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Story Update: The Engine, Chapter 3

The good news?  I have a chapter for you!

The bad news?  I won’t have one next week.  I’ll be traveling and visiting family this week & getting home with only enough time to get to work.

I hope this week’s chapter tides you over until Dec. 2.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday–if you celebrate.  If not, have a great two weeks!

I do celebrate Thanksgiving, and I was always taught to say what I’m thankful for.  Just so you know:  I’m grateful for everyone who reads my work and shares in my Eric/Sookie stories.  You all make my life better.  And I’m especially grateful when you let me know what you think about my work.

So–in gratitude for you–I have a new picture of Alexander Skarsgård for you to click in order to access the next chapter.  In this picture, he’s just so . . . sigh.  🙂

Come take a dip into the next chapter with me.


I love to write FanFiction!

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