss her—to take back the bit of his blood that hadn’t been swallowed—to save it for her. Only when she gasped for air—from his kiss and from their exertions—did he pull away.

“Sometimes breathing’s overrated,” Sookie panted.

The vampire chuckled. “I can agree to that.”

She rolled her eyes but then looked at him sincerely. “Wow times ten!” she exclaimed, summing up their most recent love-making.

“Yes,” he agreed with a laugh.

“I think I’m gonna like the bond,” she smiled.

“I think I already do,” he grinned back, even as he used his grace and strength—and a bit of his flying ability—to lift them out of bed.

He walked them toward the bathroom and didn’t let her down as he turned on the shower.

Raising her eyebrow, she teased, “Didn’t we already take a shower?”

“I forgot soap,” he returned as he checked the temperature of the water.

“Oh well—we are pretty dirty again,” she shrugged playfully.

“Wanna get dirtier before we get clean, Miss Stackhouse?”

She didn’t answer verbally. She simply sent him a burst of lust through their bond.

He got the message, and within moments he had them positioned under the gentle stream of the waterfall showerhead. He’d still not let her down onto her feet, but Sookie wasn’t complaining.

After several minutes of heavy kissing—during which he had to break contact with her lips several times so that she could catch her breath as he gave attention to her cheeks, chin, and neck (not to mention her sensitive earlobe)—Eric felt Sookie’s feelings in their bond morph from lust to love. The vampire gasped and broke their kiss—as if he were the one that needed to breathe this time.

“What is it?” Sookie asked with some concern, bringing her hand up to place her palm lovingly against his cheek.

“I’m still getting used to the feeling of your love for me,” he responded honestly, moving their faces out of the water stream, though he made sure her body could still get the benefits of the warm water.

“You must have felt it before tonight,” she blushed a little. “After all, you had the blood tie.”

Eric nodded. “I did feel your love. Having that feeling—the comfort of it—was one of the reasons I was hopeful that you’d choose to bond sooner rather than later. I wanted you to feel it too.”

He looked down for a moment, seemingly focusing on the floor of the tub before raising his eyes up to hers again. “No one has ever felt my love like you do now, Sookie. No one has ever felt it because I have never given it. You awakened something in me that I didn’t know was there.”

“I’m glad it was me. I’m glad you saved your love for me,” she said with a soft smile. “I know it’s selfish of me—given that you had to wait so long to feel this kind of love. But I can’t help but to believe that we are meant to be—that I was put here on this earth for you to find.” She leaned up to kiss him briefly—gently. “I think the same is true of you—that you were on this earth for me to find.”

Overcome with emotion for her, the vampire simply nodded in agreement and looked at her for several long moments.

“I feel what you feel,” Sookie said with awe in her tone. “Neither of us could ever doubt our love—even if we wanted to. Not with the bond in place.”

“I was worried—so worried—that you would believe that the emotions we felt for each other were created by the bond—that they were not real,” the vampire admitted.

“I might have,” Sookie answered honestly, “if I hadn’t already embraced the Supernatural in me. Our bond is something out of a fairy tale, Eric, and if I still saw myself as only a human, I wouldn’t have trusted it.” She shook her head. “I hate to think about the torture I would have put myself—and you—through had I not opened my eyes to my whole self.”

He smiled down at her. “I love your whole self, Sookie Stackhouse. I think a part of me always has—from the moment I first saw you.”

“You’re the only one who saw that whole me from the start, Eric,” she said softly, “and I will never stop bein’ grateful for that.”

“And you saw the whole me, my Charmali. My soulmate. Sálufélagi minn.”

“Sálufélagi,” Sookie repeated. “Is that the word for ‘soulmate’ in your native language?”

He nodded.

“It’s beautiful.”

“You are beautiful, my Sookie.”

She smiled up at him. “Thank you, Eric. Thank you for helping me to believe that—both inside and out.”

He let her feel his own gratefulness—as well as his love—as he bent down to kiss her again.

She opened her mouth in welcome to him, and their tongues played together, even as their passion rose once more.

He moved them under the waterfall again and then raised her up slightly before lowering her onto his at-attention cock.

She broke their kiss to moan out her ecstasy. “Oh my, God, Eric! I’m so glad you’re so strong,” she gasped, even as their angle of love-making—definitely a first for her—enabled him to hit her g-spot perfectly.

“Don’t forget my endurance, lover,” he grinned as he changed his angle slightly and thrust up and down a few times—almost at vampire speed. “And all of the other fun things I can do because I am vampire,” he added with a grunt as her walls reacted to his ministrations by flexing around him.

“How could I?” she gasped.

He continued his movements—sometimes at human pace and other times at vampire speed—until she was quite literally shuddering around him in an almost tortured frenzy.

“Eric!” she yelled out, as the coil in her built up to an impossible level, though her vampire did not quite allow her to tumble over into bliss. She could tell that he—too—was at the edge of an orgasm, but that he was using his skills to stave it off for the both of them.

“Please!” she gasped, feeling as if she could not take the utter bliss for a moment longer. “Please! I need to cum!” she gasped—no, begged—feeling absolutely no embarrassment about using such language to tell him exactly what she needed.

The vampire gave into her pleas—as well as his own desire to cum—and sped up to a consistent rhythm. Within moments, they’d both come undone.

She shivered a little as she came down from her high. Patiently, he waited for her to recover, content to just hold her under the rainfall stream she’d had installed so that he would not have to stoop to shower.

Finally coherent again, she looked at him and chuckled. “I’m gonna have to get a bigger hot water heater. The water’s gonna run cold soon.”

“Well then,” the vampire chuckled, finally putting her onto her feet, “we’d better go ahead and get to the soap part of this shower while the water’s still warm.”

She laughed and grabbed the shower sponge while he opened the body wash. They continued their teamwork—becoming distracted by each other’s bodies only a few more times—before their cleaning was finally deemed as successful.

By then, the water had run cool.


Across the world from the love-filled home that Eric and Sookie were sharing, an ancient vampire was waiting for sundown—even as he looked at the twisted-together bodies of William and Alexei. They were stained with the blood of the kills they’d enjoyed the night before—thanks to Datu, the vampire King of the Philippines. Soon, they would travel to their own private paradise and hunt to their hearts’ content—obliterating a whole people group before they were done.

The gory sight in the bed was a beautiful one to Appius. It represented how vampires should be.

However, the ancient was still disconcerted. Generally, he could not feel the particular emotions of his eldest child—not from across the planet. Oh—he always knew that Eric was still among the undead. And he’d been able to feel it when his child was in great pain. And—of course—when Appius had bothered to make the effort, he had been able to get a general sense of Eric’s emotional state. That was how he knew that his child must be infatuated with the same human who’d warped William’s emotions.

“She must have the snatch of a fucking barracuda,” he said profanely, even as his mouth twisted into a frown. He’d never enjoyed the so-called fair sex. “The weak sex,” he said judgmentally.

“And I will make her pay for making you the weak one, my boy,” Appius sneered, thinking of the emotions he’d been practically hit over the head with since he’d arisen ten minutes earlier.

“You will understand soon enough that love is a sickness,” he spoke as if seeing Eric before him. “I will take the woman from you and give her to young William, who is obsessed with her. He will use her, break her, and then turn her. And you will be forced to watch as it happens, for I will command you to do nothing to stop it!” he chuckled sinisterly. “However, I will not break my promise to your brother; I will let Alexei have his fun here before I come to you. By then, you will have either outgrown your foolishness or it will be all the more satisfying to break you of it. And—of course—by then, William will be fully my minion,” he smiled in satisfaction, looking at the vampire he’d honored by taking under his wing. William—for all of his bravado—was a born submissive. And a self-loathing one at that! Appius smiled. Oh—how he loved it that William was the perfect combination of ashamed and exuberant about the actions he’d participated in the night before—the violent debauchery that was the right of all vampires! Appius could not wait to see William sink even farther down the rabbit hole during the next month.

The ancient scoffed as another hit of Eric’s so-called love hit him. “So weak,” he judged his eldest child. “But I will soon be there to make you strong again, my Eric.”

A/N: Well, I hope that you enjoyed this chapter! And I hope you all had a lovely New Year!

In this chapter, I really wanted to deal with the differences between the acceptance of the bond for this Sookie vs. the one in the books. I always thought that Sookie couldn’t accept the bond (or Eric) because she couldn’t really accept herself as being Supernatural. A lot of the arc of this story so far has involved what would have happened if Sookie had accepted that she was not only human, but also something different, too. Indeed, I think that she is coming to understand what a lot of people (in general) tend to struggle with: that different is “normal.” Anyway, I hope you liked it. Sorry I had to ruin the loving moment with an Appius bit at the end, but that’s just the way the story flowed.

Please leave a comment if you have the time and inclination.





16 thoughts on “Chapter 08: Burning Love

  1. Lovely, sexy scene! Too bad Appius was raining on Eric’s parade. Wonder if Karin has tracked Appius down? I seem to remember she may be on the hunt for him.
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  10. Hey Kat – I’m re-reading from the beginning since you started posting new chapters and I noticed a few typos this time around that I thought you would want to know about. I’ve emphasized the typos with **

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    he changed his angle slightly and *trust*up and down

    she was quite literally *shuttering* around him

    Just trying to be helpful! Please delete this “review” when you’re done reading it. I just wasn’t sure how else to convey the information and I know you like your work to be as flawless as possible. I’m posting a real review below…

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    Can’t wait to keep reading and to get to the new chaoters!

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