Chapter 07: A House That Has Everything

Five minutes later, Sookie was looking down at Shadow with sadness. “You think he’ll be okay down here? I mean—there will be some nights when I’ll want him upstairs, but he’ll need to be down here sometimes, too.”

Eric looked at her curiously, but did not ask why that night was one of those “sometimes.”

“He will be fine,” the vampire assured. “Colonel Flood said that he’s been sleeping on his own for a while; that’s how he trains his puppies—so that they don’t miss their litter mates so much once they go to their new homes. Plus, he has this,” Eric said of the large toy in his hands. He bent down to give it to an exhausted looking Shadow.

“Okay,” the telepath said reluctantly, bending down to pet the puppy one last time. “Stay, Shadow,” she said, using one of the commands Eric had told her that the puppy already knew.

For his part, Shadow looking perfectly content in his large plush dog bed. Of course, he would grow in to it—as he would grow to be a bit larger than a full-blooded German Shepherd.

Sookie took a deep breath and then rose to stand before taking Eric’s hand. “Come on,” she said, leading the way toward the stairs—where she abruptly stopped.

The vampire noted her increased heartrate—and her excitement.

Taking another deep breath and blushing a bit, she turned to him. “Go get the bag you brought, and then lock up—okay? After that, take a look around upstairs. Start with the guestroom, and then join me?”

The vampire was going to ask his beloved what she was up to, but—seeing the look in her eyes and feeling her determination and her love for him through their blood tie—he simply nodded. She let go of his hand before starting up the stairs. Despite his anticipation, Eric intuited that he should take his time—and move at a human pace—so that’s what he did.

Still, he had his duffle bag in hand and had checked all the doors within a couple of minutes. After checking on Shadow one last time and seeing that he was as dead-to-the-world as a vampire at high noon, Eric progressed upstairs. If his heart could have skipped a beat, it would have when he realized that the shower was running. He knew from the blood tie that Sookie was in that shower.

And she was awaiting something.


“Me,” he whispered to himself.

Somehow, he quelled his desire to go to her immediately and—instead—went to the guestroom as she’d requested. Immediately, he saw that a special kind of sealer had been put around the edges of the door so that no light could filter into the room when the door was closed. He progressed into the room to find that light-tight shutters had been installed, replacing the quilts Sookie had been using as a makeshift protection against the sun. The vampire found himself touched by the gesture.

“She made her home safe for me,” he whispered, even as he looked toward the closet where the cubby was. “No—she made it comfortable for me,” he corrected. It had—after all—already been safe for him.

He shook his head and went to place his bag onto the bed. There, he saw a note. It read simply: Your other things are in the other bedroom—the right side of the dresser.

Somewhat confused, Eric kept his bag in his grasp and went to the master bedroom. He noticed the same kind of sealer around the door. And—upon opening the door—he noted a heavy black-out curtain secured to the side. Such a curtain was often used so that a human could safely pass from a light-tight space to other parts of a dwelling during the daytime—without risking harm to a vampire. However, there were more changes in the room, specifically the light-tight shutters that were in there as well.

“She made her room safe for me,” he whispered, going over to the chest of drawers. There were six altogether, and—as Sookie’s note had indicated—the three on the right were clearly his. The few belongings he’d already brought to Sookie’s were already in place.

“She made this our room,” he gasped, feeling a strong mixture of emotions for his beloved bubbling inside of him. Eric realized that the magic he’d smelled earlier must have been covering up the scents of the workers. And—in that moment—the vampire could no longer wait to join his woman. He’d stripped off his clothing before he even got to the ensuite bathroom. He could see renovations in that room as well, despite the fact that he was mostly zeroed in on Sookie’s silhouette in the shower. He did note that the window now had light-tight shutters. The small, narrow tub had also been replaced with the largest tub that the space could accommodate. He could see that there were now two showerheads—one of a more traditional variety and another that was of the waterfall type; it was the latter that was currently on. The room had been retiled, and the vampire could smell new copper too, which meant that the pipes had been replaced. The slightly different scent of the magic in that room told him that it had been used to ensure that the tile and plumbing fixtures had already set.

Before the vampire could register his own movements, he was in the tub, standing behind his beautiful beloved.

They’d kissed—a lot and quite fervently—since they’d officially begun “dating” the Sunday before. Indeed, they’d done more than kissing. Sookie had called it “making out like teenagers.”

However, despite that “making out,” as well as their previous encounter in Jackson after Sookie had been staked, this was the first time that Eric had been able to take in her entire glorious body. He growled out his desire, the noise causing goosebumps to leap upward onto her smooth flesh. The scent of her arousal caused another growl.

“I made sure that the showerhead was as high as they could make it,” Sookie said softly as the vampire moved so that his front was flush against her back. She gasped and then moaned as his fingers moved along her arms, massaging her. “I didn’t want you to have to duck in order to rinse your hair,” she added, though these words were uttered at almost a pant.

“I have never had a better gift,” he whispered before placing soft kisses upon her neck. “And I am not just speaking of all you have done to make your home safe and comfortable for me.”

Eric leaned down to kiss Sookie’s neck, even as one of his hands snaked slowly around her torso to begin massaging one of her breasts; as she began panting more noticeably, his other hand ventured to her lower lips, already moist from more than the shower.

“We haven’t been together but for a blink of your time,” Sookie gulped as his long fingers parted her—slowly exploring her without entering her. She managed to continue speaking, despite the fact that she felt that she might become a puddle of pleasure from his touch. “Eric,” she moaned, “I don’t like it when you’re not here when I wake up. You don’t have to stay all the time; I mean—I know you have your own homes and a life away from me—but I want you to know that you can stay whenever you like.”

He stopped his touching in order to spin her to face him. He looked at her intensely for a moment. “Waking up tonight and going to my rest this morning were,” he paused, “unpleasant for me. I wanted to be close to you—in this home with you,” he emphasized. “And—as for my life away from you? Well—if this week has shown us anything—it’s that our lives can fit together pretty damned perfectly!”

She smiled up at him. “Merry Christmas, Eric. Welcome home,” she added right before their lips came together. Their kiss was soft at first, tentative even. However, their hands were bold—Eric’s moving back to explore Sookie’s womanhood and her fingers curling around his cock.

“Sookie,” he growled.

“Yes?” she asked with a growl of her own as one of his long fingers finally entered her.

He didn’t answer her—didn’t have anything to say other than her name again as he entered her with another finger.

“Yes!” she exclaimed, this time in pleasure as she continued stroking his eager cock.

Faster than she could comprehend, he had lifted her and put her back against some of her new tile, seemingly ready to test its soundness. However, he did not enter her, instead simply enjoying the feeling of his cock nestled against her folds. She gasped as it nudged her clit.

His forehead to hers, he spoke in a low tone, just on the edge of control. “Are you sure you are ready for sex, Dearest One? I can wait.”

“I need to know if you’re ready,” she said, turning the tables unexpectedly.

He raised an eyebrow, and she giggled at the seeming absurdity of her query. “Obviously, I can tell you are ready,” she blushed, glancing down at his large, very-ready cock. “But you need to know that—once we do this—it changes things. We’ll,” she paused, “belong to each other—in a way that will go beyond blood or Supe rules or even those possessive feelings I know you have about things that are yours.”

“What do you mean?” he asked, his eyes still passion-filled, but also curious.

“Heart to heart, Eric. Soul to soul—at least that’s what I believe,” she said assuredly. “When Mr. Cataliades told us about how a fairy can sense her soulmate—her Charmali—I wondered if it was you. And I’ve thought a lot about it this week. I believe it is you, Eric. And I don’t know much about fairy magic, but I sense that—once we make love—there will be no going back for either of us.”

“Then let us go forward, min kära,” he whispered. “I want to. Like you, I believe that we will never again wish to part from one another once we are joined. So you must be sure, too.”

She shook her head. “There’s no reason to wait, Eric. I know I love you, and I know I’m ready to make love with you. I’m also 99.999999% sure I want to bond with you.”

“Sookie?” he questioned, his eyes widening with surprise. Though they’d talked about bonding several times, it had always been in the abstract—as if it was a step they would consider only after their relationship was beyond its “honeymoon” stage.

“I’ve thought about it a lot, Eric. And I don’t want you to hold back from taking my blood. I’m not ready to complete the bond by taking your blood tonight—at least, I don’t think I am. But I’m close enough to see it as fate kicking my ass if something happens and I need your blood.”

“But Dearest,” Eric said, “if you have any doubts whatsoever . . . .”

She shook her head as she interrupted. “I don’t—not really. I just don’t want to tell you I want to bond—make that final decision—while your cock is inches away from filling me.” She gave him a coy smile. “I know I’m of sound body right now. But I’m not sure anyone could possibly be of sound mind when they’re in your arms.”

He chuckled, and then put her down before turning off the shower.

He felt her disappointment immediately.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing,” he said, his eyes darkening with passionate intentions. “I just want you in a bed the first time I have you.”

Our bed,” she stated.

“Even better,” he growled before taking her hand to lead her out of the shower. In a seeming whirlwind, he dried her and then himself.

And then—for a long moment—the two simply looked at each other as they stood on the new plush bathmat Sookie had splurged on to go with her newly remodeled bathroom.

For her part, she’d always compared Eric to a statue—something perfect that Michelangelo could have sculpted—something his vampirism would keep perfect for all time. However, looking at him nude—really looking at all of him for the first time—she was struck by just how much like a human man he looked. Oh—he was likely more magnificent than 99.999% of men in the world, but he was so real in that moment. So alive. And so—for lack of a better word—imperfect. For example, she’d never thought that he would have scars on his body. But he did.

For his part, Eric was focusing on Sookie’s trembling body. He was appreciating the remarkable fact that her trembling was not because she was cold or frightened. No. She shook with anticipation and with an overwhelming mixture of feelings that he could sense through their blood tie. She was literally vibrating with her feelings, yet she was not afraid of them.

He couldn’t help but to be amazed by her bravery. He was a thousand years old, yet he was still just learning to allow himself to “feel.” She was so young, yet she already had the courage to risk her heart—for him. He vowed to be a good steward of that heart and knew that she was already shepherding his own un-beating organ.

“You have some freckles on your chest,” she remarked as she reached out to trace them. Though her body still trembled, her hand was steady, her touch light.

“So do you,” he smiled softly, even as he moved to pick her up into his arms—like a groom might pick up his bride.

He laid her onto the bed—right in the center of it. As soon as she raised her arms to him, Eric felt the man and the vampire war within him. He wanted to worship her. He wanted to devour her.

He’d please both sides of himself by doing both.

He lay down next to her, and she turned slightly to meet his kiss. Their lips had clear purpose—to communicate their affection and desire for one another, and they both moaned into their kiss. It was not long before he was on top of her, though he made sure that his weight wasn’t uncomfortable for her—that it was just enough to enclose her in the safety he hoped to always provide for her. Her legs widened to welcome him. As they continued their kiss in an unhurried way, his cock was poised near her entrance—ready, but seemingly patient.

That is—it was until both Eric and Sookie lost their patience for a slow build-up—seemingly at the same time. His urgency was marked when he began kissing her neck—where he hoped to bite soon enough. However, he forced himself to have patience and moved his kisses downward until his mouth enveloped one of her ripe nipples.

Her urgency was given away by her fingernails, etching into his back, and her legs pulling him closer and wrapping around his ass.

“Gods, Sookie!” he murmured as he took the other nipple into his mouth.

She moaned her approval and arched into him.

“I need to taste you,” he said, seemingly ready to take the attentions of his mouth lower.

“No! You need to fill me right now,” she asserted, making her preference clear. “Taste later.”

He chuckled. “I love it that you know exactly what you want, lover.”

“Are you ready to give it to me?” she asked playfully.

He dragged his cock along her lower lips until it brushed her clit.

“Ugh,” she groaned inelegantly as she arched upward.

“Yes,” he said, even as his eyes locked into her. “I’m ready.” His intense, blue orbs were asking—one more time—for permission.

“Me too. I’m ready, too,” she confirmed as he repositioned and slid home slowly, allowing her to become used to his length and thickness.

“Gods, you feel good!” he muttered as he began thrusting slowly. “A thousand years, and nothing has felt this good.”

She gripped his shoulders, holding onto him, appreciating the fact that she hadn’t needed to wait a thousand years to feel the kind of pleasure she was feeling now.

“Faster!” she ordered breathlessly, even as she felt something beginning to build within her—something that seemed liable to rip her apart. Still she wanted more of it.

He felt her passage squeeze around his cock, her internal muscles seemingly determined to drive him insane with pleasure. She truly did feel perfect around him. Not all women could accommodate his size, but she did. Not all women seemed able to keep up with him; he knew that she could.

“Perfect,” he muttered as he quickened his pace again.

She held onto him—and then she met him stroke for stroke. He pushed into her, and she rose to meet him every time.

“Get ready,” he whispered.

She angled her neck—ready for his bite, but it wasn’t his bite that he was forewarning her of. He moved his hips slightly, changing the angle. And as soon as he had, he brushed her g-spot.

“Eric!” she yelled out as her orgasm approached.

He kept brushing against her internal nerves, even as he brought fingers down to circle her clit.

“Eric!” she yelled even louder as she felt her internal walls throbbing.

He felt them too.

His fangs popped down even as his balls drew up—building to fill her.

“Do it!” she entreated. “Bite!” She offered her neck again.

He couldn’t resist her.

Even as his fangs entered her, both of their bodies convulsed in pleasure, their orgasms shaking them in unison.

Every instinct in her body—every atom, every molecule—seemed to call out for Sookie to bite him too—to take his blood as he was taking hers.

To take what was hers!

“Eric!” she cried out desperately.

He lifted his head from her small fang pricks; his eyes were dilated—rabid-looking.

“I want to drink from you,” she entreated. “Please!”

For a moment, his eyes cleared. “It would complete the bond, Sookie. It would be permanent.”

“It already is permanent, my Charmali,” she said forcefully, calling him the fairy word for soul mate, even as she seemed to emanate magic in that moment, as if her mysterious spark might be ready to explode into a roaring fire.

“Fuck yeah, it is!” he agreed, no longer willing to wait another minute to do what everything instinct was telling him was the only thing that could ever make him feel complete.

“Bite!” he ordered, thrusting his chest forward. He was still thrusting into her, careening toward a second powerful orgasm in as many minutes. As for her, she seemed to be in a constant state of orgasm. But that didn’t stop her from leaning up—and biting hard with her blunt teeth. They were just strong enough to open a small wound in him.

Eric released his seed again, and he bit again, needing to be consuming her blood, even as she consumed his.

Consumed him.

He could feel his wound closing, but then felt his greedy woman bite again.

She needed more.

She could have all.

She already did.

A/N: I always feel the need to duck and cover after writing a love scene. They are probably the most difficult kind of scene for me to write because I don’t want them to begin sounding too much like previous love scenes I’ve written. Anyway, this one is a bit different—hopefully—because this Eric and Sookie are different. They are—at least in my mind—meeting as equals here.

I also hope that you enjoyed Sookie’s present to Eric. I was playing off of the show’s concept that Eric fixed up Sookie’s home for her when she was in the Faerie realm. I found myself liking the idea that Sookie was able to make improvements on her own home because of the choices she’s been making. I liked the idea that she was the one in charge of making her home into a place that was also Eric’s.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed Sookie’s gift.

Speaking of gifts, I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate). And—if you don’t—then I hope you have blessings for whatever holiday(s) you do celebrate. Or—if you celebrate none—then just have a wonderful two weeks. Yes—I said two. I’m sorry to report that—after Christmas—I will be doing a bit of traveling to see some friends in Northern California and Oregon, and I won’t be able to post on December 30. So—please have a safe and happy New Year! I hope to “see you” on the 6th.

Meanwhile, please comment on this chapter if you have the time and the inclination.

All the best to you as you finish up your 2018 and begin your 2019.




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  1. Wonderful chapter, after 2 previous stories building to this. I love your authors note contrasting your interpretation vs. Eric fixing Sookie’s house on TB. And yet another version of the beloved shower scene.
    I hope you have a great trip and wonderful holidays. Sadly, today while we were traveling to our daughter’s house, my companion cat of 12 years who was traveling with us developed a sudden complication of her heart disease and died. I am broken hearted right now and struggling with grief. Animal companions are beloved friends, irreplaceable. My avatar is a picture of her, my princess Spot. I hope she is in heaven now, eating her favorite food, lying on soft beds and being petted by angels.

    1. OH—I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. So sad. I understand about the importance of and emotional connection to cats. Our 18 year old has a tumor that cannot really be treated, given her age and its location. It’s always sad to lose a fur baby, but–to have it happen so suddenly–is a shock.

  2. Awesome chapter! Internally I was screaming FINALLY! LOL… Long burn, but well worth it. Merry Christmas to you and your family. See you in the new year.

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    Merry Christmas to you and yours. I hope you have a safe trip and a great holiday.

  6. Loved Eric’s reactions as he found all the presents Sookie left him to find. Wonderful shower scene! Such a great chapter.
    Hope you had a great Christmas and have a wonderful and safe trip!

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