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Story Update: Chapter 25 of The Boot is finally ready

Hello all,

Today is Memorial Day in the U.S.  It’s a good time to spare a moment to those who have died and who currently serve the United States.

I, for one, wish to say thank you.

My father retired a Colonel in the Air Force; he was a pilot.  His father died in France in WWI.

My other grandfather was an airplane mechanic in WWII.  I had two uncles who fought in Vietnam and were never the same.

My stepfather also fought there and was a prisoner for a time; he was never the same.

Their wives and children had to be brave while they were gone and strong when they got back.  Yet–despite all the negatives–no member of my family ever expressed regret over being a soldier for the U.S.–even if they might have disagreed with policy at times.

I’ve always been exceedingly proud of the military members of my own family.

Again, if you are active duty or National Guard, or retired.  Or–if you are a family member of a solider–thank you.  And bless you.


Now–on to this week’s chapter.  Sorry it’s coming late.

Just click Eric to find it.

click me for the next chapter


I love to write FanFiction!

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