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Progress Report for The Engine

Hello all,

Well–first–apologies.  There is not going to be a chapter this week.  I had one ready, but as I’m drafting the events after that chapter, I’m realizing that some things might need to change.  I’ve been trying to draft the battle stuff, but it’s a multiple-chapter, many many many characters, many many story-lines converging, cray-cray beast!  Not quite as crazy as Appius, but still . . . .  It’s taking me a while to get things to work.  So that means I’m going to ask for a little bit of time–and your patience–as I try to pull it all together.  I’m thinking that I might need about a month–given the amount of time (and non-time) that I’ll have to devote to “fun” writing in the upcoming weeks.  And, after I’m done, then Kleannhouse will need time to help me polish.  My plan is to finish this story completely before I start posting again; that way, I can post two chapters a week.

I’m sorry for this hiatus.  But I’m hoping it will be stortish.



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Story Update (finally): The Engine, Chapter 35

Hello All,

Remember when I said that I’d have the next chapter up a couple of days after the Thanksgiving weekend?


LOL a “Liar” being spelled incorrectly in the .gif above.  😉

I am very sorry about the delay.  Thanks to everyone who has been concerned about me.  And thanks to Kleannhouse for making sure people knew I was okay.  I’ve just been buried with work and holiday stuff and cleaning and Kleenex (nasty cold).  Anyway, hopefully, there will be no more delays.

UH-OH, Alex seems skeptical.



All the best,



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Quick Update

WordPress is being silly tonight; it keeps messing up the format of my latest chapter of The Engine.  I’m going to shelve the next chapter until I can “calmly” figure out the formatting stuff tomorrow.  This is much more mature than the “taking a hammer to it” mentality that I had only minutes ago.  😉

I’ll post the next chapter tomorrow–even if it still looks warped.  But hopefully I can get it to behave.

Sorry for the slight delay.