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Hello all!

I am finally ready to begin A Journey Itself, my new all-human story!

This is a story that is very close to my heart.  It deals with childhood mental abuse, and in some ways, I can empathize with the Eric in this story.  However, because of that mental abuse, I want to warn those of you who may be triggered by the topic.  As someone who still sometimes hears her father’s very negative and abusive voice in her head (despite the fact that he died a long time ago and I’m a successful adult), I can understand how a story can lead to reliving trauma.  I will understand if you need to skip the story.  However, I hope you give it a chance.  In the end, much of this story is about an adult coming to understand that all the negative voices who made him believe he was insignificant in some way are false. He learns to love.  And he learns to love himself. In some ways, this is my own story, and maybe it will speak to you too.

I hope that you will give it a chance, but–like I said–I will understand if you do not wish to.

For those of you waiting “patiently” for The Engine to return, I’m planning on giving you a chapter of that on Sunday.  Yep!  I’m un-clicking the “pause button” on that one!

I’m hoping to give you a chapter of The Journey Itself each Tuesday, Wednesday, OR Thursday.  (I might be able to go up to two chapters a week, but Kleannhouse is a bit backlogged and busy at work, so the beta-ing and final drafting process I do might mean only one chapter a week–especially since my own “real-world” work is picking up.  We’ll see.  But I think one a week will be good.  The ENTIRE WORK is drafted.  It will be approximately 30 chapters.

And I’m hoping to give you a chapter of The Engine each Sunday.  My fingers are crossed that I won’t have to hit the pause button again, but I might have to.  You’ll have new chapters to read for the next month or so–at the very least.


Click Eric to access the Prologue of The Journey Itself!

Click me to read the chapter.


I love to write FanFiction!

3 thoughts on “NEW STORY ANNOUNCEMENT! A Journey Itself

  1. I can also empathize with having a mentally and verbally abusive father. I also can still hear mine calling me a moron sometimes even though he has been gone for nearly 20 years now.

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