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Update: California Kat’s Stories

Hello all!

Almost every week, I get PMs or emails asking if I’m intending to finish my stories that are currently incomplete.  The short answer is “YES!”  Instead of answering those one at a time–and since some of the email addresses I get attached to the message forwards from this site aren’t usable–I thought I’d write this blanket message, just to give you an update about where I am, what I’m working on, and also what’s yet to come.

Because of my illness, fibromyalgia, my speed at writing has definitely slowed down since I was at my peak.  Also, the new episodes of True Blood or the new books coming out also sped me up, as some of my pieces were reactions.  That being said, I still have a lot of stories to tell (see below), some of them being ones I’ve already started.  And–of course–sometimes my progress is hijacked–as I meet a block in a particular story and/or find my mind fixating upon a story idea I’ve yet to write.  Sometimes, I can “force” my muse to stay put, but whenever I do that, my writing is slower.  So I generally “listen” to, and I cannot ignore her when she’s “shouting.”  That caveat out there, here is an update about my plans for progressing.

  1. I’m currently revising (because I have a full first draft done!) a new story called The Journey Itself.  Indeed, I have put a skeleton page up about that story already–with its description!  You can see that description HERE if you are interested.  The draft is 443 pages long (double spaced).  This will usually translate into about 25-30ish chapters because my chapters tend to be 10-20 pages long (give or take).  Of course, a rough draft is never what I post. But I’ve got ten revised chapters into Kleannhouse already.  To revise a chapter, I go through about three additional draft.  Then, I send it to Kleannhouse; after her edits and feedback–I make a final revision and they’re ready to go.  Also, going from rough draft to revision doesn’t take me as long as writing the first draft.  I’m hoping to begin posting this story soon–next week or the next.  And I’m also hoping to do TWO chapters a week.
  2. I will be returning to The Engine ASAP.  In fact, I’ve never actually “stopped” drafting it.  I have about half of the next chapter drafted and intend to spend today working on it.  I will admit that the story is getting a bit more sluggish for me right now, but that almost ALWAYS happens when I move toward the end of a story and need to build the action to a climax.  A lot of The Engine so far has been about getting Eric/Sookie bonded and getting other pieces into place.  Those pieces are about to be set into motion, and–honestly–that’s almost always been my challenge of writing.  That said, I’m hoping that–once the first domino falls–my drafting will go faster again.
  3. After The Engine is done, I’m going to TRY to move back to stories that have been on hiatus, likely in this order (though don’t hold me to this):
    1. Gift Horse Series (I have 3-4 more stories to tell for this series)
    2. From the Inside Out and INNER-Ludes (You’ll note that I put this universe onto hiatus right before the final confrontation was set into motion–again, that’s always the point that I have a hiccup)
    3. Who’s Your Daddy?
    4. Earned (this has to come last because–at this point–I will have to read the entire series again in order to even remember where I was–LOL!)
    5. I understand that this is not everyone’s preferred order, but I have the first two above outlined, which makes drafting easier.  For Whose Your Daddy?, I don’t have a clear ending idea yet, and–though I had more sketched out for Earned–I just don’t remember the context of everything enough to jump in.  That said, none of these are abandoned.
  4. Then, I have some pieces I’ve considered continuing or writing sequels for:
    1. I always thought “Wings upon Your Horns” (a one shot I wrote for a contest) needed a completion.
    2. I have often wanted to revisit the world of One Night, one of my first SHORTS.  It’s also the story I have had the most sequel requests for.
    3. I might revisit Given Unsought too, for I had a nice sequel idea.
  5. And there are stories I’ve offered sneak peaks at on this WordPress site,
    1. Breath of Life
    2. Granpire 
  6. In fact, I once had a lofty goal of writing a three story companion series–the Stackhouse Vampire Companion pieces.  Whose Your Daddy? would be the story of Sookie being the Stackhouse vampire.  Granpire would be the story of Gran being the Stackhouse vampire.  And then I would write one about Jason being turned.
  7. And then I have some stories you haven’t even heard of yet.  There’s one, Pendulum, that I had Kleannhouse read about fifty pages of to see if it was a good notion.  She seemed to like it, but I set it to the side to return to The Trunk Series.  But it’s still there in my files.  And then there’s an all-human pieces that I’ve started twice, which has 150 pages of very rough work done on it; in it, Sookie is an abused wife, whose life unexpectedly crosses with Eric’s (he’s a movie star)  I put that one aside because the premise seemed a bit overused, but it had some components that I really liked, so I haven’t scrapped it yet.  And then there’s a piece that I was working on for a contest, based on Roman Holiday to a certain extent, that I didn’t get finished in time for a submission and then quit because of health at that time.
  8. And then there’s all the SHORTS people have requested.

So–you see?  I have a mind full of things!  Probably too many things!  And this doesn’t even count the little NEW sparks my muse gives me now and then.  LOL.  My “problem” has always been following the muse, rather than forcing myself to do one thing at a time.  That said, you’ll note that I DO finish things–eventually.  If you count, I have more finished stories than non-finished ones, though my non-finished tend to be with series (those are always harder to wrap up.)  Anyway, I just want you to know that I will continue to write and hope to finish everything on this site and many more things yet to be started as long as I have readers.

Feel free to keep sending me emails and PMs asking about things, but I wanted everyone to know about the things I have coming and/or on the back burners of a very big stove!  LOL.

Thanks to everyone still interested in and reading my stories!

Feel free to offer thoughts in the comments about what you’d like to see worked on earlier rather than later; however, remember that my muse is the ultimate “boss.”  But sometimes she can be reasoned with, so she’s a pretty awesome boss actually.

Best to you all!



I love to write FanFiction!

16 thoughts on “Update: California Kat’s Stories

  1. Yeah!! I love your stories. I drop whatever I’m doing, work, reading, cooking, chores…I even made a patient wait, to finish one of your chapters. So I will look forward to any crumbs that you scatter.

  2. So happy you are still inspired to write and I’m willing to wait and anxious to read anything you and your muse want to share!

  3. I love that you are still writing in this genre. Sorry my spelling isn’t the greatest. I’ll have to go back and read (horns) I like the idea of more on it.

  4. I really enjoyed all your stories and I’m often re-reading some of them … as long as you have so many ideas we’ll be happy with whatever comes first !!

  5. Great to know you’re still inspired to write for this universe. Not many are doing it anymore. I love your work so I’ll wait patiently, for however long it takes, for whatever your Muse lets you give us.
    I hope you know how very much we appreciate that you’ve given us waaaaay better alternative storylines to some of the $h!t that was in the books and TB.
    I still very much enjoy your writing. I’m excited that eventually we’ll get the continuations of The Gift Horse series, Who’s Your Daddy etc.,
    I’m even more excited that you still have other ideas for new stories.
    Hopefully RL and your illness give you some respite so that you enjoy your writing as much as we do! Always!

  6. I love your stories! I have so many I need to catch up on 🙂 I’m really looking forward to some of those ideas you have for future stories. My mom has fibromyalgia so I understand the struggle some – hugs! ♡

  7. This makes me so happy to read!! I love your stories. They are definitely some of my absolute favs. so I am happy to know you will still be writing these wonderful stories. I can’t wait to start reading your new one “The Journey”. Do you have a tentative date in which that will come on your site?.

  8. Yay Kat, I’m so glad you’re still excited about writing! I hope the fibromyalgia stays under control (as much as it can ever be) because I love your stories. Granpire sounds hilarious, and I enjoy reading some AH too. I believe I follow ALL your stories, so thank you for all the hard work you put into entertaining me 😉

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